You’re Here Because You Want To Fully Satisfy Your Woman In Bed…

“Have Everlasting Stamina, Trigger Her Vaginal Orgasms During Sex, And Become A Multi-Orgasmic Man When You Use This ME Breath Technique.”

Discover the ME Breath men’s sex technique. This way of moving your body gives you control over when you ejaculate. So you can last as long as you want. (Or you can finally make yourself come.) And when you get even better at using this technique during sex you can have full-body energy orgasms.

Here Are Some Fast Facts

This Is What The ME Breath Does For You:

  • Gives You Everlasting Stamina
  • The Ability To Trigger Her Vaginal Orgasms
  • Lets You Experience Male-Multiple Orgasms

What Is The “ME Breath?”

  • This technique you are getting ― called The ME Breath ― is a maneuver that gives you everlasting stamina and enhanced sexual energy between you and your lady…
  • This body-based technique is rooted in ancient Taoist and Tantric sexual energy practices updated for the sensational 21st-century lover…
  • Gives you true “Ejaculatory Choice.” You’ll last as long as you want, and have a powerful, extra-satisfying, explosive climax only when she wants you to, and not a minute sooner.
  • Do this technique in one-fluid motion during intercourse without having to think about it.
  • When your lover sees how hot and turned on you are for her, she will surrender herself to you completely body, heart, and soul…
  • The ME Breath is the foundational sex technique that gives you everlasting stamina, the ability to trigger a woman’s vaginal orgasms, and experience multiple male orgasms.

“There is no end to how good I can get in bed." ~ Ken

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“Just watched one of your video presentations with Jim. I enjoyed it immensely. The chemistry between you both and the real knowledge, deeper understanding and honesty you both gave to and have of the subject you are promoting and selling was a great joy for me to watch.” ~ Richard

”You both know what you are talking about. And the methods and techniques being presented and sold were tantric in nature. The presentation video and the way it was presented really put a smile on my face because it was so entertaining as well. The joy of your personality really shone through resonating with Jim's, just like the tuning forks demonstrated.” ~ Joseph

“The products you are selling are genuine and educational with great value to the world in general and wish you both great success at what you are trying to do. Thanks again for the joy you both gave me through the video.” ~ Paul

Here’s Everything You’re Getting Today During The Multi-Orgasmic Lover SALE.

The ME Breath Program


  • Self Massage
  • PC Pump
  • Pelvic Rocking
  • Sexual Breathing
  • The “ME” Breath brings it all together.

There’s no nudity in these videos. They won’t take you a lot of time either. These videos average only 7 minutes long each.

Jim makes it super easy to understand and implement. That means you’ll spend less time “studying”, and more time having exquisite and phenomenal sex.

The ME Breath Program

In addition, there are 5 audio modules that round our the program for a deeper dive and more support.


  • The 6 Core Principles Of The Multi-Orgasmic Man
  • Dissolving Sexual Shame
  • Benefits Of Relaxation And Sex
  • Sexual Confidence Builders
  • Sexual Training

Multi-Orgasmic Lover


You also get The Multi-Orgasmic Lover manual that acts as a blueprint to guide you and track your progress.

PLUS, you can practice the ME Breath technique during solo sex and when you make love.

“She loves it. I last so much longer. Lasting is a non-issue now. Getting rid of that shame, even if I do come too fast, it just naturally makes me last longer.” ~ Ben

“The biggest thing that changed for me was my confidence. Instead of being passive, I’m pursuing sexual situations.” ~ Kramer

“I had a deep-seated fear that I was not big enough to fill a woman up and therefore couldn’t give her vaginal orgasms. Your ME Breath Technique gave me the confidence to try again and voila! Sexcess!” ~ Jonathan

During The SALE You Also Get 4 Bonus Packages That Take The ME Breath To The Next Level.


The Jet Pack Accelerator

  • The Sexual Mastery Inner Circle ($360 Value)
  • The Streaming Technique ($59 Value)
  • Sexual Power Meditation ($29 Value)
  • The No B.S. Guide to Erectile Dysfunction ($29 Value)
  • Integrating This Program ($29 Value)


of Jet Pack Accelerator


The Jet Pack Accelerator includes 5 unique techniques that include a guided meditation to get you in a mindset of a healthy, sexually-powerful man… an audio program that guides you into sexual relaxation and preparation… a video that teaches you how to dissolve stuck sexual energy… a guide on how to end the embarrassment of not being able to perform in bed… and a strategy to tie it all together into one fluid motion during sex.

“My girlfriend climaxed with her last two boyfriends but not with me. And she let me know about it. Soon she left me. Then I tried your technique, and now I have three different girls that text me whenever they want me. And I’m happy to oblige them.” ~ Sean

“Thank you so much. My wife and I are in our 60’s and having sex breakthroughs. After forty years, I can now give her orgasms while we make love.” ~ Grey


Wild at Heart Pack

  • Heart and Sex Link and Heartgasm ($88 Value)
  • Your Wild Animal ($29 Value)
  • Surrender ($29 Value)
  • Key Sound ($59 Value)
  • Crazy Throat ($59 Value)
  • Braingasm ($59 Value)


Of Wild At Heart Bonus Pack


Once you start letting go and become more primal, you pave the way for her to become more animalistic and sexually spontaneous. This opens new doors for both of you to experience new sexual breakthroughs like “Heartgasms”, “Braingasms”, and “Throatgasms."

“You connect with yourself like you never had before.” ~ Benjamin

"When the energy flows freely between a multi-orgasmic couple, it’s effortless. You just roll all your orgasms together — you share them — it’s just flowing together.” ~ Colin


Energy Cock and Chi Breath

  • Energy Cock ($59 Value)
  • Chi Breath ($59 Value)


of Bonuses


You'll amass all your desire into a lightening rod of sexual energy. Then you'll shoot that out of your penis like a lightening rod into her body. She will be electrified by you. Equally, you'll be able to harness that arousal into your genitals to have stronger, longer-lasting erections.

“When your manhood is alive with sensation AND you have stamina, she really gets to feel your pleasure. And that pleasure goes right into her vaginal walls!” ~ Joseph

“You feel sex as energy and have tools to feel orgasmic in all parts of your body.” ~ Tony


The Backyard Bundle

  • Bed, Butt & Beyond ($59 Value)
  • Exploring The Backyard ($29 Value)
  • Butt Basics ($59 Value)


Of The Backyard Bundle


Enjoy the pleasures of the prostate during sex. The ass and the prostate have been a long-neglected source of pleasure for men. This bonus doubles or triples the power of the ME Breath, giving you more intense non-ejaculatory orgasms. When you’re inside your woman, that doubles or triples the intensity for her.

Here’s Why The Multi-Orgasmic Lover Program Will Change Your Life Starting Today.

  • The only body-based technique for both stamina and giving women penetration orgasms.
  • Finally throw out those pills, numbing creams and let go of “sex cheats” that distract you from giving her your full presence.
  • Puts you light years ahead of your current sex life...
  • Your lover experiences your full sexual presence and pleasure — you’re not stuck inside your head during sex like other guys… and this inspires her devotion to you.

Here’s My Promise To You

I want you to take action and make a positive change in your sex life.

And my promise to you is that when you try the ME Breath for yourself, you won’t want to go back to the “OLD” way of having sex.

You’ll have more sexual confidence. And you'll be free from any performance anxiety.

You and your lover are going to be blown away by how you’re suddenly lasting longer in bed…

How you no longer need to distract yourself from coming too soon…

And now that you're fully present with her each time, she will get the emotional connection to you she craves.

She sees you and how much she turns you on. And she can’t help but surrender together into pleasure with you as you both move as one and experience multiple simultaneous orgasms.

That’s why I want you to try The Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men program for yourself. You have 60 days to test it out RISK-FREE.

That’s two months to get in there and see that it works for you too.

Here’s What Other Industry Experts Have To Say.

“For men who understand that sexual energy is their power source, the “ME Breath” technique is how men supercharge their sexual power.” ~ Dr. Patricia Taylor, PHD, creator of Expand Her Orgasm Tonight:

“For the guy that wants the stamina of a stallion, Jim Benson is THE man to learn from. Endurance and sexual performance are a vital part of a hot sex life. Jim’s ME Breath Technique takes you there.” ~ Sloane Fox, sensual ambassador Personal Life Media

“Hey, it happens to every guy… that moment when he just can’t get hard or stay hard. Don’t disappoint your woman, turn to Jim Benson’s ME Breath for the ultimate get hard stay hard solution.” ~ Tallulah Sulis, female ejaculation specialist and sexologist, creator of Female Liquid Orgasm and Keep Her Coming

“The ME Breath technique is the fundamental skill for masculine sexual leadership in the bedroom. Be the lover she wants you to be. Be the lover she knows you can be. Be the lover you were born to be. This makes her want you more because you know what you’re doing. Really, it’s not what you do to her, but how you show up for her in the bedroom as her masculine sexual leader.” ~ Susan Bratton, trusted hot sex advisor to millions

“Jim is a gifted teacher who’s been leading men for over a decade. He has my full support for all his masculine sexual leadership techniques.” ~ Sheri Winston, CNM, RN, BSN, LMT, celebrated sexuality teacher and award-winning author and medical professional

“As an expert in stamina, I’ve personally reviewed Jim’s ME breath technique — and it is a must-have for all men who want power and performance in the bedroom.” ~ Jack Grave, internationally-known sex coach

“I devoted my teaching to help men feel in command and in complete control. Jim Benson's ME Breath adds significantly to a man's arsenal of sex-god techniques. 5 STARS!!!” ~ Lloyd Lester, bestelling author of Ejaculation By Command, Erection By Command and Orgasm By Command

“As the leading expert in revolutionary sex, Jim’s ME Breath is THE revolutionary technique for men becoming multi-orgasmic themselves. If you don’t lead and go first, how can she follow? Get the ME Breath.” ~ Alex Allman, bestselling author of Revolutionary Sex programs

“The ME Breath Technique makes you a sexier man having sexier sex. I love it!” ~ Gabrielle Moore, bestselling author sex advice expert

60-Day No Risk Guarantee

The Multi-Orgasmic Lover system is backed by an iron clad 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Once you and she have experienced it, ask yourself, “Was this worth it?”

If your answer isn’t a resounding, HELL YEAH!!!!! ― Then let us know before two months is up and you’ll get a complete refund.

You can try the full program for two months. If for any reason you want to return this program within 60 days, contact us at [email protected] for a full refund with a smile and a thank you for trying it.

So you literally have nothing to lose.

And an amazing sex life to gain.

Have a Question?

Our Customer Care Team provides 10 or more hours of support each day, so you may get an instant answer or we will get back to you and honor this sale price because you’ve asked us a question.

We accept money orders and checks, as well as hold a copy at the sale price for you until payday. Just send an email with your request to [email protected]

Basically, just let us know what you need and we will endeavor to support you.

You’re At A Very Special Point In Your Life Right Now Where, Depending On Your Very Next Decision, Will Take You To Two Wildly Different Lives.

“You can’t tell where his orgasms start and mine end -- it’s like a bliss blender when we make love. How many couples get to multiple together?” ~ Ariane

“It used to be just 30 minutes of conscious effort for one orgasm for me and then he could come. Now in 30 minutes you can’t tell how many orgasms there are for both of us.” ~ Camery

You’re Still Here Because

No other technique, position, or “trick” can compare to the sheer scale of the upgrade you’ll be getting for your sexual performance when you decide to become a Multi-Orgasmic Man today.

The BIGGEST realization you have right now is that it’s not about what you DO to a woman, it’s about how you ARE when you’re in bed with her.

Once you integrate “The ME Breath” into your lovemaking, here’s what your life is going to be like.

You’ll last for hours on end making sweet, sweet love to your partner without worrying about accidentally blowing your load too soon.

Even if you used to come just mere minutes after you enter her…

Your woman will be moaning, shaking, pulling the sheets, screaming your name and telling you to do her harder, harder and harder.

Even if she’s never felt any REAL sexual hunger from you before…

She’s on the brink of a full-body, explosive orgasm and you have complete confidence you can keep thrusting into her for hours.

Even if you’ve never lasted long enough to let her experience a penetration orgasm from you before…

You no longer have to “try” to last longer. You actually choose when to finish.

Even if you used to distract yourself with baseball stats, dity underwear, or even dead animals just to keep from coming too soon…

Maybe you want to come with her at that perfect moment. Or maybe you much rather give her a couple more thunderous orgasms before you explode all over her with all the love you could possibly give her.

This confidence, sexual energy and raw, masculine power overflows into every aspect of your life imaginable.

You’ve become THAT GUY who men want to become, and women want to be ravaged by.

This all starts happening the moment you take action today.

Jim and I believe in you. And we know that YOU believe in YOU.

That’s why we’re willing to put all the risk on us with our 60-day guarantee. You can go through the program first, give it a try…

And if you feel it’s not going to revolutionize the way you have sex…

Just let us know and we’ll refund your purchase with no questions asked.

You’re just ONE click away from your transformation into a phenomenal lover. Make it happen now.

See you in the Sexual Mastery Inner Circle!


Susan Bratton, Trusted Hot Sex Advisor to Millions 💋
and Jim Benson, Men’s International Tantra Trainer

“The biggest thing that changed for me in being able to maintain my erection was my confidence. Instead of being passive, I’m pursuing sexual situations.” ~ Travis

“If you want to expand your sex, increase your stamina, find depths of bliss and ecstasy, then this is for you.” ~ Ephraim

More Rave Reviews From Men

“I don’t hide my agenda now. That turns her on. I used to think I had to start banging her, now there’s more playtime, more foreplay… more pleasure.” ~ Joey

We hooked up and it was terrible sex. But once I started diving into the “ME Breath” she had a couple orgasms and I became incredibly confident.” ~ Rene

"Sex isn’t like, I’m going fishing today, I hope I catch a fish. Now it’s like, They’re jumping in the boat!” ~ Abraham

“She came so hard and so many times I had to massage her belly afterward.” ~ Michael

“It’s my duty as a husband to do give my wife orgasms when we have sex. Thanks for showing me how easy it actually is. We were way overthinking it.” ~ Dave

“I was putting a quarter of a viagra under my tongue as insurance I could get and stay hard. Now I’m totally weaned off them and fully confident in my own tool.” ~ Jason

“I thought my divorce killed my libido. With the “ME Breath” I’m supercharged again.” ~ Ryan

“I don’t even have to stimulate her clitoris for her to come. Just being inside her gets her off with this thrust.” ~ Liam

“I used to think there was some magic sex position that might GUARANTEE I could give my girlfriend vaginal orgasms. Now I get her off in every kind of position we can think of and she’s a little spinner.” ~ Eric

And Here’s What Women Had To Say After Their Lovers Had Become Multi-Orgasmic Men.

“We both had a lot of blocks — mental, emotional and physical — and you helped us remove them and experience so much more sexual pleasure together. I pretty easily had my first vaginal orgasm and now we know it’s possible.” ~ Fiona

“At first I thought my boyfriend being a multi-orgasmic man was a joke. Well, if this is a delusion, I LOVE IT. But then I realized, it’s REAL.” ~ Penny

“Imagine my shame that my husband thought I was either asexual or preferred women because I couldn't have an orgasm when we had intercourse. Now he rocks me into a melted puddle of orgasmic bliss.” ~ Helen

“We were BOTH miserable and our marriage was on the rocks. I got sick of being his masturbatory vessel and intercourse was zero fun for me. THANK GOD we found you, Jim. Now I can’t get enough of my man and we’ve never been more intimately connected. You saved our marriage.” ~ Jan

“We have heart-to-heart, throbbing, hot and sweaty soul-fulfilling sex. We just get lost in each other, our orgasms merging, our souls merging. His penis is electric inside me.” ~ Heather

“I’d faked orgasms for almost 11 years. I love him and didn’t know what to do. I took a risk trusting you and my world has broken open to new levels of joy and intimacy with the man I love.” ~ Taylor

“Knowing this carries us both to a place that’s timeless, spaceless… it’s vast and magnificent… it’s soul-satisfying and it honestly blows my mind and his mind.” ~ Layka

“Being with him is a very different way to have sex than I was used to. Sex doesn’t end when he comes. He orgasms and stays hard and comes over and over again along with me.” ~ Monica

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