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  • This technique you are getting ― called The ME Breath ― is a maneuver with a quick effective payoff of stamina and enhanced sexual energy between you and your lady.
  • Works like a tuning fork so she resonates orgasmically with you, expanding her arousal.
  • Gives you true “Ejaculatory Choice.”
  • Is rooted in ancient Taoist and Tantric sexual energy practices updated for the sensational 21st-century lover.
  • The ME Breath is done-for-you. Watch 5 video demonstrations that break down the three components into easy steps. (Once you know the sequence, timing and movements it makes mastery a snap!)
  • Each step of the squeeze-breathe-thrust technique builds upon the other to give you the smooth, fluid move you use during lovemaking. (She won’t notice you’re doing it… she will just notice that you are giving her the attention she craves and lasting as long as she wants you to.)
  • Incorporate the ME Breath into your self-pleasuring practice for accelerated success using it during lovemaking.


Get ‘The ME Breath’ Technique for:

  • unlimited stamina
  • becoming a multi-orgasmic man
  • triggering her penetration orgasms
  • transcendent, connected sex

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  1. The Jet Pack Accelerator
  2. Energy Cock & The Chi Breath
  3. The Wild At Heart Pack
  4. The Backyard Bundle

Plus! During this special offer you also get a video describing The 7 Kinds of Male Orgasm. The ME Breath is just the beginning of a whole new level of pleasure you’re going to be generating with your woman.

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Here’s What You Are Getting

We’re going to briefly walk you through all of these sex-life-changing components… but first let’s focus on the Main Event: the ME Breath Technique:

The ME Breath in Detail

Video #1 Self Massage
Video #2 PC Pump
Video #3 Pelvic Rocking
VIdeo #4 Sexual Breathing
Video #5 The “ME” Breath brings it all together.

There’s no nudity in these videos. They won’t take you a lot of time, either. The videos average about 7 minutes long.

In addition, there are five audio modules that round out the program for a deeper dive and more support.

  1. The 6 Core Principles of The Multi-Orgasmic Man                 
  2. Dissolving Sexual Shame                
  3. Benefits of Relaxation and Sex       
  4. Sexual Confidence Builders  
  5. Sexual Training       

multi orgasmic lover manual

The Multi Orgasmic Lover Manual is a step-by-step Owner’s Guide that also acts as a blueprint to track your progress.

At $59 per video tutorial plus $29 per audio module and $10 for the Workbook, the program totals $450.

Now you can get the secret to get the ME Breath working for you for just 3 payments of $69.97 or one payment of $197. That’s less than half the cost of Jim’s workshop and less than the cost of one coaching session with Jim. PLUS you learn the technique in the privacy of your own home and on your time schedule.

The Amazeballs Bonuses!

During this 50% Off Limited Time Offer we’re adding several important bonuses that will be waiting in your member’s area when you login today.  

The Jet Pack Accelerator

One of these pieces of the Jet Pack is an audio recording called the Sexual Power Meditation worth $29.

A lot of guys I work with feel numb in parts of their body. Or if you ask them “how are you FEELING?” they don’t know how to give an authentic answer.

This audio guides you into a specific kind of relaxation and self-massage that will bring you alive from head to toe. And when you’re turned on like that, your woman will definitely feel it!

Listen to this audio before you begin the main program because it paves the way for the ME Breath like nothing else.

Another element of the Jet Pack is called The Streaming Technique worth $59.

You ’know, once you start moving your turn-on from your genitals throughout your body with the ME Breath, you start to notice where the energy doesn’t want to go. Those spots -- like in your throat, around your heart, in your belly or hips -- are traumas that are held in the body. They occur because of injuries, or surgeries, or even shame that you experienced when you were younger.


The Streaming Process is incredibly powerful at dissolving those stuck places in your body. In this video you see how to physically SHAKE your body three very specific different ways. It also includes original music that you can play during your own streaming practice.

You’ll be amazed at the positive change you’re gonna feel after you’ve done the Streaming practice for even a few days. And your woman will feel the difference, too.

I know that you may not have ever gotten the kind of affection and loving that you deserve. When you shake your body free and easy, you are suddenly be more approachable, more touchable, more responsive to your woman. She’s going to want you to hug and hold her, to sit on your lap and kiss you, she’s going to be pulled closer to you. You’ll go from being tight to loose and approachable.

Sexual Mastery Inner Circle

It’s called The Sexual Mastery Inner Circle worth $360 annually, and included as a very special bonus with your order today.

The Inner Circle is a private, online forum where hundreds of other guys on this multi-orgasmic journey hang out and discuss their progress, ask for help, share their issues, and support each other.

It’s private in that it’s by invitation only and you must be a customer of Multi-Orgasmic Lover.

The guys in this group are on a path to have the best sex they can in their lives. They are the top 1% of all men. It’s like a “virtual men’s group,” which is great if you’ve ever thought about joining a men’s group but haven’t known how, or maybe one isn’t available in your town.

The Sexual Mastery Inner Circle is a safe place to share your experiences. The support in this group is really amazing. Lots of guys who have completed the program are there to help you, and I do my best to answer questions as well.

We talked about what we thought would be the best way to support guys just starting out in the program, and offering a membership in the Inner Circle was what we came up with.

Normally, access to this program is a membership fee of $30 per month or $360 annually.  But when you place your order today for the Multi-Orgasmic Lover aka “MOL” program, you will be personally invited to participate in the Sexual Mastery Inner Circle at no charge.

This is the only way to get access to a private forum with Jim and the other guys on this journey of sexual healing and expansion.

“MOL Guys Are The Best Guys!”


The No B.S. Guide To Erectile Dysfunction

Some guys who start the Multi-Orgasmic Lover program will say, “I’m not feeling anything.”

There are a lot of reasons that might be the case, but this particular bonus is like OVERDRIVE for the ME Breath. Based on anecdotal evidence from guys who tell me about the program, this bonus doubles or triples the power of the ME Breath, giving you more intense non-ejaculatory orgasms. When you’re inside your woman, that doubles or triples the intensity for her. WOW! The ass and the prostate have been a long-neglected source of pleasure for men. These videos give you the experience of truly multiplying the amount of sex energy and pleasure in your body.

Again, feedback from many guys who’ve gone through the program is that this bundle was one of the keys to get them to become multi-orgasmic.

Here’s Why Multi-Orgasmic Lover Is Different...
  • The only body-based technique for both stamina and giving women penetration orgasms.
  • Throw out those pills, numbing creams and let go of “sex cheats” that distract you from giving her your full presence.
  • Thousands of men possess this sex skill that puts them light years ahead of their competition.
  • Inspires her devotion to you as her best lover ever.
  • Jim Benson is an international Tantra teacher trainer. He trains the teachers! He leads a men’s group. He teaches these techniques in workshops. And now you can learn the 3 steps at home, from anywhere in the world.
  • Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men comes with a workbook to track your achievements.
  • Backed by Personal Life Media, a team dedicated to discreetly helping men become better lovers for over a decade.
Have a Question?

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Send an email to [email protected] if you need us to hold a copy at the sale price until payday.  

We also accept money orders and checks which you can arrange by sending an email to [email protected]

Basically, just let us know what you need and we will endeavor to support you.


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Even if you only double or triple your stamina with the ME Breath…

Even if you never get around to doing the multiple orgasm part ― say you only do the Pelvic Rocking stroke ― that alone is going to instantly improve the quality of intercourse for your woman… and what’s it worth to be the best lover she’s ever had?

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If you’re still reading this, that means you’re very much interested in becoming a multi-orgasmic man. Someone with complete ejaculatory choice. Someone who can give tremendous amounts of pleasure to a woman and trigger her deep, mind-blowing, full-body, explosive orgasms.

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Your First Option...

Forget everything Jim and I have taught you today. Forget you even watched the video and go back to the life you have right now.

A life where you’re pretty much not yet in complete control of your body and how truly powerful it can be at giving sexual pleasure to your partner.

A life where you’re unsure if your woman truly wants to make love to you, or if it’s just mercy sex.

A relationship with a woman that lacks passion and fire. You’re just together right now because you’re somehow stuck with each other, and you have that nagging feeling at the back of your head that your woman might just get up leave when she gets a chance.

A Life That You Believe “Royally Sucks...:”

Now, if you’re here today, especially since you’ve read this far down the page, a part of you hungers to improve your sex life.

A part of you longs to transcend to “Alpha Lover” level.

A part of you wants to become a Multi-Orgasmic Man.

And that is why I know that you know that there is only one REAL choice for you today.

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The Second Option...

A Life Where You’re In Complete Control Of Your Body’s Sexual Capabilities… Where You Have “Complete Ejaculatory Choice…”

You last for hours on end making sweet, sweet love to your partner without worrying about accidentally blowing your load too soon.

Imagine your special woman moaning, shaking, pulling the sheets, screaming your name and telling you to do her harder, harder and harder. She’s on the brink of a full-body, explosive orgasm and you have complete confidence you can keep going.

You no longer have to “try” to last longer. You actually choose when to finish.

Maybe you want to come with her at that perfect moment. Or maybe you much rather give her a couple more thunderous orgasms before you explode all over her with all the love you could possibly give her.

It’s your choice. You’re in control.

And it’s not just in the bedroom where your whole life changes for the better.

Your partner is completely devoted to you. You’re the only man who could ever do that to her in bed. There’s absolutely no way she’s letting you slip away. No other man comes close.

Compared to you, all the other guys she might have been with are “pathetic losers” who have no clue how to pleasure your woman for hours and hours.

Having this much power and control gives you unstoppable confidence that everyone around you just notices right off the bat.

It’s like a powerful aura emanates from your being wherever you go.

People notice the change in you, and they look at you with respect, a little bit of fear and a little bit of jealousy.

This confidence, energy and power overflows from your personal life and relationships to your career or business. You’re successful in just about everything you do and life in general couldn’t get any better for you.

You’ve become THAT GUY who men want to become, and women want to be with.

This all starts happening the moment you take action on something that can trigger this powerful change in your life.

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Even if you’ve never been with a woman before. Even if you’ve only lasted a few minutes in bed with your partner. Even if you come just by thinking about her naked in your bed.

Even if you think you don’t have the stamina to last for hours giving intense amounts of pleasure to your woman.

As long as you have a tiny piece of belief that you can do this, that this is possible, then it becomes a reality as fast as lightning.

Jim and I believe in you. And we know that you believe in you.

All you need to do to achieve the kind of sex life and relationships you’ve always wanted… to become a multi-orgasmic man capable of giving a mountain of pleasure to your woman, triggering her orgasms one after the other, and having complete choice when to finish…

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“I don’t hide my agenda now. That turns her on. I used to think I had to start banging her, now there’s more playtime, more foreplay… that was a big nugget I took out of your workshop.”

“We hooked up and it was terrible sex. But once I started diving into the “ME Breath” she had a couple orgasms and I became incredibly confident.”


“You feel sex as energy and have tools to feel orgasmic in all parts of your body.”

"Knowing this technique carries us both to a place that’s timeless, spaceless… it’s vast and magnificent… it’s soul-satisfying and it honestly blows her mind and my mind.”

Matt & Camery

"Sex isn’t like, I’m going fishing today, I hope I catch a fish. Now it’s like, They’re jumping in the boat!”

“You connect with yourself like you never had before.”

"When the energy flows freely between a multi-orgasmic couple, it’s effortless. You just roll all your orgasms together — you share them — it’s just flowing together.”

Matt & Camery

The Sexual Mastery Inner Circle is a private, online forum where hundreds of other guys on this multi-orgasmic journey hang out and discuss their progress, ask for help, share their issues, and support each other.

It’s private in that it’s by invitation only and you must be a customer of Multi-Orgasmic Lover.

The guys in this group are on a path to have the best sex they can in their lives. They are the top 1% of all men. It’s like a “virtual men’s group”, which is great if you’ve ever thought about joining a men’s group but haven’t known how, or maybe one isn’t available in your town.

The Sexual Mastery Inner Circle is a safe place to share your experiences.