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Dear Friend,

Who doesn’t want a partner by their side who adores and respects them completely?

Maybe you are still searching for that one special person? That lover who makes your heart, mind, and body feel electric every day?

Or maybe you’re with someone who used to be the one, but now you wonder if you made a terrible mistake?

Then read on because you’re moments away from a relationship that only gets hotter and more intimate as time goes by…

Ready to quickly build the deepest, sexiest, and most satisfying relationship of anybody you know?

There’s only one thing that stops you from creating that perfect romance you dream about.

This one secret transports you into a world filled with unhinged love and passion.

It’s not luck. And it isn’t even remotely difficult to achieve.

But this one thing is one of life’s most difficult questions:

“Would I stay in a relationship if I couldn’t have _____?”

Millions of people don’t know the answer to what will make them happy. The mystery leads to millions of sour marriages and billions of broken hearts. My husband and I were almost a statistic too. Until...

So where does this push-button romance solution come from?

Confession: My Husband and I Had to Almost Get Divorced for Me to Create Relationship Magic

Allow me to officially introduce myself. My name is Susan Bratton, and I have been called, “the world’s happy relationship expert.” I went through tremendous pain to be here with you now.

You don't have to be married -- this push-button solution is equally excellent for dates.

My husband, Tim, and I have been married for 23 years, but 11 years in, our marriage was on its deathbed. As friend after friend got divorced, we were tormented and emotionally shattered ourselves…inches away from splitting up too.

I still believed in love. Tim still believed in love.

But intention wasn’t good enough.

As if starting over at 45 wasn’t enough to fill us with dread, we were more panicked about ruining our little girl’s childhood.

So we went to personal growth events, did couples’ exercises, and spent a fortune on marriage counselors to re-spark the fire.

Then Tim said one thing that changed our relationship forever…

“I wish I had a cheat sheet to figure you out !”

Lightning struck. That was it.

9Suddenly, I became clear on what we had to do. That’s when I went to work on Relationship Magic, and once Tim and I answered the one magic question about ourselves…

Every day since has been filled with pure love and dedication to one another.

I only had to uncover what it was I needed. And Tim needed to KNOW exactly what to do to make me unbelievably happy and in love with him.

Neither one of us could believe it. Taking a few minutes of time has resulted in a bulletproof love that grows stronger every minute.

But we came so close to earning our membership in the broken hearts’ club. Tim and I came within inches of becoming cohabitants instead of lovers.

You know the drill…

Instead of a lover, you get a glorified roommate. You spend lonely nights, wanting to curl up in a ball.

Instead of a life partner, your mate ends up as someone you split bills with. Your cold relationship makes you feel empty, always needing more, but never ever finding it.

You continue the same dull conversations, and you feel guilty for being so bored with a person you’re supposed to adore.

You just want a soulmate, but the bond you once shared withers away. You’d sooner yank your hair out than continue down this path.

You deserve to stay madly, deeply, passionately in love for decades.

But if your partner doesn’t meet your needs…

Or you can’t meet anyone worth dating…

Do this.

Discover the Previously Unrevealed Values That Give Both of You Pure Satisfaction

That’s what my husband and I did, and now I can’t keep my hands off him, even though we’ve been wearing these wedding bands for 23 years.

I still think Tim is the sexiest, sweetest, most handsome man who ever walked...

Now your secret romance code will likely be different from my husband’s and mine, but here’s what made the huge shift in feeling complete love, support, and acceptance in our marriage.

Tim’s #1 need was passion. Mine was security.

For Tim, passion was as much about affection as it was about making love.

He wanted me to sit on his lap (I love it!), give him fly-by hugs and grabs, and dress up in sexy outfits for him. That was easy and fun; I just didn’t know he cared so much about touch and affection.

I wanted security. For me, that meant handling the finances, making sure I had great health care, and getting my car door for me.

Once you prioritize your top needs, and then give your partner examples of what to do, it’s pretty darn effortless to become the most amazing love of their life!

That’s why I made a list of 23 Relationship Values, and put them in a downloadable workbook you can have in the next three minutes.

You’re about to experience the
push-button answer
to one of life’s most difficult questions…

“How Can I Create the Level of Passion and Enthusiasm for Love That Keeps Me Permanently Happy?”

What if you could avoid a broken heart?

That may seem impossible, but not with Relationship Magic. Your relationship won’t add to the ever-growing breakup record books.

According to Psychology Today, 73% of marriages end with a shattered heart. It’s a vicious rinse-and-repeat cycle.

And if love doesn’t end with signed divorce papers…

There are millions and millions of couples that endure sexless nights, endless fights, and bottomless frustration.

Here is the simple but powerful way to create a relationship that grows more intimate.

It’s as easy as knowing your and your partner’s Relationship Values...

Tell the truth: have you ever uttered these words?

“I just don’t get what the $%*! my partner wants!”

What if you could just give your partner a checklist of the things you most want, need, and desire?

Everybody has their list.

Yours is as unique as a snowflake.

Without mind-reading superpowers, how can you know all the right moves to make?

It only takes 10 minutes and answering one magic question to quickly develop deep love, hot sex, and dedication in your relationship.

Right Now: Uncover the Truth About What Your Relationship Needs to Stay Hot!

Introducing Relationship Magic…a downloadable workbook that gives you a list of 23 different values. This gets you your custom list of priorities fast.

  • The top four things you require NOW to enjoy a sustainable, spicy relationship.
  • The cheat sheet that makes your partner deliriously happy.
  • The secret truth about how to make your unique romance exciting.

Ready to KNOW what your unique Relationship Values are?


Make Your Partner’s Palms Sweat, Heart Flutter and Knees Tremble...Starting Tonight!

Within the first 10 minutes of Relationship Magic, you’ll experience powerful results. You’ll have a desire for a long-lasting, fiery romance that lasts a lifetime.

How do you create that relationship without Relationship Magic?

This book gives you everything you need to make it happen. Download the book, and you’ll see over 23 Relationship Values that you two will select.

When you have Relationship Values in front of you, love becomes seamless. You’ll notice a nearly immediate shift in how you take care of each other.

Call it a love-hack. In fact, you’ll be stunned once the major shift happens. You’ll change the way you approach relationships forever.

This is the only book available today that reveals what it takes for you to be happy.
To be honest, this “cheat sheet” took years to perfect. And it’s what Tim and I use to this day.

And we want every lover to experience the same level of intimacy, support, and excitement we share.

With a list of 23 Relationship Values at your fingertips, it’s easy to let your partner know what’s important.

It only takes a few minutes and a few dollars to create unbridled love. And for the first time ever, we’re introducing Relationship Magic as a stand-alone, instantly downloadable workbook.

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Discover How to Snuggle on the Couch Every Night, Giggle at Each Other’s Jokes, and Get the Sheets Sweaty 2-3 Times a Week…

Let’s face it: you don’t know what you don’t know.

And not knowing your partner’s Relationship Values may lead you to throwing out 6 months of dating or even 6 years of marriage.

Imagine what your current or future relationship would look like if you…

  • Understand the way your partner’s mind works.
  • Know what you want in a relationship.
  • Appear as the perfect person in your partner’s eyes.
  • Live your life with a romantic partnership that never falls victim to pointless arguments, anger, or frustration.

Here is the Real Proof That You Will Experience the Most Passionate and Loving Relationship That Lasts for Decades…

I Did Because My Parents Did

The only reason I stayed with my wife was for the kids and because my parents stayed together, even though they never really got along.

But I’m so glad that I stayed with her, not because it was the right thing to do, but because now that I understand what she needs, I can give it to her. After 24 years it’s like we’re newlyweds again.

- Dave P., Fort Collins, CO

He Wasn’t What I Thought I Was Looking For

Relationship Magic made me realize something about myself that I never knew before. I always looked for men who gave me the freedom to do what I wanted.

Free reign wasn’t what I actually needed. But because I believed that about myself, a dozen promising relationships disintegrated.

Now I have a sweetheart who understands all my romantic needs and desires and loves to give them to me. I ended up marrying the most amazing guy. He wasn’t what I expected, but he is what I really always wanted.

- Ariana B., Woods Hole, RI

I’m Her Ideal Guy for a Very Unique Reason

I ain’t no James Bond. I’ve never been handsome in a traditional way. I’m that 5’ 6” guy who looks like your plumber. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to find a woman who thinks I am sexy.

For the last six months, I’ve been seeing that girl I’ve always dreamed about. Because I know what she wants, and give it to her, she falls deeper in love with me every day.

- Avery K., Round Rock, TX

She Let Me Know By Cheating On Me

Susan, my wife cheated on me and I came to you and you told me that this could be an opportunity to turn things around. You told me to put my anger to the side and grab my Relationship Values page and go over it with her and re-define our relationship.

And that was a year ago. We are still together and going strong a year later. Your advice worked. Your program works. Although it's not cool for anyone to cheat, sometimes people talk the loudest with their actions (because the haven't been taught to use their words).

My wife let me know by her cheating that she was not happy and what we both needed to do to get what we both needed from each other to be happy. Sure I wish she would have just told me instead of screwing the first guy that winked at her, but she realized that that was not what she wanted.

What she wanted was for us to be happy and your program started working when we got serious about making our 24yr marriage work.

Thanks Susan! Keep doing what you're doing!

- Ken

“Why Is It Only $9.95?”

We’re offering the complete Relationship Magic workbook to you for only $9.95 because:

1.  For the first time ever, Tim and I are putting out the one golden piece of info that has the most powerfully transforming effect of anything in our entire range of relationship programs.

2.  You have a human right to love and be loved. You deserve your dream romance, no matter what has happened in the past.

3.  It won’t be only $9.95 for long. The practically give-it-away cost won’t last forever.

Our Ideal Relationship Guarantee(s)

Guarantee #1: If for any reason you think Relationship Magic isn’t the best $9.95 you’ve ever spent, just email our Customer Care Team who will quickly and kindly process your refund immediately.

Guarantee #2: If you actually take 10 minutes with Relationship Magic, and you don’t experience a transformed relationship, we’ll refund your money. All we ask is that you put in 10 minutes of effort.

Fair enough?

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And once we can’t offer that level of one-on-one care anymore, we’ll raise the price when demand gets too high.

Full Disclosure: You’ll Find Out
Who You Really Are...And You’ll Know How to Make Your Partner Truly Happy

If you’re looking to change everything about yourself, Relationship Magic isn’t the answer.

You won’t live a lie or make compromises.

Having said that, it’s crucial to stress one important warning…

This “relationship cheat sheet” works really, really, really well.

Please, don’t toy with people’s emotions. Relationship Magic is about love, not manipulation.

In fact there are a few factors that tell you whether or not this book works for you. Relationship Magic is the completely wrong choice if…

red-arrowYou'll use this to make anyone fall in love with you without intention of loving them back.



You are playing the field and are not looking for THE ONE.


 red-arrowYou are planning on leaving your partner and want to break their heart.

But if that’s NOT you, Relationship Magic is the one-stop guide to creating a beautiful romance.

For only $9.95, you can have the love you deserve and avoid the arguments, the therapy bills, and the dreaded frigid bed.

Not knowing the answer to this one question is the only thing standing between you and the most satisfying relationship you’ve always wanted.

With Love,

sign suz

Creator of Relationship Magic


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P.S. Get ready to have your friends ask you, “How did you get so lucky?”

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