Release Sexual Energy, Come More Easily, And Fly Into Ecstasy…

The 4-Step “Butterfly Warm-up” Sets A Woman Free To Enjoy Unlimited, Multi-Orgasmic Pleasure

These steps are designed to be done in sequence. Discover the power of each one, then layer them one on top of the other, building your energy. In no time, you’ll be super-charged with erotic energy.

(What an honor it is for a man to be privy to a woman as she pleasures herself to orgasm…)

Recently, I was at a party and sat down to chat with a lovely middle-aged couple. They appeared to be not only affectionate, but smiling like the proverbial cat who swallowed the canary...

It wasn’t long before the topic turned to sex — typical when you’re a Trusted Hot Sex Advisor 😉. The man leaned toward me to share a secret. “I’ve never been with a woman who can come in so many different ways! It’s exhilarating.”

The truth is, women can climax in hundreds of different ways. We can come from manual stimulation, from oral pleasuring, from an orgasmic breast massage that gives us a “nipple-gasm.”

We can come during penetration with our partner on top in good ‘ol missionary position, or from doggie-style.

Some gals like to climb on top and ride him cowgirl-girl style, then do reverse-cowgirl just for variety. And those are just the basics and standard positions everyone knows!

Many couples now are experimenting with energy orgasms too.

What a lot of lovers don’t realize is that we have pleasure-receptors all over our bodies. And women especially need full body touch. What’s more, we have neuro-circuits that tell the brain when we’re having a good time. That’s why a woman can have an orgasm just waiting for her partner to climb into bed. And more men are becoming multi-orgasmic too.

There are so many paths to pleasure but surveys show that the #1 biggest sexual issue for women is struggling to achieve orgasm.

This issue stems from any number of problems: not enough foreplay, too much stimulation in sensitive areas, lack of communication between lovers, safety issues… the list goes on.

But I’d rather focus on a solution than the problem

Discover the 4-Step Foreplay Approach That Expands A Woman’s Orgasmic Pleasure

Both men and women can increase their knowledge of female orgasm by watching women pleasure themselves.

In fact, one of the best ways to increase your sexual skills overall is by watching videos that teach advanced sexual techniques. It’s a sure-fire way to become a Better Lover and discover your pleasure potential. Anyone can easily learn to give and receive more pleasure than you thought possible.

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The way to prevent or reverse the trend is to learn new lovemaking techniques and build your sexual skills together… or on your own if you’re single,

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Turn A 30-Second Orgasm
Into a 30-Minute Orgasm

It’s amazing how many ways women can bring themselves to orgasm. And it’s equally amazing that she can give herself exquisite pleasure even if she’s single or her lover is out of town.

I’m not just talking about fingering herself, pulling out her trusty vibrator, playing with a dildo or sex toy. She can get highly creative. Anything she can think of that gets her relaxed and turned on will bring her closer to orgasm.

Women have orgasms from dancing and surrendering to the music as it takes them in to ecstasy…

Or fantasizing about their favorite turn on...

Women can come while meditating and allowing their sexual energy to move up the spine…

Women can climax while laid out on a table receiving a massage…

She can come in the hot tub… (getting up close to the jet, turning around and letting the jet do her from behind is especially nice… )

She can orgasm in the shower with a hand-held shower head by directing the stream of water directly on their genitals…

I know a woman who actually has what she calls “solar orgasms.” She simply opens her legs wide and spreads her labia with her fingers while sunbathing!

Women can even mix and match to up the thrills.

And what an honor it is for a man to be invited to sit back and watch while she pleasures herself to orgasm…

… or, for an intimate, super-sexy bonding experience, he can have her lean back on his chest and hold her while she masturbates.

Basically, any way you swipe it—solo, paired up, with ‘ol Sol, or whatever your pleasure—female masturbation is a huge turn-on for all.

AND… here’s what’s truly exceptional… once a woman gets really good at getting herself off, she can begin to expand her orgasm and come repeatedly.

She can stack multiple orgasms that last longer and longer...

She can be gripped in pleasure…

She can play with expanded orgasms, spreading and amplifying the sensation throughout her entire body… And learn how to allow that moment of pure ecstasy to last a very loooooooong time.

She can surf waves of satisfying sensation for 30 minutes or more (quite a feat given that the typical female orgasm lasts for about 30 seconds)...

So here is how to begin to expand, extend and stack more intense orgasms when masturbating with the 4-step “Butterfly Warm-up.”

So Here Is How To Begin To Expand, Extend, And Stack More Intense Orgasms When Masturbating With The 4-Step “Butterfly Warm-up.”

Free Masturbation Technique

The “Butterfly Warm-up” harnesses the power of female sexual energy.

These steps are designed to be done in sequence. Discover the power of each one, then layer them one on top of the other, building your energy. In no time, you’ll be super-charged with erotic energy. Now go ahead and rocket yourself to the outermost reaches of the galaxy. 

If you’re a guy reading this, teach this to your lover. You can participate by giving her the time she needs to get herself fully engorged and turned on. When she has the space to get her clitoris erect (going solo helps her master this) she’ll start having explosive orgasms. Her orgasmic mastery will benefit you tremendously next time your together and you get to see her come over and over.

(NOTE: the man’s version of this technique is at the core of our Multi-Orgasmic Lover training featuring renowned sex and relationship coach Jim Benson. The course teaches men how to harness their sexual energy, and learn to separate orgasm and ejaculation so they can become multi-orgasmic.)

If you’re a woman, try this out tonight. You will LOVE IT… I promise.

It’s a wonderful self-pleasuring technique that incorporates bodily movements, leads to deep relaxation, and gives you waves and waves of sensual pleasure.

The 4-Steps To The “Butterfly Warm-up”

STEP 1: Butterfly Wing-stretch

Neutralizing tension.

STEP 2: Graceful Butterfly

Calm breath and movement of pelvic muscles to signal orgasmic contraction.

STEP 3: Fluttering Butterfly

Pelvic thrusting to awaken orgasmic response.

STEP 4: Butterfly in Repose

Connecting your heart to your sexual energy.

Butterfly Wing-Stretch

Start by awakening your body. This can be done by stretching, dancing, shaking... whatever puts you in touch with your body from head to toe. The aim is to release any tension stored in your body.

Turn on some music if you like.

Begin by shaking one hand, then both hands. Allow the shaking and your awareness to spread throughout your body. Now shake both hands and let the movement travel up into your shoulders.

Notice any area where you feel tension and shake it out.

Now let your hips move. Shake your legs, stamp your feet, jump up and down to get the energy moving if you must.

When you awaken your body, you increase circulation and, in so doing, increase sensation.

Now take a few moments and notice how your body feels. You may feel a tingling or heat.
Pay attention to your breath; don't attempt to change it.
Then shift your attention back to your body.

Graceful Butterfly

Lie on your back, with your feet on the bed, knees facing the ceiling. Imagine you’re a butterfly lighting upon a flower, slowly opening and closing its wings.

Start to open and close your legs slowly. As you close your legs, contract the muscles around your perineum. Then, as you open your legs, relax all the muscles in your pelvis.

This generates the same sensual energy you get when making love with a partner. You’re just generating this warm ball of love by yourself.

Contract and relax until you get familiar with the muscles in your pelvis.

Inhale to contract and exhale to relax.

It helps when you count to 5 during each inbreath and to 7 on the exhale. These breathing rhythms send signals through your vagus nerve to calm your brain and body.

Continue this Breathing pattern allowing your sensual energy to spread throughout your body.

Fluttering Butterfly

Begin to move your pelvis, thrusting as you inhale and releasing as you exhale. Imagine yourself floating and flitting around among the flowers like a graceful butterfly.
The flowers are your audience, admiring your sensual dance.

Take a deep breathe in, contract the muscles at the base of your body. Make a sound on your exhale.

Hold your breath, drop your chin. Continue to hold.
Lift your chin, breathe in slowly through your nose.
Release the contraction, exhale through your mouth.

Repeat two more times.

Butterfly in Repose

You’ve probably seen how a butterfly settles on a flower, opens its wings wide, rests them on the petals, and lies there still for a time. That’s what you’re after in this final step.

Allow your arms to rest by your side, slightly away from your body. You may want to put a pillow under each hand to avoid putting strain on your elbow joints.

Feel the sexual energy that you’ve generated in the first three steps. Direct it toward your genital area. See if you can channel it directly into your clit.

Lie still for as long as you want, allowing your sexual energy to turn you on. Feel free to incorporate any favorite scene from your fantasy life.

When you feel complete, rest your right hand on your heart, and your left hand below your navel for a few moments. Allow yourself to revel in your glorious body. Feel a sense of gratitude for the gift that is your sexuality.

If you followed along, this first part will have done the job of building your arousal and bringing you closer to orgasm. You will have relaxed your entire body and opened up your pleasure receptors. You will have suggested to your body the reminder that it wants to have orgasmic pleasure. And you will be in a gratitude mindset about the pleasure potential awakened inside you.

This Butterfly Warm Up is classic Tantric sex. Tantra has to do with integrating mind, body and spirit in a slow, sensual, consciously connected manner.

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