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“This unique thrust technique creates a deep, emotional, physical and sexual connection… triggering intense vaginal contractions.”

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8:26 — The Pelvic Rocking thrust technique (wildly arousing to women!)

11:50 — How the Thrust Technique works inside her vagina to give her orgasms.

16:30 — What is going to happen when you do this Thrust Technique.

21:37 — Ephraim’s Story of Sexual Anxiety to Passionate Bliss

29:45 — Why a woman wants a man to know how to be multi-orgasmic.

33:25 — The 7 Kinds of Orgasms Any Man Can Have.

43:00 — What is a “non-ejaculatory orgasm” and how does it work?

43:09 — Cartoon depicting the non-ejaculatory orgasm explained.

49:58 — The “ME Breath” squeeze-breathe-thrust Demo.

1:41:44 — The “Tuning Fork” Technique that triggers her orgasms.

1:55:15 — The Wild at Heart Bonuses connecting your heart and genitals + “You Want a Heartgasm” video.

1:03:49 —  The Multi-Orgasmic Lover Details ▶︎ Get the ME Breath 57% off Expires 6/1/16.

2:08:52 — Energy Cock and Chi Breath sexual energy techniques.

2:27:17 — Jet Pack Accelerator.

311:00 — Jim’s Personal Story and how he came to create the ME Breath.

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What You Get:
  • This technique you are getting ― called The ME Breath ― is a maneuver with a quick effective payoff of stamina and enhanced sexual energy between you and your lady.
  • Works like a tuning fork so she resonates orgasmically with you, expanding her arousal.
  • Gives you true “Ejaculatory Choice.”
  • Is rooted in ancient Taoist and Tantric sexual energy practices updated for the sensational 21st-century lover.
  • The ME Breath is done-for-you. Watch 5 video demonstrations that break down the three components into easy steps. (Once you know the sequence, timing and movements it makes mastery a snap!)
  • Each step of the squeeze-breathe-thrust technique builds upon the other to give you the smooth, fluid move you use during lovemaking. (She won’t notice you’re doing it… she will just notice that you are giving her the attention she craves and lasting as long as she wants you to.)
  • Incorporate the ME Breath into your self-pleasuring practice for accelerated success using it during lovemaking.

“Technique worked as promised. Really connecting like never before.” ~ Gil

“Hearing her moan in my ear as I’m making love to her is probably my favorite part of sex right now.”


Get ‘The ME Breath’ Technique for:

  • unlimited stamina
  • becoming a multi-orgasmic man
  • triggering her penetration orgasms
  • transcendent, connected sex

Save 57% off the $450 ME Breath program for a limited time with this special offer. Includes 4 Bonus Packs:

  1. The Jet Pack Accelerator
  2. Energy Cock & The Chi Breath
  3. The Wild At Heart Pack
  4. The Backyard Bundle

Plus! During this special offer you also get a video describing The 7 Kinds of Male Orgasm. The ME Breath is just the beginning of a whole new level of pleasure you’re going to be generating with your woman.

Choose The Special Payment You Prefer

“I’m Trying The ME Breath For 60 Days Before Deciding To Keep The Whole Program For Myself.”
Join Hundreds of Men On Your Same Journey

The Sexual Mastery Inner Circle is a private, online forum where hundreds of other guys on this multi-orgasmic journey hang out and discuss their progress, ask for help, share their issues, and support each other.

It’s private in that it’s by invitation only and you must be a customer of Multi-Orgasmic Lover.

The guys in this group are on a path to have the best sex they can in their lives. They are the top 1% of all men. It’s like a “virtual men’s group”, which is great if you’ve ever thought about joining a men’s group but haven’t known how, or maybe one isn’t available in your town.

The Sexual Mastery Inner Circle is a safe place to share your experiences.



Here’s All The Good Stuff You Are Getting TODAY!

We’re going to briefly walk you through all of these sex-life-changing components… but first let’s focus on the Main Event: the ME Breath Technique:

Building The Epic Foundations Of The “ME Breath”...

Video #1 Self Massage
Video #2 PC Pump
Video #3 Pelvic Rocking
VIdeo #4 Sexual Breathing
Video #5 The “ME” Breath brings it all together.

There’s no nudity in these videos. They won’t take you a lot of time, either. The videos average about 7 minutes long.

In addition, there are five audio modules that round out the program for a deeper dive and more support.

  1. The 6 Core Principles of The Multi-Orgasmic Man                 
  2. Dissolving Sexual Shame                
  3. Benefits of Relaxation and Sex       
  4. Sexual Confidence Builders  
  5. Sexual Training       

multi orgasmic lover manual

The Multi Orgasmic Lover Manual is a step-by-step Owner’s Guide that also acts as a blueprint to track your progress.

At $59 per video tutorial plus $29 per audio module and $10 for the Workbook, the program totals $450.

Now you can get the secret to get the ME Breath working for you for just 3 payments of $69.97 or one payment of $197. That’s less than half the cost of Jim’s workshop and less than the cost of one coaching session with Jim. PLUS you learn the  technique in the privacy of your own home and on your time schedule.

“There is no end to how good I can get in bed.”
"Hurry!  Limited-Time Special Offer Ends  June 1st."

Get $1,573 Worth of Valuable Bonuses When You Buy Before June 1, 2016!

The Amazeballs Bonuses!

During this 57% Off Limited Time Offer we’re adding several important bonuses that will be waiting in your member’s area when you login today.  You’ll be saving 86% off a total value of $1,573 dollars.

“BONUS #1: Launch Your Sexual Energy
To The Stratosphere!”

One of these pieces of the Jet Pack is an audio recording called the Sexual Power Meditation worth $29.

A lot of guys I work with feel numb in parts of their body. Or if you ask them “how are you FEELING?” they don’t know how to give an authentic answer.

This audio guides you into a specific kind of relaxation and self-massage that will bring you alive from head to toe. And when you’re turned on like that, your woman will definitely feel it!

Listen to this audio before you begin the main program because it paves the way for the ME Breath like nothing else.

Another element of the Jet Pack is called The Streaming Technique worth $59.

You ’know, once you start moving your turn-on from your genitals throughout your body with the ME Breath, you start to notice where the energy doesn’t want to go. Those spots -- like in your throat, around your heart, in your belly or hips -- are traumas that are held in the body. They occur because of injuries, or surgeries, or even shame that you experienced when you were younger.


The Streaming Process is incredibly powerful at dissolving those stuck places in your body. In this video you see how to physically SHAKE your body three very specific different ways. It also includes original music that you can play during your own streaming practice.

You’ll be amazed at the positive change you’re gonna feel after you’ve done the Streaming practice for even a few days. And your woman will feel the difference, too.

I know that you may not have ever gotten the kind of affection and loving that you deserve. When you shake your body free and easy, you are suddenly be more approachable, more touchable, more responsive to your woman. She’s going to want you to hug and hold her, to sit on your lap and kiss you, she’s going to be pulled closer to you. You’ll go from being tight to loose and approachable.

And for guys who haven’t gotten any sex advice from their dads or brothers, or anyone ever explaining the kind of depth of sexual knowledge you’re getting today…There is an awesome support network that comes with your order today we decided to make as a SPECIAL ONE TIME OFFER during this sale.

Join A League Of Casanovas And Students Of The Art Of Sex!

It’s called The Sexual Mastery Inner Circle worth $360 annually, and included as a very special bonus with your order today.

The Inner Circle is a private, online forum where hundreds of other guys on this multi-orgasmic journey hang out and discuss their progress, ask for help, share their issues, and support each other.

It’s private in that it’s by invitation only and you must be a customer of Multi-Orgasmic Lover.

The guys in this group are on a path to have the best sex they can in their lives.They are the top 1% of all men. It’s like a “virtual men’s group,” which is great if you’ve ever thought about joining a men’s group but haven’t known how, or maybe one isn’t available in your town.

The Sexual Mastery Inner Circle is a safe place to share your experiences. The support in this group is really amazing. Lots of guys who have completed the program are there to help you, and I do my best to answer questions as well.

We talked about what we thought would be the best way to support guys just starting out in the program, and offering a membership in the Inner Circle was what we came up with.

Normally, access to this program is a membership fee of $30 per month or $360 annually.  But when you place your order today for the Multi-Orgasmic Lover aka “MOL” program, you will be personally invited to participate in the Sexual Mastery Inner Circle at no charge.

This is the only way to get access to a private forum with Jim and the other guys on this journey of sexual healing and expansion.

“Multi-orgasmic men are the most exciting lovers I know!”

If you can get hard watching porn, you can resolve your erectile dysfunction once and for all. There’s nothing biologically wrong with you. This e-book cuts right to the heart of one of the main reasons guys experience erectile dysfunction -- and tells you exactly what you can do about it.

Fast way to end erectile struggles:

  • the solution is simple
  • it’s easy to implement
  • it’s highly effective
  • it works whether you’re just hooking up or you’re in a long-term relationship
  • it ends the embarrassment of not being able to perform in bed

The NO B.S. Guide to Erectile Dysfunction is what some companies sell stand-alone for $67-$97 dollars! It’s included as a bonus for you today with your order.

And there’s one final piece of this Jet Pack ― an element that wraps it all up ― called Integrating This Program, worth $29.

So several guys asked me when I first created this program, “Jim, these self-pleasuring practices you’re teaching me are great, but how can I get my woman in on the action?”

So I made this audio recording — not only to help you tie all of your practices together — but I coach you in the ideal way of bringing these powerful solo sex practices into life-changing lovemaking with a partner.

This can be a total game-changer. It’s where I coach you on how to coach her to turn you on!

Many guys find that the step-by-step roadmap I provide in this audio is one of the most valuable pieces of the program. And couples who want to do the program together will love how I set you up for success here!

The Jet Pack Accelerator includes 5 unique concepts plus the camaraderie of the Sexual Mastery Inner Circle, a $535 value, yours today with your order.

“BONUS #2: Surprise Women With A Different Kind Of Orgasm She Hasn’t Had Yet!”

This next section of bonuses is called the Wild At Heart Bonus Pack and it’s worth $323.

This Bonus Pack includes the Heartgasm video, where I teach you how to take the ME Breath into your heart.

image34For a lot of guys, this package completely changes the way they experience sex. And it can happen quickly!

It’s the Heart and Sex audio plus the HeartGasm video.

The second part of the Wild at Heart Bonuses is something we call the Wild Animal 5-Pack

Here’s where we take the ME Breath to its maximum. You’re image35basically using it to bypass your rational mind and open to entirely new realms of pleasure. This is the ultimate merging with your partner.The 5-Pack includes three videos and two audios.

  1. Your Wild Animal
  2. The Upper Limit of Surrender
  3. Crazy Throat
  4. Key Sound
  5. Braingasm

For you guys who are “strategizers” in your lovemaking…. If you’re focused on giving her an orgasm, or planning what’s next, then you’re still “in your head.” Two of the videos in this package move you from that headspace into contact with your primal, vocal self.

The other video teaches you how to use the ME Breath to achieve a braingasm.  

When you start experiencing Braingasms, you’re entering the realm of what is called, “transcendent sex” or achieving “rapture”... and it’s all based on the ME Breath.

I guarantee your woman will feel the difference in the bedroom once you start letting go and become more spontaneous and primal. Suddenly, both the quality and quantity of sex goes WAY UP for you!

Again, you get the Wild At Heart Bonus Pack and it’s worth $323.

“BONUS #3: Two More Techniques That Make Her P.O.P. (Pass Out from Pleasure)!!!”

The next bonus with your order today during our 57% off sale is the Energy Cock and Chi Breath techniques.

Have you ever been so turned on by someone that you can feel them across the room?

Have you ever been shaking with desire where you could feel your heart pounding and hear the blood thrumming in your ears?

This is “sexual energy.” And you can cultivate and harness this energy and SHOOT it out of your dick and into your woman from across the room and have it be so powerful, she feels it.

You can “energetically do her” from across the table at a restaurant.

And when use use this technique while you’re making love, you can FILL HER UP with your energy cock.

And here’s perhaps our BEST BONUS for placing your order today.

energy cockOK, the ME Breath has been focusing all about ….ME. Or, you. But what about moving sexual energy to your partner?

The Energy Cock technique is something that will absolutely separate you from other lovers.

Instead of focusing on bringing energy UP your body, you move your energy into your partner in a specific way that will have her feel filled up by you in an unbelievably pleasurable way.

This technique is great for guys with all penis sizes, but average or smaller-than-average guys will really notice the difference. And your woman will ABSOLUTELY notice the difference! She will be filled by you in a way that even a guy with a huge cock cannot reach her.

Because of that, the nickname for Energy Cock is “The Equalizer.”

And because it’s something you do while you’re penetrating her, it completely trumps all of the clitoral strokes, G-Spot techniques, A-spot probing, Deep spot touching techniques. (Did I miss a spot there?)

Also, if she’s a more conservative, shy or inexperienced lover, you will be filling her energetically with enormous amounts of turn-on. Energy Cock can cause her natural lust to spill out, and perhaps for the first time in her life, she will feel completely pleasured.

“All it took was lasting long enough to finally unleash her wild side.”

Now let’s talk about Chi Energy Generation… If you are a guy who has challenges getting hard, this bonus video called The Chi Breath shows you how to bring energy into your genitals to build stronger, longer-lasting erections. So far we’ve been explaining how you bring the energy UP your body using the ME Breath. The CHI Breath is a variation of the ME Breath that carries power DOWN your body. “Chi” means “energy”, and the Chi Breath brings drives life force to your penis. It’s the best natural erection enhancement I’ve found and I'm including it as a bonus for you today with a total value for Energy Cock and Chi Breath at $118.

“BONUS #4: A Special Gift For
You And Your Lady’s “Wilder, Wilder Side”...

And there is just one more bonus for you… one that is VERY IMPORTANT to many men…

We call this bonus The Backyard Bundle.

This $147 bonus to enjoy the pleasures of the prostate during sex. We break it down for you in this bonus so you can have the experience of doubling or tripling the amount of sex energy and pleasure in your body.

Some guys who start the Multi-Orgasmic Lover program will say, “I’m not feeling anything.”

There are a lot of reasons that might be the case, but this particular bonus is like OVERDRIVE for the ME Breath. Based on anecdotal evidence from guys who tell me about the program, this bonus doubles or triples the power of the ME Breath, giving you more intense non-ejaculatory orgasms. When you’re inside your woman, that doubles or triples the intensity for her. WOW! The ass and the prostate have been a long-neglected source of pleasure for men. These videos give you the experience of truly multiplying the amount of sex energy and pleasure in your body.

Again, feedback from many guys who’ve gone through the program is that this bundle was one of the keys to get them to become multi-orgasmic.

 $1,573 in value, just $197, 3 payments of $69.97 or six months to pay interest free on PayPal credit if you qualify.

Here’s Why Multi-Orgasmic Lover Is Different...
  • The only body-based technique for both stamina and giving women penetration orgasms.
  • Throw out those pills, numbing creams and let go of “sex cheats” that distract you from giving her your full presence.
  • Thousands of men possess this sex skill that puts them light years ahead of their competition.
  • Inspires her devotion to you as her best lover ever.
  • Jim Benson is an international Tantra teacher trainer. He trains the teachers! He leads a men’s group. He teaches these techniques in workshops. And now you can learn the 3 steps at home, from anywhere in the world.
  • Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men comes with a workbook to track your achievements.
  • Backed by Personal Life Media, a team dedicated to discreetly helping men become better lovers for over a decade.
Have A Question? We Have Answers!

Our Customer Care Team provides 10 or more hours of support each day, so you may get an instant answer or we will get back to you and honor this sale price because you’ve asked us a question.

Send an email to [email protected] if you need us to hold a copy at this 57% Sale price until payday.  

We also accept money orders and checks which you can arrange by sending an email to [email protected]

Basically, just let us know what you need and we will endeavor to support you.


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60-Day No Risk Guarantee

The Multi-Orgasmic Lover system is backed by an iron clad 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.  

Try it for two months. If for any reason you want to return this program within 60 days, contact us at [email protected] for a full refund with a smile and a thank you for trying it.



“I don’t hide my agenda now. That turns her on. I used to think I had to start banging her, now there’s more playtime, more foreplay… that was a big nugget I took out of your workshop.”

“We hooked up and it was terrible sex. But once I started diving into the “ME Breath” she had a couple orgasms and I became incredibly confident.”


“You feel sex as energy and have tools to feel orgasmic in all parts of your body.”

"Knowing this technique carries us both to a place that’s timeless, spaceless… it’s vast and magnificent… it’s soul-satisfying and it honestly blows her mind and my mind.”

Matt & Camery

"Sex isn’t like, I’m going fishing today, I hope I catch a fish. Now it’s like, They’re jumping in the boat!”

“You connect with yourself like you never had before.”

"When the energy flows freely between a multi-orgasmic couple, it’s effortless. You just roll all your orgasms together — you share them — it’s just flowing together.”

Matt & Camery

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