Attention Single Guys… Never Let That Cutie Get Away Again Because You Don’t Know What To Say To Her...

“Fast, Easy Conversation Trick In This Video Let’s You Confidently Walk Up And Talk To A Beautiful Woman.”

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Even if you’re a man of few words — afraid of being embarrassed — or just plain ol’ SHY!

This Natural “Approach Technique” Gets Her Interested In You No Matter If You’re Looking For A Beautiful, Loyal Girlfriend… Or A Sexy Fling…

Hey Sweetie,

Finding the right girl, or even the “right now girl” is just numbers game.

It goes like this…

Approach as many women as you possibly can, cross your fingers, and hope at least one of them likes you.

But hitting up all those women takes brass balls. Not to mention rockstar confidence.

So most guys just kick themselves later because they let her walk on by, never to be seen again. One more lonely night watching sports wishing for a soft, warm lovable woman to be in your arms.

But not you. No more. Because now you have my business card trick and you know what to say.

Will you get rejected? Sure. Sometimes. But now you know you can handle it with confidence because you are PREPARED!

You’re NOT Prepared
To Pick The Right Ones

Now that you know you can walk up and talk to any beautiful stranger, you’re going to see a lot more action. You are going to get phone numbers. You are going to go out on dates.

I call this, “deal flow.” You will have a steady diet of women who are interested in a man confident enough to walk up and introduce themselves. Trust me. This IMPRESSES the ladies!

Look. Confidence ranks #1 in traits women find sexy.

When you use this business card technique I gave you in the video above, you'll be taking the #1 action that women find sexy.

But now that you will be a man of action...

I DON’T WANT YOU TO SETTLE. (No matter how badly you need a date.)

Meeting And Dating Women Is Going To Be A Breeze For You Now

Don’t be too quick to fall in with the first woman who will have you. Getting involved too fast brings out the whiners, crazy girls, manipulators, and the narcissists.

Because if there is ONE THING I KNOW about happy relationships, it’s that you have to choose wisely. Do not jump the gun here, stud.

Take These Three Steps Now:

1) Get this easy little book right here on the page.

2) Download it.

3) Do the 4-page exercise inside. (The best 10 minutes spent in your life.)

You will be using this “relationship magic” strategy to QUALIFY the women you take out for coffee or a drink.

And you will be using this same question I ask you inside this ebook to the women you text with, talk on the phone to and take out on dates.

And asking her this one magic question will actually make her fall in love with you. She will feel like you are the guy who really “gets her.”

So you MUST BE CAREFUL to use this question wisely.

Who Am I To Be So Sure This One Magic Question Works?

My name is Susan Bratton.

I’ve been called “Queen of Hearts” on TV because I'm known as a relationship expert whose mission is to help men have PASSIONATE relationships.

I developed my Relationship Magic system over years of studying what it took for couples to be kind, affectionate and more in love as the years went by.

This one magic question is a shortcut to connecting with single women in the way they most want.

This is so powerful… I call it, “chick crack.” It gets women addicted to you. And this magic question gets you OUT OF THE FRIEND ZONE.

“Susan Bratton is a true expert in the realm of love, relationships, and sex. In this short, but very potent book, she reveals a powerful technique to creating a long, happy, satisfying relationship.” ~ Arielle Ford, Author
The Soulmate Secret and Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate

You Can Get Yourself The Most Amazing Girlfriend You’ve Ever Had Tonight…

You can use the business card trick to pick up lots of women. But without this one magic question, you’ll choose the wrong woman who will make you crazy, and you will miss out on the woman who makes you feel like the happiest man in the world.

The magic question inside this book is what lets you find that ONE special girl you want to welcome into your life.

To help YOU find the one woman that would make each day the most wonderful experience you can imagine.

A girlfriend you want to show off to everybody you know.

And the kind of girlfriend who satisfies your needs and desires, as much as you want to satisfy hers.

I know, you’re probably asking…

“Why Look For The Perfect Girlfriend When I Can Now Easily Get Any Girl I Want?”

You CAN just casually date (and sleep with) different women each week.

But nothing is going to excite you, and fill your life with up so much energy, warmth, and pleasure more than having a truly wonderful woman in your life.

When you have that ONE girl who satisfies your every desire…

Everything else just feels so right.

Sure the sex will be everything you want it to be. But that’s not all.

Having a wonderful girlfriend dedicated to you will change your life in ways no one-night-stand can ever do for you.

What good is a King if he doesn’t have a Queen to conquer kingdoms for?

The Secret To Finding A Loyal, Loving, And Lustful Girlfriend You Can Brag About…

It’s not about meeting just ANY woman…

It’s about meeting and dating the RIGHT women…

And choosing THE BEST ONE among the flock and inviting her into your life as your new, loyal girlfriend.

An amazing girlfriend who isn’t a pain in the neck.

A feisty woman who doesn’t get off manipulating you day and night, twirling you around her fingers.

A girlfriend who doesn’t require you to play her mind games, chase her around like a puppy, and suck your stiff, hard, credit card dry.

A hot, attractive lover who would rather give YOU head than headaches.

Because let’s face it.

An Amazing Girlfriend Who Satisfies Your Every Desire Is Much Better Than A Suicide Squad Of High-Maintenance Chicks…

That’s why I created this quick and easy question that lets you discover your personal Relationship Values.

Think of these as your top-tier undisputed MUST-HAVE qualities in a woman.

Because the mark of being a magnetic, confident, dominant man is knowing exactly what you want in a woman…

As well as having the huevos to let go of those who don’t match your standards.

When you become super clear on what you’re looking for in a girlfriend…

And you have your mind set out to meet, date, and find the right girl to satisfy your needs and desires…

Every time you meet a girl who doesn’t match your Relationship Values…

You can nonchalantly pass her off and move on to the next one.

You’ll no longer be attached to the outcomes of your interactions with the wrong women.

And when you break free from that attachment…

You’ll have effortless confidence.

A kind of confidence you don’t have to build from scratch.

And this makes you infinitely more magnetic and sexually attractive.

This Magic Question
Also Has Another Purpose…

When you use it on her…

You’ll instantly know all her deepest, darkest, desires.

In fact, she’ll willingly open herself up and surrender completely to you.

No more guessing games. No more confusion.

Imagine if all you have to do is follow a simple checklist of four specific things that make her happy, you could save so much energy.

She’s practically going to hand you the cheat sheet to her satisfaction.

When you’re CRYSTAL CLEAR about her priorities it’s as close to a relationship insurance policy as you can get.

That’s why I want you to join 18,923 people who’ve already downloaded my most important book, Relationship Magic. This is the cheat sheet to your relationship satisfaction. And what is more important than a partner who fulfills you completely? Only your health. After that is your woman.

Relationship Magic:
The One Magic Question Is Inside!

She’s Been Waiting
For You To Give It To Her…

Women hunger to discuss what they want in their relationships.

It’s mostly what they talk about to their girlfriends.

This magic question starts THE CONVERSATION every woman dreams of having with a guy.

And I’ll show you exactly how to lead her through this conversation in a fun, flirty way that gets her thinking, “He’s the one for me.”

She wants to know if you’re down with her deepest desires.

If you can handle her... no matter what.

She wants to know if you are ‘boyfriend material’ without scaring you away.

And that’s what every woman is looking for in a man.

Even if she’s not “looking” for a boyfriend right now…

Deep down inside she CRAVES to be with a man she can see as her “boyfriend.”

A Great Girlfriend Will Naturally Want To Bend Over Backward To Prioritize You… As You Would Do For Her.

When she believes you are the best man in the universe for her and she could do no better… no matter how many rich, handsome playboys throw themselves at her…

She will want you.

When she leaps into your arms, squeezes her legs tight around your waist, and peppers you with kisses….

When she feeds you tasty food, fools around when you’re feeling frisky and stays by your side when you want her there… it’s this shortcut to your love connection that makes sparks fly.

Skip Years of Frustration
Searching For A Great Girlfriend

Find your perfect girlfriend this month. With the business card introduction you can now walk up and talk to all those cute baristas, waitresses, and gorgeous girls just a walkin’ down the street.

Then you use this one magic question on your date or the phone or even by text and you’ll find that picture-perfect lady who loves to meet your needs.

Even a girl who has put you in the “friend zone” could turn into a lover.

So if you’re shy or out of practice, this question makes a powerful first impression.

You’re already most of the way there!

The next time you’re going out, use it.

“Susan Bratton is one of my favorite relationships experts.” ~ John Gray, New York Times Best-Selling Author,
Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus

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  • I am putting out the one golden piece of information that empowers you to avoid a miserable relationship. And when you love how Relationship Magic changes your life for the better, you’ll most certainly want to know more of my secrets to passionate relationships. Consider this my “get to know me” bribe. 😉
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I’m Confident This Works So Much I’m Guaranteeing It For You

Yes, I’m absolutely certain Relationship Magic will work for you.

It will work for any person, and I stand by that promise. Why?

Because every person has their own needs and desires.

And once these needs and desires are met, they will stop at nothing to satisfy the needs and desires of their partner.

If you knew a woman would fulfill and satisfy all your deepest, most important needs, wouldn’t you want to do the same for her?

And when you do that, she too will stop at nothing to please you even more.

It’s the Cycle Of Reciprocal Pleasure.

However, to take all the risk away from you, here’s my 100% Money-Back Double Guarantee!


Just In Case You Need A Little More
Proof That Relationship Magic Woks…

“Insightful, informative and ever optimistic observations”"Hi Susan. Thanks for more of your insightful information, informative and ever optimistic observations. Your program is a tremendous eye opener ... helping melt hearts at home as well as improving my relationships with all the women I come across." ~ Will

“What’s in store for me tonight?”“Hi Susan. First of all, thank you for your advice. I have used your methods and ideas. WOW is all I can say, what a change it has made. It has taken our love life from, ‘ready to pack the bags’ and run to, ‘can’t wait to get home and see what is in store for me tonight.” ~ Jonathan

I Ain’t No James Bond...“I ain't no James Bond. I've never been handsome in a traditional way. I'm that 5'2" guy who looks like your plumber. But that doesn't mean I didn't want to find a woman who thinks I am sexy.

For the last six months, I've been seeing that girl I've always dreamed about. Because I know what she wants, and give it to her, she falls deeper in love with me every day.” ~ Avery K., Round Rock, TX

“Brought into context and sharp focus.""Susan, Wow. This has been the most informative and meaningful time I have ever spent in my life. Finally, all I have been learning and studying relative to relationships has been brought into context and sharp focus with each other. It's one thing to have a pile of bits and pieces, it's quite another when you are given the map as to how to assemble them. In a word, now I get it." ~ Ralph

“How Did You Get Her
To Go Out With You, Man?”

Your buddies won’t be able to believe it.

I’m not kidding.

I might not have stressed enough just how important it is that you should get this book right now.

You'll be doing yourself the greatest of favors by knowing this way to quickly qualify even a girl you just met.

Save hours, even years of go-nowhere dating, wasted energy and hard-earned cash…

While other guys are using cheesy lines and pick up tricks, you will be the one sweeping women off their feet left and right…

You’ll be the one giving her the most meaningful conversation she’s ever had — as she does all the talking!

But You Have To Move Fast

The longer you sit there thinking about it... the bigger your chances of NOT finding the girlfriend you’ve always wanted... and your days will stay cold, empty and lonely.

Quickly qualify a woman you just met — or even understand the one you are with right now — and know if she’s a good match for you... nor not.

Questions? Call us! 1-888-963-9025 Email [email protected]

If anything here appeals to you… well, you already have the solution.

What Are You Waiting For?

Here’s what you’re risking each minute you delay.

Day in and day out guys email me completely surprised that it gets harder and harder to walk up to a beautiful woman and start a conversation with her.

Much less create chemistry that lasts after the night.

Women get bored fast.

So when she says she’s not that into you, it’s always over.

She’ll move on to the next guy who blows her away. Or continue to fantasize about her dream “boyfriend.”

However, if you were to get her addicted to you like people are addicted to their smartphones…

You’ll watch her follow you around, chase you, devote herself to you, and seek to give YOU pleasure in ways no woman has ever done before.

There is nothing easier, more direct and simple way to approach a beautiful stranger and have her hooked on you than this business card trick.

And then Relationship Magic is the ONLY proven formula that promises to transform a current friend, your girlfriend or a beautiful stranger into your Perfect 10.

Now, here’s all you need to do.

First, grab your wallet.

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Next, click on the yellow "Buy Now" button below to get instant access to Relationship Magic, Risk-Free for less than the cost of drinks with one girl.

And please send me your love story!

Yours In Love,

Susan Bratton
Creator of Relationship Magic
Amazon #1 International Best-Selling Author
“Trusted Hot Sex Advisor To Millions 💋”

Here’s What Some More Guys Had To Say About Relationship Magic

Dear Susan,Thank you so much for sharing the "Relationship Magic" book...

I started reading and applying it and it was a beautiful evening of a long hug with soft music in the background... it made both of us cry.

And it sparked a different, more respectful, loving, and passionate kind of relationship between the two of us.
~ Sincere regards,
Elena (not real name)"

“Understand These Weird Creatures”“Dating for me was a constant frustration. I couldn't understand these weird creatures sitting across from me. I turned 30 a couple of years ago, and I just wanted to start a life with a woman who I understood, and who understood me. I knew I was asking for a lot: I wanted a cute, smart girl, who thought what I had to say was important. But I couldn't find that. Not in the bars. Not on dating websites. This best friend and lover didn't exist — I was convinced of it. Get this: I found a girl who was hot and NOT insane! Imagine that. And all I had to do was use your “magic question” to lock in that loving, loyal girlfriend I thought I’d never find.” ~ Brett D., Rohnert Park, CA

“Seriously Life Changing”“This stuff is seriously life-changing for both men and the women they love. Keep up the good work!” ~ Chris

“Enabling Me To Love My Life Fully”
“Everything I read from you excites me with new ideas to love Joanna. In addition, many of the things I already do in loving a woman are confirmed. I am grateful to you, Susan, for enabling me to love my life fully.” ~ Craig

“No One Teaches This Stuff.”“I am having so much fun doing this. Why has no one taught this stuff before? Relationship Values are part of the ground game of dating, and I am shocked how little people know about them.” ~ Dan

“What I Live For As A Man.”“I know the pleasure and pure joy of connection with wonderful women in this world is what I live for as a man. I’m so happy I came across your work.” ~ Andy

“Extraordinary Idea”“These are some extraordinary ideas. Thank you so much. Really wonderful. I will try on my love, for sure.” ~ Tristan

“Empowered To More Fully Own My Desire”I appreciate the sensitive way you offer such specific physiological information. I find myself at ease and empowered to more fully “own” my desire to pleasure my partner. ~ Bruce

“Such A Wonderful Teacher”“Susan, you are such a wonderful teacher. I love to learn from you. ~ Matt Donnelly

“This is awesome!”"This is awesome! Am glad to have learnt a lot from this. Thank you so very much for this info. Need more of this. You are great. Love you." ~ Nathaniel

“The Relationship Values exercise is a huge first step!”“Susan… I’m happy to report that my girlfriend has agreed to do the Relationship Values exercise. We will be exchanging our input this weekend. Her agreeing to do the Relationship Values exercise is a huge first step… this is encouraging!” ~ Peter

“Couples need you!”“Keep up the good work, Susan. You have no idea how many couples need you!” ~ Tony

“I Could Have Used This Years Ago.”“I could have used this years ago…WHEN I WASN’T GETTING DATES. Now that I am, thank you!” ~ Kevin H.

“I know you help thousands of men like myself.”“Hi Susan, I wanted to give you some feedback. Firstly, so impressed with you and your level of support. The sexy and loving messages from my wife today feels like we are turning a corner. I know you help thousands of men like myself. I wanted to write as I feel you have been in my corner and coached me to get where the life I crave seems possible and not a dream. So many thanks, Susan. Kind Regards” ~ Samuel

“A Spark Has Been Flickering Recently”“A spark has been flickering recently and something about the way you described Relationship Values struck a chord, and all the content so far has been extremely helpful. I know I have tremendous unfulfilled potential as a single guy.” ~ Homer

“Loving, caring intimacy we have wanted”“Personal Life Media is without a doubt the best source for information to guide us in finding our way to having the kind of loving, caring intimacy we have wanted and dreamed of having with our partner all of our lives.” ~ Alex

“Better understanding of my girlfriend“I would personally like to thank every one of you for all you provide. The education, better understanding of my partner and human beings in general that I have gained in the past few months of enjoying your material is incredible. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN SO MUCH!!” ~ Fred

“Cuddle, shower and fool around”“Thank you so much, Susan! We frequently have intimate moments each day. We cuddle naked, shower together and fool around and I love it and her. I’m a fan of PLM for life!” ~ Raymond

“Educating Dumb Men Like Myself”“Thank you so much for educating dumb men like myself. You are not only kind, but also an expert in this area.” ~ Bruno