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Huge Load Superpack

There’s only one thing better for your erection than drinking the Porn Star Power smoothie every day…

HugeLoadFormula-400And that’s to also drink 1 serving of The Huge Load Formula.

Combined – these 2 insanely potent drinks will give you the kind of rock-hard erections that make women lust after your cock…

The Huge Load Formula is a very different type of formula to Porn Star Power – but equally powerful (if not more so).

You see, it’s made up of a selection of some of the world’s most incredible Superfoods and Superherbs… tastes AMAZING… and you can make it in the comfort of your own kitchen in 3 minutes or less (even if you’re a typical guy who’s not that ‘clued up’ in the kitchen).

Here’s the proven plan that over 19,000 men have already used to get what many of their women call ‘Erections on Steroids’…

Drink 1 Porn Star Power smoothie every day

Drink 1 serving of The Huge Load Formula daily

Then, you make sure your girlfriend, wife or fiancée is close at hand – cuz you’re gonna wanna have sex...  

And you’re gonna be rock-hard and ready! (No more worrying about not being able to ‘get it up’ when your woman is ‘in the mood,’ ready and waiting).

The truth is…

You’re gonna be getting rock-hard, long-lasting erections whenever you want them… and you’re gonna last all night.

When you invest in this special offer today, you not only get the Porn Star Power, Huge Load Formula and Sex Position Mastery special reports (at a heavily discounted price) – you also get:

Huge Load Formula: Extreme Edition
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But, the creator of these powerful programs – Master Sex Coach Adam Armstrong – insists that you use Porn Star Power and The Huge Load Formula for at least a MONTH…

Before you try the EXTREME or SUPERCHARGED versions.

You see, the Extreme and Supercharged versions of The Huge Load Formula are still great-tasting, quick and easy to prepare, and 100% SAFE and NATURAL…


They are so bloody powerful they might give you a strength of erection and libido you simply aren’t ready for. And your woman might not be able to handle it at first.

So drink Huge Load Formula and Porn Star Power for a month…

Enjoy harder, longer-lasting erections and much bigger loads.

Then try out the ‘Extreme’ and ‘Supercharged’ versions and prepare to experience erections that can only be described as world-class…

Erections BIG and HARD enough to satisfy even the horniest, most beautiful women on the planet…

Erections so fat and swollen that it feels at least TWICE as good as it’s ever felt before when you finally ejaculate.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Porn Star Power

True Story:

Back in the 1970’s and 80’s many of the world’s top male adult porn stars were FORCED to drink a secret smoothie by their bosses.

This secret smoothie was quick and easy to make, tasted great and was made up of a very specific quantity of fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds.

The recipe was a closely guarded secret of the porn industry for decades.

Question is:

“Why were porno legends like John Holmes forced to drink this smoothie if they wanted to keep their jobs?”

Because it gave them:

Erections so hard they felt like STEEL

Staying power that was literally never-ending (they could go as long as they like and had total control over when they ‘finished’)

Frighteningly massive loads!


It let them get hard anytime they like

Here’s the great news:

Adam discovered this secret recipe from the porn industry…

Made it even more POWERFUL by adding a couple of ‘cutting edge’ 21st century ingredients (that are dirt cheap and taste great)…

And has now made this incredible erection-strengthening recipe available for you in his special report.

“Are You Sick and Tired of Not Being Able To ‘Get HARD and Stay Hard Whenever You Like?
Here’s a Proven, Safe and Natural Solution…

For any man who wants HARDER, longer-lasting erections – and BIGGER LOADS…

Read this page very carefully if:

You want to be able to get hard any time you like - so you can have sex 2, 3, 4 or more times a night… whatever your age)

You want to experience the HARDEST erections of your life (we’re talking STEEL-HARD every time – no more trying to have sex with a ‘semi’)

You want to supercharge your staying power - so you can last 30 minutes or more every single time

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In the Sex Position Mastery special report you’re going to discover the single most important skill a man can ever learn in the bedroom.

Yet the crazy thing is…

Less than 10% of men ever MASTER it.

And the great news is…

When you master it – you’ll be able to make ANY woman completely addicted to you in the bedroom… willing to fulfil all your sexual desires (“YES” – even the ones you thought ‘good girls’ would never do).

The #1 thing women privately ask me is to tell them how to get their guy to do THIS TECHNIQUE to them in the bedroom. She wants you to do THIS.

This is what other sexperts are FAILING miserably to tell you…

This is what makes us wet and hungry for you.

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Adam normally prices these special reports like this:
Porn Star Power: $20
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Total: $66.91

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60-Day Guarantee

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It’s gonna support you in giving your woman multiple penetrative orgasms every time!

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You’re gonna come much bigger loads of semen – the kind so many women get turned on by.

Let’s make your decision easy...

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You either want to drink a couple simple smoothies every day that’ll give you an ‘erection advantage’ over all the other guys

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Your call.

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Twice As Big As Before…

“Within 3 days of drinking The Huge Load Formula and Porn Star Power I was getting noticeably harder, longer-lasting erections. My girlfriend also enjoys my new and improved loads – which she describes as ‘twice as big as before.’ I’ll be enjoying both these smoothies for a long time to come”

B.T - England

She Had At Least 7 Orgasms During Intercourse…

“I’ll admit that at first I was sceptical about using The Huge Load Formula. But I figured I had nothing to lose – because after 3 years of struggling to last more than 5 minutes in bed and trying everything else out there I was running out of options. So how’s my sexual performance now? Well, just yesterday I banged a cute little hottie in the morning and she had at least 7 orgasms during intercourse (though it might have been 9 or 10. I lost count). And yesterday evening I was in a club and ended up taking home one of the girls that worked behind the bar. She got it HARD, all night long and has insisted on seeing me again. Stamina problems are now a thing of the past and it’s all because of the Huge Load Formula”



Gained An Inch on My Erection…

“Adam’s formulas are the real deal. They gave me everything he promised – harder, longer-lasting erections and bigger loads. But, strangely enough, I also gained an inch on my erection. See, I was overweight and drinking these smoothies helped me effortlessly lose weight. And, as many ‘fat guys’ will tell you – when you lose 20 or 30lbs – you often ‘uncover’ a lost inch of penis (it was literally hiding under the fat). So yeah – the formulas work – and you may get a nice additional ‘increase in size’ if you’re a little overweight like I was”

D.S – England


Blew My First ‘Monster Load’…

“Yesterday I blew what can only be described as my first ‘Monster Load.’ It completely covered my girlfriend. She went crazy (in a good way). The Huge Load Formula really works.”



Got Harder More Easily…

“I knew I wasn’t satisfying my girlfriend in bed. Half the time I could only get a ‘semi’ and when I did get hard I couldn’t last much longer than 2 or 3 minutes. Anyway, once I started drinking Adam’s formulas some cool things happened. I got harder more easily. I stayed hard for at least 20 minutes every time (and sometimes much longer) and my girl started wanting sex every night. Pretty cool.”



Helps Me Keep Up with 4 Girls In The Bedroom…

“I have 4 long-term girlfriends. All want sex every time I see them. There’s no way I could keep up with them in the bedroom if I wasn’t drinking The Huge Load Formula and Porn Star Power on a daily basis.”



Can Get Hard and Stay Hard For As Long As I Desire…

“Once I hit my late 30’s I noticed my sexual performance really slowed down. It wasn’t as easy to get hard and I didn’t last as long as before. Not wanting to take any ‘Big Pharma’ pills – I set out to find a natural solution to my ‘sexual performance issues.’ I came across The Huge Load Formula and started taking it. Within a week I felt pretty damn good in the bedroom. It was like rolling the clock back 5 years. Then I added Porn Star Power and I feel like I’m 18 again! I can get hard and stay hard, whenever I want – for pretty much as long as I want. And that makes me feel very good indeed. My girlfriend doesn’t seem to mind either ;)”

E.N – Australia


Harder Erections, More Staying Power and Bigger Loads…

“Adam Armstrong is THE MAN. I trust everything he says as far as women and sex are concerned. And I can confirm that his Huge Load and Porn Star Power formulas are awesome. They work. It’s as simple as that. Get on them and you’ll notice harder erections, more staying power and bigger ‘money shots.’ Women love it.”

P.J – Ireland


I Should Be In The ‘Adult Movies’…

“I’m young and have no interest in settling down. Right now I’m dating 2 hot girls and regularly go out and pick up girls in bars and clubs. Needless to say – I’m getting a lot of sex. To sustain this lifestyle I need all the help I can get. And as far as ‘erection help’ goes – Huge Load Formula and Porn Star Power are all the help I need. I drink one after my morning workout and one in the afternoon as a snack. The result? I feel like I should be in the adult movies because I can get a raging hard erection whenever I want it – day or night.”



Old ‘Performance Issues’ Are Now a Thing Of The Past…

“To be honest – I’ve had a lot of ‘performance issues’ over the years. Impotence, losing erections mid-way through sex, premature ejaculation – I’ve endured it all. But now, at 44 years old I’m pleased to say I’m performing pretty well in the bedroom. And it’s all down to drinking Huge Load and Porn Star Power formulas. I’m currently dating a new woman – and even though it’s early days – she seems to be really into me. Just last night we had sex 3 times and I gave her at least 10 orgasms. Not bad for a guy who once took a top model to bed and couldn’t even get an erection.”

E.N – Australia


Now Give My Wife Orgasms During Intercourse…

“In 23 years of marriage I’d never given my wife an orgasm during intercourse. With an erection just under 6 inches – I figured I wasn’t big enough to get the job done. Anyhow, I read Adam’s Sex Position Mastery report and though what the heck – I’ll try out what he says. The result? I now give my wife at least 3 orgasms during intercourse every time we have sex. Pretty good for a guy whose nearly 60!”



Easy Technique – Gave Her 11 Orgasms…

“11 orgasms! That’s how many times I got this new chick off when I slept with her for the first time last night.  How did I do it? Simply by using the easy technique in the Sex Position Mastery report I bought from Adam Armstrong. Funny thing is – I don’t even know this girls second name yet – but I’m pretty sure she’s already hooked on me”

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Still deciding?

Consider the following 7 FACTS:

#1: Erection Problems – Including Impotence and Premature Ejaculation – Are On The Rise… and They Don’t ‘Fix Themselves’

A decade or two ago – erection problems were mostly experienced by OLD men.

But these days…

Guys as young as 20 are experiencing problems ‘getting it up’ and ‘keeping it up.’

And the truth is…

These kind of problems don’t go away on their own. They get WORSE if you leave them.

So, you MUST do something to reclaim your sexual prowess – or protect it if you’re not yet suffering from any ‘erection issues’

 #2: Adam’s Smoothies Are Hands Down The Easiest Way To Support Your Erectile Health and Function

Adam’s Huge Load Formula smoothies – and the Porn Star Power – smoothies are 100% SAFE and NATURAL.

They’ll take about 3 minutes to make in the comfort of your own kitchen.

And they’ll give you harder, longer-lasting erections, much bigger loads and a spike in your libido.

Drink them once a week is a great start…

3 or 4 times a week will make you feel AMAZING…

And, if you drink ‘em daily?

Well, you’re gonna feel like Superman in the bedroom very very soon 😉

Keep in mind the fact that the Huge Load Formula smoothies – and Porn Star Power – are filling ‘meals-in-a-glass…’

Meaning they can replace some of your other meals. And they’ll support overall health and well-being – as well as incredible sexual performance.

#3: Big Pharma Solutions Are Dangerous and Often Don’t Work!

When most guys experience ‘erection problems’ – they rush off to the Doctor and start taking ‘The Little Blue Pill’ or some other DRUG.

These drugs have at least 5 major problems:

They can be very expensive

They often don’t work in the long-run (so they’ll give you erections for a while, but then they stop working and you’re left back where you started – with weak, short-lived erections)

They rob you of sexual confidence – because no man wants to have to ‘pop a pill’ every time he wants to have sex

They have a long list of side-effects, some of them LIFE-THREATENING

To get hold of them, they require EMBARRASSING trips to the Doctor/Pharmacist

Why put up with all of that – and risk the side-effects – when Adam’s solutions will get you the rock-hard, long lasting erections you truly desire, with none of the drawbacks?

 #4: Supplements In Capsule Form Have 3 Very Negative Points You’d Be Crazy Not To Consider

Many men like the idea of taking a supplement in CAPSULE format in order to get harder, longer-lasting erections.

And I understand why…

Swallowing a couple capsules a day sure sounds EASY.

But, the truth is:

Capsules are insanely expensive for the quantity of ingredient you get. If you’re willing to mix a morning smoothie your results will be more profound.

If you have money and you are busy, then take the capsules I recommend. If you can whiz up some blueberries and bananas in a blender with these superfoods and potent bioactives, you’ll actually increase your energy, endurance, muscle, sex drive and decrease your stress and body fat.  All for the same amount of time you’re spending eating that donut, cereal, toast or eggs.

 #5: Being Able To Get Hard, Stay Hard and Blow A Bigger Load will RAISE Your Woman’s Libido!

It’s a FACT.

If you keep presenting your woman with a ‘semi’ in the bedroom…

Or if you can’t ‘get it up’…

Or if you ejaculate in 30 seconds…

Her libido is gonna go down the toilet (or she’s gonna start thinking of other guys).

However, when you drink Adam’s smoothies, you’re gonna start bringing a full, fat, rock-hard erection to the bedroom every time…

You’re gonna last 20, 30 minutes or more…

And you’re gonna blow much BIGGER loads.

The result?

More sexual pleasure for your woman… and a remarkable increase in her SEX-DRIVE (meaning you’ll get more sex when you want it!)

 #6: Adam’s Smoothies Will Give You A Powerful Advantage Over All The Other Guys

Let’s face it…

Men are motivated by things like STATUS, POWER and being better than other guys.

So let me ask you this…

Do you want an AVERAGE erection?

Or do you want an erection that’s so hard and long lasting most guys couldn’t even DREAM of achieving one to match you?

Do you want to blow a teaspoon of cum like most guys do when they ejaculate?

Or do you want to blow loads so BIG your woman had better pull out her umbrella when you ejaculate?

 #7: Your Investment Is Risk-Free –  It’s A ‘No-Brainer’ To Give It A Try

Ultimately, investing in Adam’s reports today is EASY because your purchase is RISK-FREE.

“YES” – you read that correctly…

Your money is SAFE.

You see, you’re covered by a rock-solid, 60-day, 100% satisfaction or your money-back guarantee.

So go ahead, click the Order Now link below and start drinking Huge Load Formula and Porn Star Power…

And prepare to experience erections impressive enough to make any woman hot, wet and horny for you any time you like 😉

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