Instead of manhandling her breasts...


Go beyond relaxation to experience new kinds of climax : The “breast-gasm” and the “nipple-gasm”

Once you learn this skillful master plan, even women who are shy about their breasts will want to be pleasured this way.

And if you’re a woman who’s longed for slow caresses and sensual stimulation, show your partner what’s ahead:

  • Discover the amazing erectile tissue in a woman’s breasts.
  • Establish a deeper level of trust.
  • Open her to her previously untapped, infinite pleasure potential.
  • Experience whole new kinds of climax… the “BREAST-GASM” and “NIPPLE-GASM”
  • Know how to get and keep a woman turned on so she wants more sexual contact.
  • Increase her arousal to new levels of excitement without even taking her panties off!

And that’s just the short-list of benefits in store for you.

Breast play is one of the most erotic experiences a woman can have. Men love to touch and play with a woman’s breasts. And women love having a man’s hands on “the girls” if he’s a skillful lover. Lucky is the woman whose partner knows how to caress and massage her breast tissue so she can surrender to his touch and to their shared pleasure.

What makes this level of relaxation, arousal and orgasm possible is when a lover knows what few men know… the RIGHT way to give a woman an orgasmic breast massage.

A lot of women have mixed feelings about their breasts. They may have been leered at by men, shamed by parents, judged by former lovers, or roughed up by ham-fisted neophytes.

What the large majority of women never experienced and actually WANT (whether they know it or not) is to have their breasts honored and worshipped with loving, gentle, touch.

Imagine how she will feel about the first man to give her the incredible gift of simply having her breasts appreciated and showered with love!

Before we get into the specific techniques, it’s important to understand that there are FOUR very different kinds of touch:





Most men start with a sexual touch too early. While women crave a slow, sensual, emotionally connected touch.

Erotic sex is slow and connected. Where most guys get their “moves” from porn. That’s why using this Orgasmic Breast Massage Master Plan will allow a woman to settle into her arousal and feel comfortable enough to truly let go into the pleasure of sexual union.

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"Now, On To Your Breast Massage Game Plan!"

There is nurturing touch, healing touch, sensual touch, and sexual touch.

Men often start with sexual touch right away. Their intention is good… they want to get her turned on for lovemaking. Unfortunately, when he starts with sexual touch, it can be too much too fast and take her arousal down instead of up.

If you’ve ever had a woman pull away when you touch her breasts, it may be that you were “coming on too strong.”

See, men and women are very different when it comes to breasts. Guys get turned on by the mere sight of a woman’s cleavage popping out of her blouse. That lovely curve of under her sweater can give him a bulge in his pants.

Women, on the other hand, need to be warmed up before they can get turned on. You’ve heard it takes women 20 minutes to get aroused. That means when a man s-l-o-w-s down, she will actually get MORE turned-on.

And that’s why a man will get a lot more permission to touch her breasts if he starts with the type of touch she can readily receive and works up from there.

That is exactly what is spelled out in this step-by-step breast massage master plan.

The Orgasmic
Breast Massage Master Plan

So here it is… the kind of breast massage women crave:

STEP 1: Start With Sensual Touch

Sensual touch warms her up and makes her want closeness, whereas overtly sexual pawing or squeezing makes her pull away. Guys resort to these go-to techniques simply because they don’t know a better way. (Oddly enough, most women don’t either simply because they’ve never been touched this way!)

If you’re a guy, you should understand that regular SENSUAL (i.e.: non-sexual) breast massages are a wonderful way to connect with your woman. It calms her nervous system down and ramps up oxytocin, the “cuddle hormone.”

A woman who knows that your intention is to give her pleasure and help her relax — that allowing you to touch her breasts is NOT a green light to jump her bones — is a woman who is going to let you play with her breasts A LOT MORE often.

Now I’m going to lay it all out so you both know what to do.

STEP 2: The Breast Foreplay Technique That’ll Blow Her Mind

The best place to start is in bed. If you’re the giver, start by sitting with your back against the headboard. Put a pillow or two between your legs and another on your chest. If her hair is long, have her put it up before you start.

If you’re the receiver, nestle between your lover’s legs with your back against their chest. The pillows let you relax without getting sweaty or itchy against your partner’s skin. I like to put a towel across the pillow so no massage oil gets on the pillowcase.

After you’re both comfortably settled, resist the urge to rush to her breasts. Feather your fingers out from the center of her chest onto her breasts. Your only “goal” at this stage is to bring a lot of blood to her breast tissue so that her breasts begin to feel spongy and bouncy.
You are kneading, rolling, tapping — using your fingers to delight and engorge her breast tissue.

Try soft tickles and light traces of your fingernails across her skin. Feel below the skin as you touch her flesh. Move your attention from the skin to tissue beneath the skin. Ask her what feels best. Ask her to guide you by saying what feels most delicious.

As she relaxes into your arms, pour a generous amount of massage oil onto your hands. (I like organic coconut oil because it’s so natural you can eat it.) Cover your hands with oil ― front and back like you’re washing your hands ― so you apply a film of oil over your hands up to your wrists. Then you can use all the surface area of your hands to stimulate her skin.

First start by slowly applying warm massage oil onto her arms, shoulders and collarbone. Then and only then slather warm oil onto her breasts. Avoid her nipples at first. That would be too much sensation. (A lot of men make the mistake of going right for a woman’s nipples like their tuning a radio. Not good.) What you want to do is wake up her skin receptors.

From there, you work all around every area. Go from arms to shoulders to sternum and down to her breasts. Cup each breast, swirl your fingertips around the base of her breasts, and stimulate her “underboob” area―the place where the seam attaches her breast tissue to her chest.

Run your well-oiled fingertips from the bottom of her breastbone up to her throat. Feather your fingers out from the center of her chest onto her breasts.

STEP 3: Do Not Touch Her Nipples… YET!

Rub your palms above her nipples up to her collarbones. Then lightly brush the back of your fingers across her nipples. Notice her response. Is she starting to squirm? If you’re the woman, feel free to do so. Allow your body to express your pleasure.

Now you’re at the fork in the road. Ask her if she wants to continue with a sensual breast massage or if she wants a more sexual touch. If she just wants more sensual, nurturing touch, she’s not ready for sex. She needs time to become aroused. You will gain her trust if you back off and let go of any goals until she’s ready.

If the breast massage doesn’t turn into a lovemaking session, that is not only OK, it’s GOOD. Why? Because if you don’t try to get sex in exchange for a sensual massage, you are earning her trust.

Over time, continue offering to massage her breasts. Each time you do, you will awaken more of her sensual nature and stimulate her sexual appetite. After all, women can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone… so you can see where all this breast massage play can lead.

STEP 4: Time To Turn Up The Heat

Now… If she does have an appetite for a more sexual approach, whisper in her ear how much you love the feel of her breasts. Tell her how sexy she is. Be specific. Do you love her hair? The shape of her body? How she sounds when she moans?

Women respond to verbal appreciation. But in order for it to “work,” for her to take it in, it must be a specific detail. General appreciations like, “you’re so pretty,” are too easy for her to negate.

Next, let her feel your hardness. Brush your firm biceps against her or tell her you have a major erection underneath the pillow below her. Bring her awareness to your arousal and you will move her toward more sensual pleasure.

Now start tickling, swiping, twirling your fingers on her skin. Add nipple brushes into the mix.
Use as many kinds of breast-stimulation techniques as possible to activate her libido. Every once in awhile, bite her neck and roll the tips of her nipples between your thumb and forefinger.

Keep this up until she jumps your bones. And if she doesn’t crawl on top of you, or direct your hands toward her vulva, don’t worry. Again, the key ingredient is TRUST.

Remember: she needs to know that allowing you to touch her breasts does not automatically mean she has agreed to penetration… even when she allows you to play with her breasts using a sexual touch.

If you can successfully give her a series of breast massages over time, you’ll WILL earn her trust, AND you’ll learn to track and increase her arousal. Plus, she will begin to associate her growing turn-on with your loving hands.

STEP 5: Show Her She’s “In Good Hands”

Women appreciate men who have “good hands” and touch them the way their bodies crave. One of my fans wrote to me after he started using the Breast Massage Master Plan and said: “She told me that my hands seem to know what her body wants better than she does. Wow! I think that’s the highest compliment a woman can possibly give a man.”

But there’s more to it than that. Not only does a woman want to feel that her body is in good hands, she wants to feel that her heart is in good hands. Learning new sexual techniques together as a couple will strengthen the bond between you. When a woman feels connected with her lover, she will feel more free sexually.

And if you’re single and you can show her she’s in good hands by delivering a night of incredible pleasure, she will be aching for more. On the other hand, if you do NOT have good sexual skills, she may simply stop responding to you.

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