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  • Say goodbye to pointless arguments, a cold bed, and having to work your butt off to for her show a single sign of affection...
  • Give her what she REALLY wants from you without ever guessing again… (this is the CHEAT SHEET to her happiness with you)
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  • Plus using this shortcut will get her to start making YOU happy again in the ways that matter most to you!

Don’t Wait Until This Happens To You...

Christy was threatening to file for divorce — they felt totally incompatible UNTIL Marshall put this remarkable system to work. Now, “I’m her #1 priority again,” says Marshall.

Naval K., a 47-year old husband from San Diego used this system. “Women’s equality really messed me up. I thought I was supposed to treat her as equals. Now we both have what we want.”

Brock’s wife stayed up late every night watching TV. She crept into bed after he was asleep. He put the secret revealed on this website to work. “She started calling me to come to bed early.”

Is Your Wife Just
A Glorified Roommate?

Dear Husband,

Who is your wife to you?

Is she the most amazing partner you could ever imagine being with?

Does she complete you? Does she fulfill your physical, emotional, and sexual needs?

Or is she just a glorified roommate?

You spend lonely nights holed up in your study on the computer instead of holding your wife in your arms.

Your beautiful bride ends up as someone you raise kids and split the bills with.

Where did your sexy best friend go?

Instead of waking up smothered in hugs, kisses, and maybe even some of that good morning lovin’...

You see the wall of her back.

You try to kiss her but she says she’s exhausted. That she does not want to “fool around.”

If you’re feeling a bit under-appreciated in your relationship…

You’ll want to keep reading.

Because this amazingly simple shortcut — even when outside forces are conspiring against you — can transform your marriage into:

“Me And My Happy Wife Against The World!”

When her friends complain about their husbands…

They’ll point to you as the shining example of true love.

Sucks to be those guys!

You can have all the affection and respect you deserve…

And avoid the arguments, the therapy bills, and the dreaded cold bed.

First, you need to open your eyes to the truth.

Most of your life, you were living under a fallacious rule...

“Do Unto Others As You
Would Have Them Do Unto You”

Here’s why the Golden Rule is a misguided idea.

Following the Golden Rule means you’re only treating her the way YOU want her to treat you.

On a subconscious level, she will feel misunderstood and unloved.

Just like how you’re feeling now.

Because chances are, she’s applying the Golden Rule on you as well.

There’s a huge disconnect between what you both need, and what you’re getting.

It’s like your dog is hungry, but you’re feeding him cat food.

You’re the dog. She’s the pussy cat.

You both want different but equally important things!

Here’s the crux:

It’s Not About You — It’s About BOTH OF YOU

Treat your wife the way she wants you to treat her…

It will motivate her to make you happy in the ways that matter to you most.

I’m talking about no less than creating a new foundation for living your deepest desires without much effort.

If you’re not ecstatically happy right now, all that means is that you are not clear on each other’s “relationship values” yet.

Relationship values are those things that, without them, you’d rather be single.

Do you think the reasons you married your wife are the same motivations your wife married you?


You have your needs. She has hers. Dog. Pussycat.

It’s time you both sync up and connect. So you can finally have the relationship and sex life you both deserve.

“Here’s A Confession: “My Husband and I Had To Almost Get Divorced For Me To Create This Relationship Cheat Sheet.”

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Susan Bratton and you may have seen me on American and Australian television talk shows.

People call me, “The Marriage Magician.”

But my husband and I didn’t always have the intimate, passionate relationship we have now.

We had to get down to our knees before we found happiness in each other.

My husband, Tim, and I have together for 26 years…

But 11 years in, our marriage was on its deathbed

In the flurry of dual careers, raising our daughter, and running our household, we lost our intimate connection.

We were cohabiting… The passion was gone.

He begged, pleaded, bargained and try to do all the honey-do’s of a perfect husband to get me to want to be intimate with him…

But I wasn’t interested. My appetite for him was gone.

For him, sex was always good. For me, it became a chore.

And when that happened he got mad and emotionally disconnected from me.

Our relationship became as dry as a desert.

Even so, watching friend after friend get divorced tormented and shattered us. We were inches away from splitting up too.

I still believed in love. Tim still believed in love.

But intention wasn’t good enough.

As if starting over at 45 wasn’t enough to fill us with dread, we were more panicked about ruining our little girl’s childhood.

So we went to personal growth events. We did couples’ workshops, and spent a fortune on marriage counselors to try to re-spark the fire.

Everything bombed. All our efforts failed. Nothing worked.

We were so close to giving up.

We wanted to turn our relationship back on.

Then Tim said ONE thing that transformed our relationship...

“I Wish I Had A Cheat Sheet
To Figure You Out…”

Lightning struck.

That was it.

I became clear on what we had to do.

It was so obvious, but we just could not see it.

And I’m betting, in the middle of everything you’re going through…

You missed this crucial step as well. Even if it was right there all along!

That’s when I went to work on the techniques that would later become my famous couples exercise to bring back the intimacy: Relationship Magic.

Once Tim and I did the exercise I share with you in my ebook…

Every day since then is full of positive energy, pure love, delight, and dedication to one another.

I only had to let him know HOW to make me happy.

And he had to let me know how to make HIM happy.

Once he had detailed descriptions of how he could meet my TRUE needs…

He could stop treating me how HE wanted me to treat him.

Because until now, that’s all he knew how to do.

Tim just needed to KNOW exactly what to do to make me happy and in love with him. (You won’t believe how easy it is.)

Taking a few minutes of time has resulted in a mutual appreciation that grows stronger with every beat of our hearts.

You deserve to stay madly, deeply, and passionately in love with each other for decades.

It’s Fun To Discover What Each Of You Need To Experience Pure Satisfaction

Now I can’t keep my hands off Tim, even though we’ve been wearing these wedding bands for over twenty five years.

He still thinks I’m the most beautiful, warm, loving, and sexy wife that has ever graced the Earth.

Now your Relationship Magic experience will likely be different from my husband’s and mine…

But here’s what made the huge shift in feeling complete love, support, and acceptance in our marriage.

My #1 need was security.

His was passion.

For Tim, passion was as much about affection as it was about making love.

I wanted security. For me, that meant handling the finances, making sure I had great health care, and getting my car door for me, keeping the car running well..

He wanted me to sit on his lap (I love it!), give him fly-by grabs, and dress up in sexy outfits for him. That was easy and fun; I just didn’t know he cared so much about touch and affection.

Once you prioritize your top needs, and give each other specific examples of what to do...

It’s pretty darn effortless to become the most amazing love of his life!

That’s why I spent years researching what gives couples a meaningful relationship.

I did an exhaustive survey of what men and women value most.

And don’t get me wrong.

This isn’t a copied-and-pasted list of romantic things to do with your wife.

It’s about creating the list that is unique and specific to your relationship. For your needs, as well as your wife’s.

So you won’t waste time trying things that worked for other people and that might not work for you.

You’ll both discover how to make your own lists!

When you find out what it is your spouse can’t live without… What they would rather be single than not have, you get down to brass tacks.

Introducing: Relationship Magic

How Does Relationship Magic Work?

This remarkable 10-minute shortcut will transport you into a world filled with hugs, kisses and a little something more… Probably a LOT MORE sex.

This is one of those, “little hinges that swing big doors” kind of couples’ experience.

It doesn’t look like much but it MOVES you both together again.

Here’s all you do:

  1. Download and print out the 4-page exercise from this tiny little 35-page book
  2. Do it with your woman (over a romantic dinner is nice)
  3. Give her your top four needs and exactly how she can meet them (this is her cheat sheet to your happiness)
  4. Start working on her list immediately and stop doing all the other stuff that was driving her away

Or you could spend thousands of dollars paying a therapist to dig up all the things you’ve done wrong in the past…. Which just results in MORE hard feelings instead of pure love and pleasure on a daily basis.

People say, “Relationships take hard work.”

It’s Only Hard If You Don’t Have
The Cheat Sheet To Her Happiness…

Relationships don’t break.

They erode over time.

Which might have caused some deep cracks in your intimacy.

Within minutes of using my relationship values workbook, you’ll know your wife or girlfriend better than ever before.

Imagine being able to tell her what really makes you happy without feeling guilty about it.

Most guys just want good food, good loving and harmony in the home.

But until she tells you what she needs and then you tell her what you want most, she doesn’t GET that it’s so simple to satisfy you.

When you get her to FOCUS on the four simple things you need from her, she will finally understand you. There will be no more excuses.

If she wants you to deliver, then she must deliver too.

And when she prioritizes those needs of yours, she will find that suddenly she loves being your woman…

She will feel that she is really taking care of you.

This will draw her closer to you.

Why does it take my workbook and this simple exercise for her to get it?

Because she will realize that you have needs just like she does.

And if she wants her met, she will also value meeting yours.

I swear to god, man, this relationship values exercise WORKS.

And in the book I tell you exactly how to introduce the idea of this fun couples exercise to her even if she’s reticent or negative about trying it.

Don’t worry, I have you covered.

I know all the girl’s tricks. Hehe. And she will THANK YOU for doing this.

And that will be just the beginning of a renaissance in your relationship.

I’ve been doing this for over a decade with men and women around the world of all ages…

Relationship Magic works!

Here’s What Others Had To Say
About Relationship Magic

“Values are where the rubber meets the road.”

“Thank you Susan for your personal attention and involvement. I don't know how you can do it with so many faithful followers hanging on your every word. It certainly says volumes about the kind of caring, loving, helpful person that you are. No surprise we all need you and love you.

I really want to get our Relationship Values defined and understood by both parties. I know for me and I suspect for many others who did not have the clarity you have that putting the issue in terms of if you didn't get "this" value fulfilled would you want to be in "this" relationship. That sure brings it down to where the rubber hits the road. I'd say it makes it about as clear as it can get when the continuity of the relationship could be in doubt.

Don't you just love a super smart, beautiful blond woman? I do.

My indebtedness continues to mount. Thank you is so insufficient for likely saving our marriage.”


“I Found Out How To Get My Wife To Open Up Again”

"I had tried and tried again. Deb and I had become one of those married couples you feel sorry for. Our love life had turned into an endless string of soccer practices, folding laundry, and working late at the office. She’d fall dead asleep before I had the chance to kiss her goodnight.

Meanwhile, I had fallen into a role. I was a father and provider to our kids. My relationship with my wife who I loved more than anything? She became the person I split responsibilities with. I wanted it to be what it used to be. And I was so afraid to even bring this up to her, because so many of friends were getting divorced in a domino pattern. My greatest fear was to be the next couple in line. I loved her, and I would do anything I could to keep her happy. But I didn’t know how…

Once I came upon Susan Bratton’s website, I found out how to get my wife to open up again. Now that I know her real relationship values, and she knows mine, it’s like we’re newlyweds again. She looks at me, and I can see the love in her eyes. She’s proud to be my wife. She gives me everything I need, and I’m so happy to do the same for her."

- Stefan M., Corvallis, OR

“Why Only $9.95?”

1. I am putting out the one golden piece of information that empowers you to avoid a miserable marriage. And when you love how Relationship Magic changes your life for the better, you’ll most certainly want to know more of my secrets to passionate relationships.

Consider this my “get to know me” bribe. 😉

2. As a champion and advocate for passionate marriages, it’s my mission to save as many couples as possible from hitting an emotional crisis point.

3. The practically give-it-away cost is an insider’s steal. The only way you know about this secret discount site is if you see me on a TV talk show or a friend sends you to me by email. Grab Relationship Magic for less than ten dollars here, because I sell this exact same book on Amazon for $27.

My Wife Is ________…
Will Relationship Magic Work For Us?

Yes, I’m absolutely certain Relationship Magic will work for you.

It will work for any couple, and I stand by that promise. Why?

Because every person has their own needs and desires.

And once these needs and desires are met, they will stop at nothing to satisfy the needs and desires of their partner.

If you knew your woman would fulfill and satisfy all your deepest, most important needs, wouldn’t you want to do the same for her?

However, to take all the risk away from you, here’s my 100% Money-Back Double Guarantee!

Fair enough?

She Wants To Want You…
What Are You Waiting For?
Show Her How!

Here’s what you’re risking each minute you delay.

Day in and day out guys email me completely surprised that their wife is filing for divorce.

Women file three quarters of all divorces.

When she says it’s over, it’s almost always over.

Men think everything will be OK in the future. They are like deer in the headlights.

Don’t wait until your relationship rots out.

Do something now.

There is nothing easier, more direct and fun for both of you than this simple couple’s exercise.

If you’ve been pre-occupied, texting under the table, or thinking about the game on TV when she’s talking to you…

Tune into her with Relationship Magic.

Once you discover and prioritize her most important needs...

She’s going to start prioritizing yours.

Just In Case You Need A Little More
Proof That Relationship Magic Woks…

A Great Wife Will Naturally Want To
Bend Over Backwards To Prioritize YOU —
As You Would Do For Her

When she believes you are the best man in the universe for her and she could do no better. . . no matter how many rich, handsome playboys throw themselves at her…

She will want you.

When she leaps into your arms, squeezes her legs tight around your waist, and peppers you with kisses….

When she feeds you tasty food, fools around when you’re feeling frisky and stays by your side when you want her there…

It’s this shortcut to your love connection that makes sparks fly.

Imagine how fun it’s going to be to tell your friends what your relationship values are and how it makes you feel like newlyweds again!

But you have to make your move!

Let’s Face It, $9.95 Isn’t Going To Stop You
From Having The Relationship Of Your Dreams…

What’s stopping you from downloading Relationship Magic?

Absolutely nothing.

And I’m confident that the $9.95 Insider’s Offer isn’t going to hold you back. You will get what you want in your relationship.

I mean, anybody could afford it at that price. Even a college student!

But that’s not what’s on your mind, is it?

You’re thinking whether your relationship is worth more than $9.95.

You’re asking yourself, is it worth sticking around? Is it worth giving one more shot?

Will she come around, even after all this time?

Is my sexy best friend still in there, locked inside the cold shell of a woman I share a house with?

The truth is, only you can answer that.

Only you can say.

Is your relationship with your lady more important than a couple bucks and 10 minutes of your time?


If You’re Ready For Your Wife To Happily Satisfy
All Your Desires… No Matter Your Weight, Age,
Or How Long You’ve Been Married…

The book is right in front of you.

Your relationship’s salvation is here.

Just like how it was for MY own relationship.

Click the Add to Cart button to download Relationship Magic tonight.

You and your wife will thank me for it.

Remember, you both deserve this.

She needs you to take action… to be her knight in shining armor.

Make Love Magical,
Susan “The Marriage Magician” Bratton

P.S. Remember, this is a fantastic cheat sheet that has a profound impact in a very tiny amount of time.

You don’t have to settle for a marriage that gets less exciting over time. You can keep her loving you like crazy when you know exactly what she wants… and she knows how to satisfy you too.

You can avoid pointless arguments, a cold bed and having to work at pleasing her…

Even if you’ve grown apart, you suspect she might be cheating on you, you’re in total communication meltdown or you just want to have an extremely rewarding relationship with your wife.

Download this simple ebook to uplevel your relationship now.

In addition to the worksheet, the list of values and how to do the exercise, I’ve also included:

  • One couples relationship values... Yes, Lauren and Robert’s values were wildly different and this exercise healed their marriage.
  • How to talk about your Relationship Values.
  • How to introduce the exercise to a reticent or suspicious partner.
  • Over 150 values in 18 categories to pick from so it’s easy to figure out what you want.

P.P.S. Remember, you’re also protected by my 60-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with how Relationship Magic will change your love life (and sex life) for the better, just let me know. We will refund your purchase.

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