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Erogenous Zones and Orgasmic Massage

Orgasmic massage strokes, perfect for skin-hungry cuddle bugs, these 100 moves will trigger orgasmic sensation from his earlobes to her toes. Plus over 50 ways to stroke, squeeze and please when you give and receive. Discover new ways to fully receive pleasure through movement and breathing and how to heighten your quality of touch and presence. “The best foreplay video ever filmed!”

Erotic Touch for Sexual Positions

For the first time ever, a collection of erotic sexual positions that allow you a greater freedom for exploration so you can use your hands to touch more creatively during intercourse. Double the pleasure just by adding these erotic flourishes as you make love to your partner. Over thirty techniques enhance TOTAL body arousal and strengthen your intimate connection.

Genital Massage for Men

The best thing about this male genital massage video is the precise directions and close-ups to understand every move you can make on his manhood. More than 20 touch techniques will take him into a prolonged state of arousal and into pleasure he never knew possible. These techniques can be erotically playful all on their own or combined with lovemaking for a wondrous experience. Imagine him writhing beneath the power of your touch and feeling more connected to you than ever before.

Genital Massage for Women

This is a roadmap for pleasuring and massaging her genitals inside and out. New discoveries in anatomy empower you to intensify her sensation. Find new parts you never knew and then stroke, rub and knead them in an exquisitely gentle manner. The G-Spot likes certain touch that differs from the deep vaginal tissues. Use the recommended positions to have her squirming in pleasure under your bare hands.

Exquisite Anal Massage

This educational film has a magical way of helping you both feel more comfortable accessing this highly erogenous area that doesn’t get enough touch. Basically you learn how to massage his butt or her derriere in ways that include but are not limited to stroking the rosebud in ways that feel delightfully sensitive. Get detailed instructions for locating and massaging his prostate at the same time your other hand strokes his shaft for the most explosive orgasm he may ever achieve. Then let him reciprocate the pleasure by learning step-by-step slow and gentle perineal massage for you. The professional treatment makes this new erogenous area comfortably approachable.

Blow Each Other Away

Optimize your oral pleasure… East meets West with fellatio and cunnilingus techniques that rejuvenate, relax and improve your sexual well being.

Discover both male and female hot spots and the techniques that can stimulate as many as five locations simultaneously. Get tips on how to stay connected during oral lovemaking as well as an anatomy update, kissing techniques and the best strategies for massive pleasure while she is getting oral or she has your manhood in your mouth. There are oral methods demonstrated that will let you blow each other away.

Orgasmic Cunnilingus and Fellatio

Learn over 50 techniques for cunnilingus and fellatio as you watch our beautifully filmed couples explore oral lovemaking that results in authentic orgasms. Start with clever hand and mouth combinations and move on to advanced moves including awesome analingus and deep throat techniques. Even energetic and ejaculatory orgasms are showcased.

Sexual Positions for Oral Lovemaking

Packed with more than 20 sex positions for oral lovemaking that increase your arousal, this video will inspire you to improvise and get the confidence to do free-form oral lovemaking.

Certain positions are most comfortable for extended pleasuring, others are best for sliding him deep inside and yet others are best for ravishing her into rapture.

And Here’s A BONUS
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Female Self Pleasuring

For women who want to take their pleasure to new peaks and for men to witness how women find pleasure. Includes: Full Body Sensual Awakening, Erotic Self Massage, Orgasmic Breathing and a Tantric Ritual for Self Pleasure. Get this digital download with your purchase of the 'Best Value' (DVDs & Downloads) Package.

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Don't Let Your Last Words Be "I Should Have Bought It"

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