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You know that couples who play together stay together… especially in the bedroom.

My tried and true Bedroom Adventures turn everyday sex into deeply satisfying lovemaking full of variety and excitement.

Here they are! The Eight Playful Adventures you want to know.

  • Teachers Pet (watch and learn… together)
  • The Art of Manual Titillation (hand job, anyone? yoni massage?)
  • The Loving Loophole (bedroom talk made easy)
  • Lingham or Yoni Model (just follow along for HIGH AROUSAL)
  • Parallel Play (super HOT, even for shy people)
  • Sexual Bucket List (go ahead… dive right in!
  • Get the Ball Rolling (done-for-you foreplay)
  • The Steamy Vacation (welcome to fantasy island)

YOUR PARTNER IS SO LUCKY that you are a person who knows how important having fun in the bedroom is for keeping sex spicy. These bedroom adventures will work whether you’re connecting with someone new or making darn sure you keep the spark alive.

A lot of couples buy a new sex toy for variety. Sex toys are fine. But they don’t replace actual sexual skill. Skill comes from a combination of knowledge about techniques and the opportunity to practice them.

Bottom line? Toys can get in the way of developing your own proficiency and sexual finesse. What I’m going to show you right now are eight different ways to create incredible fun just by incorporating fresh, new sex technique videos into your lover’s play.

The EIGHT BEDROOM ADVENTURES show you how to use my Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection in ways that spice up your sex life and make you a better lover. Why sex ed? Because when couples learn lovemaking techniques together, they grow as partners and deepen their bond. You will have more intimate sex and, ultimately, more pleasure and MORE ORGASMS.

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To The 8 Playful Bedroom Adventures

#1. TEACHERS PET (watch and learn together)

Think of it as a private tutorial… a very sexy private tutorial. When you incorporate technique videos into your sex life, you feel like teenagers again. Remember the exquisite excitement of being with a new partner? Now you can get it back when you “begin as beginners” together trying new massage skills, oral pleasuring or G-Spot stroking. PLUS, the vulnerability of trying something new deepens your intimacy and brings you closer.

#2 THE ART OF MANUAL TITILLATION (Hand job anyone? How ‘bout a yoni massage?)

(Note: Yoni is a sanskrit word for vagina and lingham means penis. These are kama sutra sex terms.)
Get ready for love. These videos show slow, sensual lovemaking, the kind of sex that creates connection (that’s what women need to keep coming back for more).

Women: whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, knowing many ways to manually pleasure your man will help keep him sexually satisfied. If you feel like there’s any pressure for intercourse -- he wants more than you do -- penis massage is as much a treat to give your guy as it is for him to receive it… when you have 20 tricks up your sleeve that he’s never experienced.

He won’t believe how much pleasure you’re giving him… all the different ways you handle his penis. And if you’re with a new lover and give him an amazing handjob, the guy will be very intrigued. These techniques can transform a date from feeling rushed to being an emotional rush without the pressure of “going all the way.”

Men: it’s vital for guys to see and hear what it looks like to give a woman what she needs to fully surrender. These days, with pornography so readily available, men need to be very careful not to treat their lover like a porn star. These videos are far and away more appealing than porn. They show slow, sensual lovemaking that creates emotional connection, while showing her you’re the kind of guy who knows that sex can be fun.

Plus, manual dexterity is vital for women to achieve a full clitoral erection before you penetrate her. Learning a series of Yoni massage techniques will stimulate her tissues in a way that even oral sex cannot compete.

#3 THE LOVING LOOPHOLE (bedroom talk made easy)

A lot of couples struggle to communicate in the bedroom. It’s not necessarily because they’re shy, they just don’t have the words. With the Loving Loophole, you simply watch together. All you have to say is, “Hey, that looks like fun… would you do that to me?” Or, Wow, we used to do that… Let’s do it again.” This is especially helpful for those who are uncomfortable talking about sex or asking for what they want. No need to say a lot, you simply point. The adventurous look on your face will say more than a thousand words!

#4 BE A LINGHAM OR YONI MODEL (just follow along for HIGH AROUSAL)

This super-easy and super fun bedroom adventure is one of my favorites. My husband and I did this all the time when we were reviving our sex life. All you do is plug in the video, lay your partner down, and follow along. The videos show a wide variety of sexual skills and techniques. Just watch what the couples in the videos are doing and do it to your partner. Ask your lover to give you feedback about what they like or don’t like. It’s a fun, adventurous way to learn new techniques together, build your skills, discover the power of giving each other feedback, and… perhaps best of all… just lie there and receive pleasure.

#5 PARALLEL PLAY (super HOT, even for shy people)

A lot of people fantasize about making love while other people are having sex in the same room. It can be an incredible turn-on… getting each other aroused while watching another pair have at it… hearing their moans and laughter… enjoying the feeling of breaking a taboo. When you make love while others are playing, you can look up and get ideas; this is especially sexy when you see couples who are emotionally connected and having a good time. For a lot of people, to experiment with parallel play live and in person is a little too risqué. That’s the beauty of bedroom adventure #5; you have sex when there’s somebody else having sex in the same room. This is a safe, non-threatening way to make love next to another couple. It’s safe because they’re on a screen rather than right there in the flesh. (And you can fully let go without concern that someone might suggest a foursome.) Many couples find this bedroom adventure very hot because it exponentially increases your pleasure.

#6 SEXUAL BUCKET LIST (go ahead… dive right in!)

With the Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection you will see 6-8 hours of beautiful footage the features 200 sexual skills. You can master these skills just by watching the videos and trying out new techniques. One of the many things people love about the video collection is the wide variety of techniques they can try. You and your partner will want to try them all, but certain ones will stand out as a MUST-DO… preferably sooner rather than later!

Just making and comparing your lists can be a turn-on. And if you’ve never had a bucket list, you’re in for a real treat. Once you write what you want on your list… whether it’s to climb Machu Picchu or try an especially naughty sex technique… your imagination will start to fill in the details. In the back of your mind, you’ll be planning and anticipating the big event. You can share your thoughts with your lover over breakfast, or while out for a walk, and tease each other like crazy! You know what that means, right? When you get around to that particular bucket list item, you’re going to have an epic erotic adventure like no other.

#7 GET THE BALL ROLLING (done-for-you foreplay)

You know how it is… sometimes you’re tired at the end of the day. You don’t have the energy for a lot of foreplay, but you’re also not interested in a “quickie.” All you have to do to get the ball rolling is pop in a Steamy Sex Ed® Video or pull it up on your computer, then lean back on the pillows with your lover and get super turned on!

#8 THE STEAMY VACATION (welcome to fantasy island)

Whether you’re at your lake house or a ski lodge, taking a cruise or flying to Hawaii, you can get digital access to Steamy Sex Ed®. Surprise your lover! Vacation time is downtime, away from everyday distractions. A perfect opportunity to become better lovers for each other. Spend your vacation deepening your connection, playing around, and getting adventurous in the bedroom. You’ll come back refreshed and more in love than ever. Heck, you might skip the travel time altogether and go on a stay-cation. Simply hole up at home and go for it… have the time of your lives with all eight Bedroom Adventures!

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