Men’s Sexuality Trainer Jim Benson Shows You How To Have Her Begging You To Touch Her More, More, More…

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  • This technique you are getting ― called The ME Breath ― is a maneuver with a quick effective payoff of stamina and enhanced sexual energy between you and your lady.
  • Works like a tuning fork so she resonates orgasmically with you, expanding her arousal.
  • Gives you true “Ejaculatory Choice.”
  • Is rooted in ancient Taoist and Tantric sexual energy practices updated for the sensational 21st-century lover.
  • The ME Breath is done-for-you. Watch 5 video demonstrations that break down the three components into easy steps. (Once you know the sequence, timing and movements it makes mastery a snap!)
  • Each step of the squeeze-breathe-thrust technique builds upon the other to give you the smooth, fluid move you use during lovemaking. (She won’t notice you’re doing it… she will just notice that you are giving her the attention she craves and lasting as long as she wants you to.)
  • Incorporate the ME Breath into your self-pleasuring practice for accelerated success using it during lovemaking.


Get ‘The ME Breath’ Technique for:

  • unlimited stamina
  • becoming a multi-orgasmic man
  • triggering her penetration orgasms
  • transcendent, connected sex

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  • Jim Benson is an international Tantra teacher trainer. He trains the teachers! He leads a men’s group. He teaches these techniques in workshops. And now you can learn the 3 steps at home, from anywhere in the world.
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The Sexual Mastery Inner Circle is a private, online forum where hundreds of other guys on this multi-orgasmic journey hang out and discuss their progress, ask for help, share their issues, and support each other.

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The Sexual Mastery Inner Circle is a safe place to share your experiences.



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“I don’t hide my agenda now. That turns her on. I used to think I had to start banging her, now there’s more playtime, more foreplay… that was a big nugget I took out of your workshop.”

“We hooked up and it was terrible sex. But once I started diving into the “ME Breath” she had a couple orgasms and I became incredibly confident.”


“You feel sex as energy and have tools to feel orgasmic in all parts of your body.”

"Knowing this technique carries us both to a place that’s timeless, spaceless… it’s vast and magnificent… it’s soul-satisfying and it honestly blows her mind and my mind.”

Matt & Camery

"Sex isn’t like, I’m going fishing today, I hope I catch a fish. Now it’s like, They’re jumping in the boat!”

“You connect with yourself like you never had before.”

"When the energy flows freely between a multi-orgasmic couple, it’s effortless. You just roll all your orgasms together — you share them — it’s just flowing together.”

Matt & Camery