“Her Best Orgasm Yet”

It’s astonishing how many ways women bring themselves to orgasm.

And it’s not all by finger play and toys.

You can get highly creative. Basically anything you can think of that makes you happy, gets you relaxed, turned on, or both can bring you closer to orgasm.

Women have orgasms from dancing, meditation, sensual massage and more.

They can even mix and match these with good ol’ genital stimulation techniques for an even more thrilling ride.

Still, many women say their #1biggest sexual issue is struggling to achieve orgasm.

If they could just SEE how other women get off, they’d have a much easier time themselves. And I’m going to tell you how you can watch other women masturbate in a way that is sensitive, respectful, and inspiring. But you’re going to have to wait for a minute for that.

Let’s get you a female self-pleasuring technique you can use right now to come or come better than you ever had before.

This technique uses the sexual energy of your breath to fan the flames of your desire.

Here’s A Free Masturbation Technique For You

Guys, you can hold your lady while she’s doing this for an even sexier time.

Ladies, try this out tonight.

It’s a wonderful self-pleasuring sequence of body movements that lead to relaxation and waves and waves of sensual pleasure.

Start By Awakening Your Body



This can be done by stretching, dancing or shaking.

Begin by shaking one hand, release any tension stored in your body. Allow the shaking to spread throughout the body.

Shaking both hands, into the shoulders. Shake out any area where you are specially tense. Let your hips move.

When you awaken your body you allow increase in circulation thus increase in sensation.

After awakening, take some time to notice how your body feels.

You may feel tingling or heat.

Notice your breath, don't attempt to change it. Then shift your attention to your body.

Lie On Your Back, With Your Feet
On The Bed, Knees Facing The Ceiling

Begin to build  arousal by contracting and relaxing the muscles of the perineum.

Contract and relax to get familiar with these muscles.

Inhale to contract and exhale to relax.

Begin To Move The Pelvis By Thrusting
On The Inhale And Releasing On The Exhale

Female-Self-Pleasuring-Stills-1BREATH IS THE OXYGEN FOR YOUR FIRE

As you exhale allow yourself to make sound.

Take a deep breathe in, contract the muscles at the base of your body.

Hold the breathe, drop your chin. Continue to hold.

Lift the chin, take a sniff of air.

Exhale as you release the contraction. Repeat twice.

Rest Your Right Hand On Your Heart,
And Your Left Hand Below Your Navel


The full version of this technique goes on even longer.

And I’ll tell you how you can finish yourself off with the whole method.

However, if you followed along, this first part should have already done its job of relaxing your entire body and opening up your pleasure receptors for more sensual bliss.

Imagine this…

You’re at home watching a beautiful woman pleasure herself leading up to nirvana-like states of ecstasy.

It’s not raunchy, fake and crass like porn…

But more like a sensual, sensitive, respectful and high-class educational film.

Imagine if you could watch three different women masturbating. What you would see is that every women gets herself off completely differently.

What ideas could you get if you could watch different women giving themselves orgasms?


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