“Here Are 4 Free Sex Position Stimulators For You.”

Boredom is the #1 reason why couples stop having passionate sex together. You have to keep upping your bedroom game with a variety of experiences that keep the spark alive. And all of these techniques can be slipstreamed into whatever kind of sex you’re getting right now.

If your'e single, that same lack of spark with a new lover is the biggest reason you don’t get a second date… these four sex position stimulators will awe and impress your next (or current) lover:

The Four Sex Position Stimulators Are:

  1. Missionary Ring
  2. “V” Fingers
  3. Leg Stimulation
  4. Intimacy Injection

Why you need this

When each breath you take is accompanied by light finger strokes down your partner’s neck, shoulders, back and legs… When your touch transitions from tender strokes to an ardent squeezing... when you incorporate breast play and nipple squeezes this variety becomes exhilarating.

Ladies, you can do so much more to give him incredible pleasure than just “hang on for the ride.”

When you lovingly slide your fingers and palms down the back of your man’s head, ears, neck, shoulders and arms… then massage his chest and stomach, then slowly move down his thighs and legs and back up his body, as you are thrusting your hips against his strokes, it takes him to places he’s never been before.Save

Learning Advanced Sex Techniques and “High Touch Positions”
Add A Whole New Dimension
To Your Mutual Pleasure

“V” Fingers and other High Touch Techniquesl 

There are tons of ways to add more pleasure and stimulation using high touch sex positions.

For starters, let’s focus on increasing the pleasure potential for the classic, “Missionary Position.”

Missionary is a position of comfort and relaxation. It’s lovely because you’re face to face and can gaze into each other’s eyes. Kissing is another reason for the popularity of this position. But because it’s a go-to position for most lovers, using these four sex position stimulators will keep missionary from feeling repetitive.

Another great thing about missionary with the man is on top is that the woman has her hands free to massage both herself and her partner during intercourse. This comes in handy, as you’ll see below.

Surprise Your Lover Tonight With These
4 Sex Position Stimulators

Missionary Ring

Guys this is an advanced style of foreplay that your lady will love. It goes like this... Ladies, form a ring with your thumb and index finger towards the base of your lover’s penis and push towards his body until the skin of the shaft is taut.

Hold his penis and swirl it around your vulva as it pleases you. Swipe it across your clitoral hood. Tap and rub the head of his penis on your vestibular bulbs (your labia majora — where the pubic hair is on each side of your vulva). Get your juices flowing before he enters you. Make your vagina open to receiving by playing with his penis a bit on the outside of your vagina.

Keep your hand in this position as he penetrates you.

This exposes more nerve endings in the penis and will heighten his pleasure immensely, especially if he penetrates slowly.

You can also use your other hand to massage or stroke his chest, face, neck and other parts of his body or yours.

“V” fingers


This is an easy way to add more intense pleasure for both of you in almost any position.

She forms a V with her index and forefinger like making the Peace sign. ✌️

Then she points her fingers toward his feet and then presses the “V” onto his mons pubis with one finger on each side of her clitoris.

Next she pulls up to unveil the head of the clitoris and then releases. She repeats to the rhythm of her partner’s thrusts

This not only adds more pleasure for her, but for her lover as well, as the V Fingers technique puts pressure on the man’s penis as he penetrates her.

Leg Stimulation

Moving her legs changes the way intercourse feels for both of you.

Men must move into a kneeling position or put her at the edge of the bed and stand up between her legs so that his hands can be free. He then holds his partner’s ankles, opens her legs wide and closes them straight up.

He can also move one of her legs at a time.

Just yesterday, my man lifted one of my legs up onto his shoulder and just that simple change in angle made me come right then.

Moving her legs around during missionary intercourse changes the angle of his penis in her vagina. This allows his penis to stroke the sides, top and bottom of the vaginal canal from different angles. That means she’s getting her urethral sponge (G-Spot and A-Spot) stimulated. She is getting her perineal sponge stimulated. And that’s erectile tissue the feels good when it’s plumped up too. And stroking the sides of her vaginal canal stimulate the legs of her clitoral structure and her nerves.

Moving her legs around during intercourse is very beneficial because doing so massages the tendons and muscles of her pelvic cavity, thus, relaxing and bringing whole new levels of sensation for both of you.

Just the mere fact that he’s moving her around during sex adds to his masculinity, which increases her femininity. That masculine feminine polarity also increases the sexiness.

Intimacy Injection

Resting her legs on the bed or mat, the man now moves closer so that his chest is touching hers. This is a moment of pure presence. Bringing his heart and his love to his desire will give her the emotional connection she longs for in lovemaking. He will need to lean on his elbows so that his hands are free to caress and massage her face and look into her eyes.

Remember that the lips, nostrils and ears are erogenous zones. Take a moment to whisper sweet sentiments to each other and express your appreciation for this divine connection. This intimacy injection technique is a great intimacy builder for catching your breath in between intense lovemaking sessions.


With these four sex stimulators firmly in hand, you open up a whole new world of sexual pleasure.  Of course, these techniques are only the tip of the iceberg...

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The more ways you know how to get your partner off. . . the more they are going to crave having heart-centered, authentic sex with you.

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Who Am I To Say All This?

My name is Susan Bratton and for more than a decade I’ve been a trusted hot sex advisor to millions of lovers who crave more passionate sexual experiences.


The #1 question women ask me is, 'How can I get my lover to take charge in the bedroom?'

Women have the same sexual drive as men.

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Women are expanding sexually and we need men who can “bring it” to us…

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Men who know how to run the bedroom game,

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who can eat our pussies until we’re moaning,

who can satisfyingly finger us,

who can find and release our G-Spots,

who know how to play with our ass, who know how to use their penis like the tool it is (not just pump in and out like an idiot).

Men who actively learn sexual techniques, have many orgasm-giving skills and know endless ways to keep sex exciting get the lion’s share of great sex.

And that means those same guys keep getting even better in bed. It builds on itself.

A guy who can move a woman from position to position…

who can give her all kinds of orgasms…

is the kind of guy women surrender to in the bedroom.

They just let GO! They scream and squirt and come like crazy.


Conversely, the #1 question men ask me is, “How do I get her to let go and let me give her incredible pleasure?

The answer is the same for both sexes and all fluid gender nuances in between...

The More Moves You Know…

The More Confidence You Have…

The More Confidence You Have

The More She Can Turn Her Nervous System Over To You…

Then You Can Take Her On An Erotic Adventure And Give Her Countless Orgasms.

The More Moves You Know ― The More
Passionate Sex You Have!

That is why I created the Steamy Sex Ed® DVD Video Collection with over 200 advanced sexual techniques with which you can delight and impress your partner.

I have found that watching and having a narration has given us the opportunity to try new things and to have a new vocabulary. As a result we can talk easily about what we are doing and what feels good. I find there is no pressure to “get it right” or to achieve a specific outcome, just to keep on experimenting and seeing what works. ― Nancy

Steamy is for singles to be ready when you get the chance to blow the socks off a new partner… and it’s for couples to watch together to keep your sex life from FLATLINING.

“I recommend Steamy Sex Ed® because this is a good program for women, even single women, to teach their lover “connected love making.” These videos are very sensual, educational, and don't feel at all like pornography.” ― Rebecca

Now, the following short video preview sampler is explicit. You will see some of the touch techniques, oral pleasuring and sex positions in this two minute reel. But it is not pornography. It is the antidote to porn.

“It's not porn. It's better.” ― Hans

Women do not want to be treated like porn stars.

“I dated this guy who wanted me to do gross stuff. I could tell everything he knew about sex he learned watching too much porn. I finally found a guy who knew how to connect to me emotionally when he made love to me like you show in the Steamy videos. So I married him.” ― Irina

When you watch the 8 videos from the privacy of your own home you’ll see these couples have touching experiences together as they are showcasing hours of erotic massage, oral pleasuring, intercourse techniques and sensual sex position demonstrations.

“Throughout the years I've seen time and time again how lacking I was at seducing and pleasing my wife during sex. She wanted me less and less over time. Though I googled how to do better, nothing I ever tried ever seemed to work, sad to say. That was until I found your Steamy Sex Ed Collection. Watching with my wife kickstarted our sexlife again.” ― Matt

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Steamy Sex Ed is a collection of 8 videos or DVDs of beautiful couples demonstrating new sexual techniques that are a total turn on.

Watch it and suddenly, you feel as if you're inside one of those "Fifty Shades" novels.

You crave each other — and can’t wait another second to get inside.

“I love how classy and sensual the videos are. We watch them together and then play the " do you like A or B" game from the ideas we have seen. After 8 months the videos continue to be a source of inspiration!” ― Linda

Truth is, it doesn’t matter what you or your bank account looks like. If you are THAT guy who knows how to rhythmically move your body with hers, we can't resist masterful lovemaking.

If you’re a hot piece of ass in the bedroom, you’re the one that is wanted, desired, fantasized about.

Plus this video collection is loaded to bursting with enough sophisticated techniques to satisfy even the most masterful lover.

The thing about sex techniques is, no matter what level you reach, you can always slide further up the pleasure escalator. So why stop getting better now?


"I finally know what you mean by “variety.” My fingers and tongue dance from stroke to stroke now. I used to think you meant sex positions, but after watching, now I get it… and I give it.” — Neil from Seattle


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“I've learned a lot about touch and stroke techniques but the connection and slowing down the arousal phase have become very rewarding for Lindsey which in turn has been rewarding for me. It gives me great pleasure knowing that I'm taking her to new orgasmic planes. We really love the oral DVD's.” ― Jacob

The Steamy Sex Ed Collection of 8 masterful videos was designed for you to enjoy together to create a highly erotic charge between the two of you or to watch in preparation for your next lover.

“I was excited to find that the modules were all presented by Jaiya who made everything informative; easy to watch and understand; unhurried and totally sensual.” ― Deborah

You can listen with the narration ON. You can watch while listening to just the music track. Or you can listen to your own music as you watch and follow along while trying the techniques on each other.

Watch this even more explicit selection from Steamy Sex Ed®:

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“The beautiful Jaiya somehow manages to create something radically better, powerfully erotic and explicit without being raunchy. The DVDs are instructional... but still gorgeous to look at and completely sumptuous. It is art... but does not fall so deeply into pretension that it loses that powerful undercurrent of erotic. In short, this collection is the best erotic video series ever made. It sets a new standard. And I hope that others try to match it.”

- Alex Allman, Author of Revolutionary Sex: How To Give A Woman The Mind Blowing Experience She's Always Dreamed Of

What's In The Steamy Sex Ed Video Collection?

  • Volume 1: Erogenous Zones and Orgasmic Massage

    • 100 orgasmic massage strokes you can use to trigger mind-blowing sensation from his earlobes to her toes… (REMEMBER: Lovemaking starts at foreplay, and sometimes even before that!)
    • PLUS! Over 50 ways to stroke, squeeze and please your lover in ways you’ve never seen being done before…
    • Discover NEW and exciting techniques to fully receive nirvana-esque pleasure through rhythmic body movements and breathing… (And how to add heightened erotic touch and presence during lovemaking)
  • Volume 2: Erotic Touch for Sexual Positions

    • Advanced missionary is just the beginning. Here’s how to make it steamier and sexier than ever! (PLUS! Here are 9 other erotic sexual positions that allow you and your lover a greater freedom for exploration.)
    • Double, even TRIPLE the pleasure potential just by adding these “high-touch” erotic flourishes as you make love to your partner… (For him, it will be a whole new experience he’s never felt in his life… And for her, it will draw her closer to more and more orgasms almost instantly!)
    • Over 30 tantalizing high-touch techniques incorporated throughout 10 different sex positions that enhance TOTAL body arousal and strengthen your intimate connection…

“Surprised my partner and were very keen to try things right away. Had already discovered I can squirt, but the oral sex/organismic massage is wonderful and actually very sensual & intimate. Would never have tried this 20 years ago, didn't realise sex could be this good!” ― Corynne

“I would recommend Steamy Sex Ed, for one there a lot of fun to do with your lover, fun and exciting. It teaches you about each others body, ways to do certain moves to enhance his/her pleasure.” ― Brendan

  • Volume 3: Genital Massage for Men

    • Imagine him writhing beneath the power of your touch and feeling more connected to you than ever before. (This DVD shows you how to set him and his manhood up for some intense lovemaking!)
    • Over 20 touch techniques and hand movements that will take him into a prolonged state of arousal and into orgasmic, nirvana-state pleasure he never knew possible. (WARNING: These techniques are not meant to be static! Your man will be moving, shaking, moaning and even on the brink of explosion as you’re doing even just ONE of these techniques!)
    • One hot touch technique you can use to give your man MORE lasting power! (This delays his orgasm without making it awkward or painful unlike other delaying tactics do…)
  • Volume 4: Genital Massage for Women

    • By far the most detailed and respectful roadmap for pleasuring and massaging her genitals inside and out. Truly breathtaking for women as foreplay, or even just as a “lover’s gift”… (Remember, the more engorged she gets, the more pleasure she’s going to feel during sex!)
    • Discover new, highly-sensitive pleasure zones you never knew, and then stroke, rub and knead them in an exquisitely gentle manner… (There are some spots that can only be touched and pleasured a certain way! Do it the wrong way and it won’t work…)
    • One incredibly pleasure-pulsing stroke technique that hits the 3 highly-erogenous zones… (This will surely get her panting for a night of breathless lovemaking!)


““We learned from Steamy Sex Ed how glorious and profoundly intimate the genital touching is - to the extent that it transforms sex into something magical that transcends just the physical aspect of it.” ― Ming-húa!

  • Volume 5: Exquisite Anal Massage

    • This educational film has a magically respectful way of helping you both feel more comfortable accessing this highly erogenous area… (This sensitive zone rarely gets any loving despite being ONE of the most notable pleasure spots in the human body!)
    • 10 non-invasive anal massage strokes done in a manner that dispels shame and increases comfort, body awareness and pleasure… (PLUS! A finale technique that many men have said leads to their most explosive orgasm ever!)
    • 10 soothing, pleasuring-pulsing anal massage strokes for her, one of which also stimulates the G-spot in a rather creative way that she’s never been touched before… (Do this to her and she’ll look at you as the BOMB!)
  • Volume 6: Blow Each Other Away

    • Discover both male and female hot spots and the techniques that can stimulate as many as five locations simultaneously. (From start to finish, this DVD covers everything for a complete erotic roadmap for Oral Lovemaking…)
    • Tips and techniques you can’t learn from crappy porn on how to stay connected and intimate during oral lovemaking… (PLUS! A side-by-side comparison of two couples doing these techniques… one doing it slow and sensual, the other couple doing it playful and spicy!)
    • Over 30 oral sex techniques that incorporate kissing, licking, stroking and a ton more creative ideas you’ll never see anywhere else… (This DVD is packed full of the most out-of-the-box oral action!)


“Purchased Steamy Sex as looking for good information on sex/love. My wife has awoken sexually as a lover and we share an incredibly fulfilling bond, both in and out of the bedroom.”
― Lance, Perth

  • Volume 7: Orgasmic Cunnilingus and Fellatio

    • 20 advanced oral sex techniques that are meant to drive your lover crazy, teetering on the edge of orgasm and then finally reaching a truly authentic, body-shaking climax…
    • 10 tantalizing analingus techniques for him and her. Perfect for when you’re feeling a little kinky… (Take turns pleasuring each other in one of the most undervalued forms of pleasure-giving!)
  • Volume 8: Sexual Positions for Oral Lovemaking

    • 20 sex positions for oral lovemaking that will have you and your lover intertwining and interconnected as you switch from one position to the next… (You’ll both lose track where you end and your lover begins!)
    • Discover which specific positions are most comfortable for oral delight, extended pleasure-receiving, and mutual bliss… (Some are best for sliding him deep inside and yet others are best for ravishing her into rapture!)


“I bought this package to enhance my wife and I's love making. I strive to be the best husband and lover for my wife. Throughout the years I've seen time and time again how lacking I was to seduce my wife. Tho I googled how to do better, nothing I ever tried ever seemed to work, sad to say. I found Steamy Sex Ed® and looked it up, reviews and such, and seemed good, so I purchased the Steamy Sex Ed® DVD’s and digital. So far we're loving it. We have three kids so we stay pretty tired, we get the kids to bed at night and then it’s mom and daddy time. We plug in one of the dvd's of our liking and we get it on! We both pleasure one another to the highest heights we have ever had with each other.”
― Matt in Hot Springs, Arkansas

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For women who want to take their pleasure to new peaks and for men to witness how women find pleasure. Includes: Full Body Sensual Awakening, Erotic Self Massage, Orgasmic Breathing and a Tantric Ritual for Self Pleasure.

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“My girl was totally caught off guard at first she thought it was porn. I convinced her to " just watch it with me for five minutes" and boy howdy. 20 minutes later we were having some of the most passionate sex we have ever had. It has helped us get to a better place and we now look forward to our "watch time". ― Darrell from Nashville

  • FREE BONUS: The Art Of Female Self-Pleasuring Volume 1

    Here’s a beautifully-done video of how you can incorporate sensual body movements, soft touches and strokes and genital massage to bring pleasure to your entire body… (Female self-pleasuring isn’t just about finger play and toys!)

  • FREE BONUS: The Art Of Female Self-Pleasuring Volume 2

    Self pleasuring does not have to include the genitals or sexual touch. It can also mean taking yourself on a date, going to an art gallery, dancing or doing something that brings you joy. For this video, Eden shows you how you can use meditation and sensual dance to bring great pleasure to your whole body, inside and out!

  • FREE BONUS: The Art Of Female Self-Pleasuring Volume 3

    Rachel shows you how you can use yoga and sensual genital stimulation, together with a familiar glass novelty to bring yourself into a deeper state of arousal… Watch her as she skillfully goes from activating through breath, sealing her mind in meditation to pleasuring herself deeper and deeper.

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Are you ecstatic with your current sexual experience? Does your lover feel the same way?

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