Every time you make love something new happens that has never happened before…


Missionary position and “doing it doggie-style” have never been this HOT!

The #1 reason couples lose that passionate, tear-off-your-clothes desire for each other is boredom. And typically, it’s the woman who gets bored first.

Equally, singles who never hear from that date they slept with desperately need these sex position stimulators.

That’s why it’s so important to keep upping your game in the bedroom. With great skills you can make an indelible impression on even a brand-new lover.

See, women love sex just as much as men. And while both genders like variety, women NEED variety or they lose interest.

It’s GREAT to try new positions, but you can also put a new spin on your old favorites and make them hotter-than-hot (without a lot of gymnastics).

That’s why I want you to have these four “sex position stimulators:”

  • Missionary Ring
  • “V” Fingers
  • Lusty Legs
  • Intimacy Injection

Each of these techniques can be dovetailed into whatever kind of sex you’re having right now to make it sizzle.

These techniques come right out of my Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection. With over 200 “kama sutra-style” lovemaking skills what’s on this page is merely the tip of the iceberg.

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For most couples, sex begins a slow decline by the end of their first year together. Their sex life isn’t quite so hot and they start slipping toward the dreaded “sexless marriage.”

Singles often have a lot of insecurities around sleeping with new partners. Knowing techniques massively improves your sexual self-confidence.

The way to prevent or reverse that trend is to learn new lovemaking techniques and build your sexual skills together. The result is more intimacy, more passion, more pleasure, and MORE ORGASMS.

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Quadruple Your Pleasure

When each breath you take is accompanied by light finger strokes down your partner’s neck, shoulders, back and legs…

When you transition seamlessly from tender strokes to ardent squeezing…

When you incorporate breast play and suck her nipples just the way she wants it…

When a woman discovers how much more she can do so than “hang on for the ride” and make her lover harder than he’s ever been before…

When you lovingly slide your fingers and palms down the back of your lover’s head, neck, shoulders and arms…

When you massage his chest, slowly move down his thighs and legs, run your hands back up his body…

When you thrust your hips to match his strokes…

These new twists on your go-to positions you can take each other to places you’ve never been before.

Leave Your Partner Breathless Even In Plain Old Missionary Position

In this “tutorial” we’ll focus on increasing the pleasure potential of the classic Missionary Position.

Missionary is a position of comfort and relaxation. You’re face-to-face gazing into each other’s eyes. Kissing during the act is natural and easy in this position. With the man on top, the woman’s hands are free. She can massage her partner during intercourse… AND she can use her free hands to pleasure herself.

This “comes in handy” (pun intended) as you’ll see below.

Missionary is a go-to position for most lovers that doesn’t need to become ho-hum when you use the four sex position stimulators.

The Key Is To Add Variety So Even Everyday Positions Like Missionary Stay Exciting.

NOTE: You will see couples doing all of these techniques in the Steamy Sex Ed® Collection.

Sex Position Stimulator #1:

Missionary Ring

This is advanced foreplay women love. It goes like this…

If you’re the woman, form a ring with your thumb and index finger towards the base of your lover’s penis. Then push towards his body so the skin of the shaft is taut.

Hold his penis firmly and swirl it around your vulva in any way that pleases you. Swipe it across your clitoral hood. Tap and rub the head of his penis on your vestibular bulbs (your labia majora, where the pubic hair is on each side of your vulva).

This will get your juices flowing before he enters you. Playing with his penis on the outside of your va-jay-jay will make her more receptive.

Keep your hand in this position as he penetrates you.

This technique exposes more nerve endings in the penis and will heighten his pleasure immensely, especially if he enters you slowly.

You can also use your other hand to massage or stroke his chest, face, neck and other parts of his body or yours.

Sex Position Stimulator #2:

“V” Fingers

This is an easy way to up the pleasure for both of you in almost any position.

She forms a V with her index and forefinger like making the Peace sign.

Then she points her fingers toward his feet and presses the “V” onto her mons pubis with one finger on each side of her clitoris.

Next, she pulls up to unveil the head of the clitoris and releases. She repeats to the rhythm of her partner’s thrusts.

This increases the pleasure for her and her lover, as the V Fingers technique puts pressure on the man’s penis as he penetrates her.

Sex Position Stimulator #3:

Lusty Legs

This advanced sexual skill changes the “feel” of intercourse, making it more exciting for both of you.

If you’re the guy, move into a kneeling position or put her at the edge of the bed. Stand up between her legs so that your hands can be free.

Take your time entering her. Use the first two skills to plump up the erectile tissue in her genitals before penetration.

Once you’re inside, hold up your partner’s ankles, open her legs wide and close them straight up.

You can also move one of her legs at a time.

“Just yesterday, my man lifted one of my legs up onto his shoulder. Just that simple change in angle made me come right then.”

Moving her legs around while making love face-to-face changes the angle of your penis inside her vagina. This allows your penis to stroke the sides, top and bottom of the vaginal canal from different angles.

That means both her urethral sponge (G-Spot and A-Spot) and perineal sponge get stimulated. Stroking the sides of her vaginal canal with your penis also stimulates the legs of her clitoral structure and her nerves.

Moving her legs around during intercourse is very beneficial because doing so massages the tendons and muscles of her pelvic cavity, thus relaxing and bringing whole new levels of sensation for both of you.

PLUS, by actively moving her around, you essentially “take her” physically. By taking the lead in this way, the masculine-feminine polarity gets amped up. That allows her to surrender more deeply into her femininity.

Sex Position Stimulator #4:

Intimacy Injection

This technique is all about pure presence, which increases your connection by bringing you into the moment.

Resting her legs on the bed or mat, the man moves in closer so his chest is touching hers.

He feels into his heart and beams his love into hers, giving her the emotional connection she needs to surrender and make love with complete abandon.

He will need to lean on his elbows so that his hands are free to caress her face and look into her eyes. Remember that the lips, nostrils and ears are erogenous zones.

Take a moment to whisper sweet sentiments to each other and express your appreciation for this divine connection.

This intimacy injection technique is a great way to catch your breath in between intense lovemaking sessions.

With These Four Advanced Sexual Techniques, You Open Up A Whole New World Of Pleasure.

If you’ve gotten this far, you’re one of those people who understands that the more sexual techniques you know the better you get in bed. The better you get, the more sex you have. The more sex you have, the healthier you are. It’s a upward pleasure spiral that starts with these sex position stimulators.

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