“Your Breast Massage Game Plan Is Here!”

Men, You Need To Pay Attention To This…
Ladies, Show This To Your Man Tonight...


Hey, before you jump right into breast play, it helps to know there are four kinds of touch. They are:





Often, men start right away with sexual touch. Usually, that’s because the intention is to turn the woman on and proceed to lovemaking.

But in this situation, there’s another way to approach her bosoms that women prefer. And this actually turns them on MUCH FASTER.



Step #1:
Start Off With A Sensual Touch

Sensual touch warms her up better than overtly sexual pawing or squeezing, which are often the go-to techniques guys do when handling a woman’s breasts.

Men should understand that regular breast massages are a wonderful way to connect with your woman. It calms her nervous system down and ramps up her Oxytocin. That’s the hormone that bonds her to you.

When a woman feels that your intention for touching her breasts is to give her a blissfully relaxing massage… and NOT just a way to jump her bones...

She’s going to let you play with her breasts A LOT MORE because she knows you’re not just doing it for sex, but to GIVE HER PLEASURE.

A sensual kind of pleasure.

Step #2: The Most Phenomenal
Breast Foreplay Technique
She Has Ever Experienced

The best place to start is in bed.

He leans up against the headboard, puts a pillow or two between his legs and on his chest. She nestles between his legs with her back against his chest.


On the pillows, she can relax without getting sweaty against his skin or feeling the scratchiness of his chest hair.

I like to put a towel across the pillow so no massage oil gets on the pillowcase.

At first, resist the urge to rush to her breasts.

The mistake men make is going right for a woman’s boobies. What is even worse is when a guy goes directly for her nipples like he’s tuning a radio.

As she relaxes into you, take a generous amount of massage oil (I like organic coconut.) and pour it into your hands. Cover your hands with oil ― front and back. Slowly rub warm massage oil onto her arms and shoulders and collarbone. Then and only then slather warm oil onto her breasts.

From there you want to work all around every oily area. Go from arms to shoulders to sternum and down onto her breasts.

Cup each breast, swirl your fingertips around the base of her breasts. Simulate her “underboob” area ― where the seam is that attaches her breast tissue to her chest.

Run your well-oiled fingertips from the bottom of her breastbone up to her throat.

Feather your fingers out from the center of her chest onto then onto her breasts.


Step #3: Do Not Touch Her Nipples… YET!


At this point, a woman will be thinking to herself, “My guy can’t control himself. I can’t let him touch my breasts because he will just try to have sex with me.”

That’s because a lot of guys just don’t understand how having a safe and sensual experience is actually what will get women turned on more than ever.

Slow, sensual touching and lovemaking actually arouses women faster. The deeper the relaxation, the deeper her pleasure.

That’s because her body needs time to completely relax and feel total surrender to the incoming waves and waves of erotic sensations she’s about to experience.


Step #5: Become A
Master Of The Art Of Pleasure

Learning new sexual techniques together bonds couples much more intimately than those couples who do not communicate or try new things in the bedroom.

Men live for the THRILL and SATISFACTION of giving women intense amounts of pleasure.

Guys will benefit from massaging a woman’s breasts this way. You will absolutely enjoy doing this to your woman. The look on her face. The sounds she’ll be making. The way her body will move, shake, shiver, gyrate, squirm and pulse.

Women will benefit from finally being able to surrender to pleasure without the looming thought that her man is only doing it so he can come.

This will let her know she's with the kind of guy that is willing to connect with her emotionally without always trying just to make it about sex… and she’ll reciprocate in ways you never thought possible.

The breast massage can be more and more erotic to her if he has a toolbox full of massage techniques.

When he knows a compendium of artful moves it prevents him from just randomly twisting and turning your nipples like knobs in the dark.

A passionate lover does not do any guesswork.

He KNOWS how to string a series of moves together to take her to higher and higher levels of arousal and relaxation.

Having a roadmap…. A complete guide of what to do… is crucial for being the king of the boobie massage… and getting your hands on her luscious orbs as much as you want to.

This Breast Massage Game Plan
Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Wouldn’t you like to escalate her arousal by moving from breast massages into full body sensual massages?

Erotic massages with happy endings?

Massages that stimulate the root of her clitoris?

G-Spot massages that release her feminine nectar?



When you know how to give Kama-sutra style massages, you will be able to expand a woman’s ability to be multi-orgasmic.

The fastest way to get really good at relaxing and arousing your lover is to know a series of hand techniques that you can link together.

That’s why if you’re a man who wants to become a phenomenally passionate and exciting lover that women crave…

Or if you’re a woman who wants to surrender into her pleasure care of her man’s wonderfully gentle and titillating hands…




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