Every woman is born with sexual superpowers, but how many of us truly know how to use them to get what we want in bed?

“The Best Gift You Can Give Your Lover Is To Let Them Give YOU A Body-Throbbing, Mind-Blowing Orgasm… Here’s How!”

"Lick & Roll" Oral Technique Inside

You may not know this, but a man is wired to put your pleasure before his own…

Whereas a woman’s core sexual drive is for satisfaction…

A guy’s #1 goal is to give his woman orgasms.

That’s right. His priority is YOUR pleasure. It’s more important to him that you are satisfied than that he gets off. Sounds counter-intuitive, I know. But let me explain.

See, what men want most is frequent sex. So they are hard-wired to do a great job at satisfying a woman so they will get invited back for more.

If you’re thinking, “Pfhhht! Not the guys I’ve slept with!” It’s because you’ve been with one of the gazillion men who simply don’t know what to do with a woman’s body.

What he needs, and what you are BOTH going to LOVE, is a simple, straightforward, erotic education that allows you to take full advantage of your feminine superpowers.

As women, we can bitch and moan about how guys can’t bring it in the bedroom.

Or we can pine for the guy who will make us feel the way we did with that one perfect lover from our past…

OR… we can do what women have always done (when their men aren’t looking):
figure it out for ourselves and then make it happen.

You Deserve A Lover Who Can
Ravish You From Head To Toe…

Here Are Ways You Can Create Passionate EXPERIENCES Using Your Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection

Here’s a quick video I made about 8 ways you can have fun with Steamy.

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  • Get instant HD streaming or downloads. And get DVDs in your mailbox wrapped in a discreet package. The DVDs are placed neatly inside a clamshell case that opens up to reveal the pearl of sexual pleasure inside.
  • Watch it on your TV or let it play in your computer to enjoy by yourself, or with your lover. Let it inspire steamy, hot sex in your life.
  • Experience the most exhilarating, heart-connected, and passionate sexual experience either of you have ever had.
  • Have complete confidence in the bedroom even if you’re over 50, not in great shape, or have little experience.
  • If you’re single, you’ll be UNFORGETTABLE to your next lover.

Watch over 200 techniques depicted by couples you can relate to.

Here Are A Series Of Sample Clips Taken Directly From The Video.

This is what the Steamy Sex Ed®️ Video Collection sounds and looks like.

(Put the DVD's in your computer or DVD player. You also get unlimited free lifetime downloads from your member's area to all of your current and future devices: Stream and download the digital videos to your computer, iPad or Smart Phone.)

NOTE: This video is EXPLICIT.

Make Orgasms Happen

The trick to having unlimited orgasms and complete sexual satisfaction is to discover sensual lovemaking skills.

As always, knowledge is power. But the key that will unlock your sexual superpowers is not head-knowledge; it’s the knowledge and wisdom of your body.

I’m talking about the kind of body-based knowing you get by watching, seeing, feeling, and hearing, someone who already knows what they’re doing.

It’s been said that the best way to learn something is to passively absorb it and then play around with your new understanding. And that’s why I want you to have these videos.

All you have to do is watch, and your superpowers will unlock. The videos are the key that opens the door to a whole new world of pleasure.

Imagine how different your intimate life will be once you have a repertoire of
Heart-connected, conscious lovemaking skills like these:

  • Red-Hot Touch Massages like The Genital-Heart Synchronization, Lingam Awakening and Yoni Rebirth (As shown in Erogenous Zones And Orgasmic Massage)
  • High-Touch Sex Positions like V-fingers, Missionary Ring, Intimacy Injection and the 3-Spot Orgasm Stroke (As shown in Erotic Touch For Sexual Positions)
  • Sensual Massage Strokes like the Dragon Drum, Squeeze & Tease, Penis Whisperer, Energy Circuits, Hummer, Testicle Tease, and Lord Of The Rings (As shown in Genital Massages For Men and Genital Massage For Women)
  • Oral Sex Techniques like Earthquake Licks, Buzzing, Skinny Dipping, Vagina Whisperer, Double Delight (As shown in Blow Each Other Away and Orgasmic Cunnilingus And Fellatio)
  • Advanced Sex Positions like the Tantric Kiss, Spiral Seduction, Dragon Head Pleasuring, Khechari Mudra, Sensual Fire Builder, Rosebud Teaser (As shown in Sexual Positions For Oral Lovemaking)

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“Everyone should have this. Whether they’re single or in a relationship. I mean, if a man and a woman were to master the things that you show… Oh my god…. And at one point I was trembling. I was shaking. Like… OH MY GOSH!” — Lynn Rose, Transformational Leader

Guys RUSH Sex.

Hey, they’re goal oriented. You know that.

Sure, men are all about getting the job done. But here’s the rub. We women are all about protecting men’s egos, so we shield them from the truth:

The Sex Is BORING!

Meanwhile, they go around believing they’re studs. Ask any man. Eight out of ten of them will tell you they’re great lovers. So why is it that eight out of ten women have lost interest in sex?

Because both men and women are lacking essential knowledge about what it takes for human beings to achieve their full orgasmic potential...

“You Need To Trust That Your Lover Can DELIVER Slow, Passionate Heart-Connected Sex.”

Not just S.E.X., but lovemaking.

The kind of throbbing turn-on that leaves no doubt: you’re going to climax, perhaps many times… and in many ways...

Experience new paths to orgasmic pleasure… have an orgasm while he worships your breasts… or when he gives your G-Spot the most exquisite goddess-stroking… Or when he lays you down for an erotic massage…

Look, we women need significantly more full-body touch than men.

Your guy just needs to be trained how to give you the slow, sensual warm up that allows you to fully relax so you can FEEL your desire.

Guys need feedback. They need to know they are “doing it right.”

There’s a subtle art to guiding them. It’s called, “Invitation.” You give them ideas of what you’d like, and let them take it from there.

And right here is where you get those erotic ideas. Right now.

You Must Empower Him To Make Love With You Rather Than “BANG” You

This is what’s going on inside a man’s head: “The faster and harder I go, the better her orgasm.”



That’s why it’s so important to guide him.

The more guidance he gets, the better and more confident lover he becomes.

And if you have a partner who’s curious, watching these videos together will ACCELERATE YOUR LEARNING.

As for you, darling, you need to know what YOU like, what YOU want, and know what to say to clue him in without breaking the love-trance.

You are going to love the precise words these videos give you to guide him and, at the same time, let him feel like DA MAN who can take you where no man has ever taken you before.

That adds up to a big win for BOTH of you.

And we all know how powerful WINNING is for a guy.

These videos make it EASY TO TELL YOUR MAN WHAT YOU WANT FROM HIM without ruffling his feathers.

Let him be the rooster. Let him be the show off and prove what a great lover he is.

He’ll be all the more open to hearing what you’d like when he doesn’t just think he’s a stud… he knows it in every fiber of his being because he’s giving you the kind of mind-blowing orgasms that are impossible to fake.

A man in that enviable position will be delighted to oblige your erotic cravings.

Remember: his prime directive is to get invited back inside your velvety woman cave.

If You Know How To Spark Sexy Passion In Him, YOU Will Become His Perfect Fantasy Lover.

He wants to know you want him.

You trust him. 

He satisfies you.

And when you have the know-how and confidence to handle his penis like no other woman has touched him before — you will feel your ultimate sexual power.

  • You will become his “best ever” when you get him writhing and moaning with pleasure while your hands massage his penis in more ways than he can track, giving him sensations he’s never experienced or imagined...
  • When you whisper in his ear and invite him to try a new sex position he’s secretly been fantasizing about....
  • When he’s right on that edge, about to explode, and you do a simple touch-technique that gives him incredible staying power that multiplies his climax exponentially…
  • When you use blended hand and mouth techniques to give him more oral pleasure than he thought possible… while you have the most fun you’ve ever had going down on a man…
  • When you articulate your vagina in a way that is so damn sexy it drives him wild and makes him want to claim you for his own.

Unforgettable, That’s what you are when you have...

A Never-Ending Repertoire Of Steamy,
Sexy Ideas, And Erotic Experiences…

When a woman like you is empowered with the very best, sensual, heart-connected sex techniques and positions…

You can:

  • Have more lusty sex than any other woman he will ever be with.
  • Rekindle the passion in your relationship.
  • Become a multi-orgasmic woman because you have SEEN with your own eyes how to achieve climax after climax from all kinds of unique techniques.

That’s why I created the Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection of advanced pleasure techniques based on the Kama Sutra and Tantra Sex practices.

These eight lovemaking videos are centered on ONE thing…

YOU Enjoying More Exquisite Lovemaking Than MOST Women Will Ever Get To Experience

My video collection is curated for women to watch alone or with their partners.

The lovemaking scenes are demonstrated by relatable couples.

Pretty, but not TOO pretty… Authentic, not fake or porny. The guys are attractive… one of them even looks like Prince Charming to my eyes.

I want your experience of learning sex techniques to be as real and intimate as possible.

And speaking of intimate, I made sure the settings are romantic, serene, and gorgeous — satin sheets, silk draperies, candles and sensual music.

You and your lover will feel comfortable watching together and learning new and exciting ways to have phenomenal sex.

Most importantly of all, my Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection is made by women. It’s respectful and sensitive. Heartfelt and sexy at the same time. Just like you.

And for a limited time, YOU can have all these techniques at your fingertips in a set of 8 DVDs… PLUS instant gratification with digital access (both streaming and unlimited downloads to all your devices forevermore).

Like I said, I’ve been teaching the hottest, most erotic sex techniques for going on 12 years now….

I’m Here For You

In a survey of over 3,500 people, women said the techniques demonstrated in “Steamy” are exactly the kind of sex they craved:

“What you show on these videos is how I want my man to make love to me. I love the sets and music.” — Melissa T.

“Why does my guy treat me like a porn star? I hate it! This is what I crave.” — Jamie G.

“I wish my husband knew how to slow down and have THIS kind of sex with me.” — Connie O.

We Women Require Slow, Sensual, Emotional Sex

We tend to rush sex, too… often having intercourse before we’re truly engorged and turned on. Some women even do it before we’re ready “just to get it over with.”

I’m not just talking about women in relationships, but also single women who are searching for their Sexual Soulmate.

And guys are not the only ones who get “performance anxiety.”

For years, I worried about whether I could climax during sex. I didn’t even HAVE an orgasm from intercourse until I was 45! But I learned how, and so can you.

You can have all kinds of orgasms!

  • Full-body orgasms
  • Breast ‘gasms
  • G-Spot orgasms
  • Female ejaculatory orgasms
  • Kissing ‘gasms
  • Orgasms from anal play including perineal sponge orgasms (similar to G-spot orgasms, which actually stem from stimulating your urethral sponge).
  • You can even make yourself come while giving a guy a blow job. YES! Linda Lovelace from the old classic, “Deep Throat,” had orgasms from going down on a guy! Every woman should have this superpower, especially you!
  • And, of course, orgasms during intercourse.

All women are physically capable of having orgasm after orgasm—we just need a variety of stimulation.

You just need the map to the territory.

And seeing is believing!

When you watch someone do something you learn faster.

Which is why you need to TRY STEAMY NOW.

Get Your Copy While Supplies Last…

Steamy Sex Ed®
Video Collection

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Who Am I To Say All This?


Hi, my name is Susan Bratton.

I’m a trusted hot sex advisor to millions of sexual seekers like yourself.

For more than a decade I’ve been helping lovers achieve the most passionate relationships and the hottest sex.

Everyone has “specialties.”

My specialty is making sex erotic, passionate and sensual by teaching advanced orgasm skills and bedroom communication techniques.

  • I help wives get their husbands to improve their sexual skills to keep lovemaking EXCITING.
  • I support single women in having great sex even with men they’ve just met… and truly IMPRESS the guys they sleep with.
  • And I send women ravaged by divorce out into the dating world with blossoming sexual CONFIDENCE.

And here’s how I can help you today....

Men Require FREQUENT SEX To Feel Happy And Satisfied With Their Partner

He wants to have sex tonight.

And again when you wake up tomorrow. Then again at night before you go to bed.

He wants to do it in the bedroom, on the couch, inside the car, and maybe even in public.

He wants to do THIS position, and THAT position.

And he wants to try something new, exciting, unique, and a little bit freaky.

The problem with that is that even when he DOES get frequent sex…

Both of you are going to get really BORED if it’s the same thing over and over again and the sex becomes routine.

Here Are A Series Of Sample Clips Taken Directly From The Video.

This is what the Steamy Sex Ed®️ Video Collection sounds and looks like.

(Put the DVD's in your computer or DVD player. You also get unlimited free lifetime downloads from your member's area to all of your current and future devices: Stream and download the digital videos to your computer, iPad or Smart Phone.)

NOTE: This video is EXPLICIT.


“My lover and I have grown so much closer since we started watching Steamy…” — Jenny A.

“Couples that play together, stay together. That’s why my husband and I just LOVE Steamy!” — Tara V.

“Steamy shows you how to do him so well he will forget other women exist!” — Catelyn J.


Order Now For Heart-Connected Lovemaking!

Here’s A Sneak Peek
Of What’s Inside The Steamy Sex Ed®
Video Collection

Volume One: Erogenous Zones and Orgasmic Massage

  • 100 orgasmic massage strokes you can use to trigger mind-blowing sensation from your lover’s earlobes to their toes… (REMEMBER: Lovemaking starts at foreplay, and sometimes even before that!)
  • PLUS! Over 50 ways to stroke, squeeze and please your lover in ways you’ve never seen being done before…
  • Discover NEW and exciting techniques to fully receive nirvana-esque pleasure through rhythmic body movements and breathing… (And how to add heightened erotic touch and presence during lovemaking)

Volume Two: Erotic Touch For Sexual Positions

  • Tired of missionary? Here’s how to make it steamier and sexier than ever! (PLUS! Here are 9 other erotic sexual positions that allow you and your lover a greater freedom for exploration and “High-touch” flourishes!)
  • Double, even TRIPLE the pleasure potential just by adding these “high-touch” erotic flourishes as you make love to your partner… (For a guy, it will be a whole new experience he’s never felt in his life… And for a woman, it will draw her closer to more and more orgasms almost instantly!)
  • Over 30 tantalizing high-touch techniques incorporated throughout 10 different sex positions that enhance TOTAL body arousal and strengthen your intimate connection…

Volume Three: Genital Massage For Men

  • Men writhing beneath the power of a woman’s touch and feeling more connected to her than ever before. (This DVD shows women how to set a man and his manhood up for some intense lovemaking! After she does this to him, I’m sure he would agree there’s nothing like it...)
  • Over 20 touch techniques and hand movements that will take a man into a prolonged state of arousal and into orgasmic, nirvana-state pleasure he never knew possible. (WARNING: These techniques are not meant to be static! Guys will be moving, shaking, moaning and even on the brink of explosion as their lover is doing even just ONE of these techniques!)
  • The #1 hot touch technique women can use to give her man MORE lasting power! (This delays a guy’s orgasm without making it awkward or painful unlike other delaying tactics do, and multiplying the climax pleasure exponentially…)

Volume Four: Genital Massage For Women

  • By far the most detailed and respectful roadmap for pleasuring and massaging her genitals inside and out. Truly breathtaking for women as foreplay, or even just as a “lover’s gift”... (Remember, the more engorged she gets, the more pleasure she’s going to feel during sex!)
  • Discover new, highly-sensitive pleasure zones you never knew, and then stroke, rub and knead them in an exquisitely gentle manner… (There are some spots that can only be touched and pleasured a certain way! Do it the wrong way and she won’t feel a thing…)
  • One incredible pleasure-pulsing stroke technique that hits the 3 highly-erogenous zones… (This will surely get women soaking wet and ready for a night of steamy, hot lovemaking you both will never forget!)

Volume Five: Exquisite Anal Massage

  • This educational film has a magically respectful way of helping you both feel more comfortable accessing this highly erogenous area… (This sensitive zone rarely gets any loving despite being ONE of the most notable pleasure spots in the human body!)
  • Over 10 non-invasive anal massage strokes done in a manner that dispels shame and increases comfort, body awareness and pleasure… (PLUS! A finale technique that many men and women have said leads to their most explosive orgasm ever!)
  • Over 10 soothing, pleasuring-pulsing anal massage strokes for her, one of which also stimulates the G-spot in a rather creative way that she’s never been touched before...

Volume Six: Blow Each Other Away

  • Discover both male and female hot spots and the techniques that can stimulate as many as five locations simultaneously. (From start to finish, this DVD covers everything for a complete erotic roadmap for Oral Lovemaking…)
  • Tips and techniques you can’t learn from crappy porn on how to stay connected and intimate during oral lovemaking… (PLUS! A side-by-side comparison of two couples doing these techniques… one doing it slow and sensual, the other couple doing it playful and spicy!)
  • Over 30 oral sex techniques that incorporate kissing, licking, stroking and a ton more creative ideas you’ll never see anywhere else… (This DVD is packed full of the most out-of-the-box oral action!)

Volume Seven: Orgasmic Cunnilingus And Fellatio

  • Over 20 advanced oral sex techniques that are meant to drive your lover crazy, teetering on the edge of orgasm and then finally reaching a truly authentic, body-shaking climax...
  • Over 10 tantalizing anilingus techniques for him and her. Perfect for when you’re feeling a little kinky… (Take turns pleasuring each other in one of the most undervalued forms of pleasure-giving!)

Volume Eight: Sexual Positions For Oral Lovemaking

  • Over 20 sex positions for oral lovemaking that will have you and your lover intertwining and interconnected as you switch from one position to the next… (You’ll both lose track of where you end and your lover begins!)
  • Discover which specific positions are most comfortable for oral delight, extended pleasure-receiving, and mutual bliss… (Some are best for sliding men deep inside and yet others are best for ravishing women into rapture!)

And Here’s A BONUS
You Don’t Want To Miss…


  • 3 beautiful ladies show you gorgeous, sensual, and elevated techniques for self-pleasuring you’ve never seen before (and will soon want to try out!)
  • For women who want to take their pleasure to new peaks and for men to witness how women find pleasure.
  • Includes: Full Body Sensual Awakening, Erotic Self Massage, Orgasmic Breathing and a Tantric Ritual for Self Pleasure
  • Get this digital download with your purchase of the 'Best Value' (DVDs & Downloads) Package.

“It teaches you to expand your love life. It promotes longer bonding. Most of all how relaxing lovemaking can be” — Sheena

“I trusted you to provide education on the subject that wouldn’t offend my Christian beliefs. And you did! Thank you!” — Jennifer

“I love Steamy. I totally recommend it. Especially because of what can be learned even at our age. My husband and I are in our 60s!” — Catherine


“Surprised my partner and we were very keen to try things right away. Had already discovered I can squirt, but the oral sex/organismic massage is wonderful and actually very sensual and intimate. Would never have tried this 20 years ago, didn't realize sex could be this good.” — Michelle

“What a lifesaver! These videos are AMAZING! They really helped me to feel more comfortable and sexy, our intimacy is growing in and out of the bedroom and let me tell you...these tips in the video REALLY WORK👍 THANK YOU SO MUCH❣” — Chelsea


Order Now For Heart-Connected Lovemaking!

Steamy Sex Ed®
The Most Exhilarating Sex Life You’ve Ever Had…

I swear by the quality of these videos and am so confident you’ll love them that I’m willing to put ALL the risk on me.

“Your Guy Will Love It Too” Guarantee

This is a new way to teach him new tricks without making him feel like you’re bossing around. He will even be thrilled to know you want to watch this with him.

And if you’re single, this will guarantee to blow your next lover away.

  • Exquisite Quality Guarantee

If Steamy Sex Ed® isn’t as beautiful, as sensual, and sexually exquisite as you expected…

  • “Women Will Love It Too!” Guarantee

For guys, if your wife or girlfriend doesn’t love Steamy Sex Ed® as much as I say she will…

And if you’re a woman and don’t find that Steamy Sex Ed® was as respectful, beautiful, and gorgeously-set as I said they are…

  • Steamy Sex Guarantee

And if Steamy Sex Ed® doesn’t inspire hot, passionate sex that both you and your lover won’t be able to get enough of…

Just let me know, send an email to [email protected] and I’ll give you your money back.

Remember, I developed Steamy Sex Ed® for couples to watch together. Because the couple that plays together, stays together.

The #1 reason couples end up in therapy is because of infidelity. If you can’t talk to one another about sex… and keep your intimate life exciting by learning new skills… one of you is likely to CHEAT.

It’s your job as the man to create safety for her so the two of you can learn and grow together sexually.

Women literally never see this kind of technique-packed information. This is an eye-opening, leg-spreading experience!

You can start safe and heat things up slowly with massage techniques and escalate from there.


“As a pastor and spiritual marriage counselor, I have been pleased to find the Steamy Sex Ed Video Series highly beneficial for a couple I have been working with recently. These videos present sexual learning in a slow, romantic, and loving way.

The couple in question used the videos to build the husband’s sexual skills and confidence after his wife experienced a more skilled lover during their separation and wanted to connect and feel this same sexual gratification with her husband.

As a complete package, these videos very likely will become a strong relationship foundation for this couple.

Thank you for offering such a well done series. Without any hint of female exploitation or pornography, I can highly recommend these videos to the couples I counsel in my church.” — Hank M.


Order Now For Heart-Connected Lovemaking!

How Many Times Have You Had Amazing, Unforgettable, Soul-Shaking Sex This Year?

And how many more will you be having?

Because Steamy Sex Ed® is going to change your sex life FROM HERE ON OUT.

It will usher in a new chapter of your life where you and your lover (or future lover) will be ever so close, heart-connected, in-sync, and intertwined in each other’s lives more than ever.

It’s not something you watch once and forget about. You and your lover will be watching and rewatching Steamy Sex Ed® for years to come.

Whether it’s during those “quick-while-the-kids-are-asleep” moments, holding in your moans and sighs so they won’t hear…

Or when you’re in a romantic, candlelit setting, the lights down low, kids are at your parents’ place. It’s just the two of you, hot and horny with the DVDs on hand…

Maybe it’s when you and your partner are celebrating your 1st anniversary, both of you starving for each other after practically teasing each other the entire day through texts at work…

Even when it’s your first time in bed with a new lover… they’re nervous, but you’re not. Because you know these advanced steamy sex techniques.

You’ll be mirroring the positions, techniques, and ideas you’ll discover.

With over 200 advanced techniques in your sexual repertoire, you can try one new thing each week and Steamy Sex Ed® will last you years of sexual excitement.

Sex will never be boring again. Lovemaking will feel fresh, new, and exciting each time you’ve got each other locked in each other’s arms.

And if I haven’t said this enough, women LOVE Steamy Sex Ed® as much s guys do.

It’s steamy, sexy, and exciting, yet tasteful, respectful, and sensual.

You won’t be ashamed to watch this together with your lover. In fact, it’s how it’s supposed to be used.

And if you’re single, nothing beats being unforgettable to your next lover than having over 200 sexually stimulating techniques in your sexual portfolio.

Start watching Steamy Sex Ed® tonight, and start having the incredibly passionate sex you deserve.

To Your Most Exquisite Sex Life Yet,
Susan Bratton
Trusted Hot Sex Advisor To Millions 💋

P.S. At 60% OFF right now, the Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection should be a no-brainer decision.

PLUS, you have my 30-day money-back TRIPLE GUARANTEE. Try it for 30 days, and if you don’t think it’s of exquisite quality, if your wife or girlfriend doesn’t love it as much as you do, and if Steamy Sex Ed® doesn’t inspire you and your lover to have hotter sex, then just let me know and I’ll give you back your money.

You’ve got nothing to lose and all the hot sex for the rest of your life to gain.

What are you waiting for, Sweetie? Click the “Add to Cart” button now.

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Watch What Some Relationship And Sex Experts Think About Steamy…

They’re absolutely loving it, and they tell you exactly why they think you will too.

“All the things that you’re talking about and teaching… they come from your soul. You’re just a beautiful, happy human being. And it’s so nice to see!” — Jennifer Romas, The Sexxy Show Las Vegas

“Having a great sex library is absolutely key. You can go back to it. You don’t just learn something once and say you don’t need that again. Nuh-uh! Not when it comes to this stuff. There are hundreds of techniques in this program! You can go watch it after a month and still learn something new you’ve never done before.” — Deborah Kagan, Rock Your Mojo

“When we watched these, that ‘hour’ in the morning really expanded to... MINDBLOWING! I dig variety! We give you our complete endorsement. Run, don’t walk. And place your order now!” — Susie and Otto Collins, Relationship Experts

“The beautiful Jaiya somehow manages create something radically better, powerfully erotic and explicit without being raunchy. The DVDs are instructional... but still gorgeous to look at and completely sumptuous. It is art... but does not fall so deeply into pretension that it loses that powerful undercurrent of erotic. In short, this collection is the best erotic video series ever made. It sets a new standard. And I hope that others try to match it.” — Alex Allman, , Author of Revolutionary Sex: How To Give A Woman The Mind Blowing Experience She's Always Dreamed Of

“I'm a sex educator in the Chicago area. I purchased your Steamy Sex Ed collection almost 2 years ago and I sincerely cannot say enough about how much I've learned and what a difference it's made in my sex life! You provide invaluable knowledge at such a reasonable price, the world is a better place for your generosity.” — Vicky B.

"I'm a huge fan of the Steamy Sex Ed videos marketed by my sexy-genius collaborator, Susan Bratton. Oh how I wish I had this 8 DVD series as a teenager! Watching real-life couples in beautifully-filmed, explicit situations with a voiceover explaining the finer points... it strikes perfect balance between "education" and "smoking hot"! Steamy Sex Ed is an ideal way to learn how to pleasure her - and be pleasured by her." — Jim Benson, International Men’s Coach, Creator Of Multi-Orgasmic Lover For Men

Here Are A Few More Rave Reviews …

“It’s not porn. And it’s very informative and lovely. I love the scenes and the ambience.” - Tiffany J.

“My boyfriend and I watch these videos as a ‘teaser’ before we make love. Thank you!” - Rachelle T.

“The couples are gorgeous in the videos. The whole thing feels so sacred and perfect. Gives me goosebumps every time I watch them.” - Bethany A.

“I surprised my husband last weekend at our lake house with the Steamy DVDs. We hardly set foot out of the house the entire weekend and were more refreshed than ever.” - Janice

“I bought these videos as a birthday gift for my husband when he turned 60. Thank you for giving us older folks a chance at a fabulous sex life. Now THAT’S what I call golden years!” - Mae J.

“When the DVDs arrived, my husband thought I’d gone crazy. But when we watched them, he was amazed. Watching these DVDs is definitely the hottest thing we’ve ever done as a couple.” - Kendra M.

“It’s very respectful to women. And it looks like the couples are genuinely having fun. Of course, who wouldn’t? The sensual sex techniques work." - Deborah K.

Sweet Susan,

♥♥♥ Your Sweet Steamy is amazing, further, it is incomparable! The videos are beautiful, tasteful, enjoyable and show sensual practices. And he/ she should Get his/ her videos in time to snuggle up and make real love”.

Steamy is an elegant, passionate masterpiece of high quality service for excellent performers. ♥♥♥

Life is always good” — Ahmad

Order Now For Heart-Connected Lovemaking!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly is inside the videos?

Steamy Sex Ed® contains 8 sexual education videos you can download digitally and/or we will ship you on DVD’s including:

  • Erogenous Zones and Orgasmic Massage
  • Erotic Touch for Sexual Positions
  • Genital Massage for Women
  • Genital Massage for Men
  • Exquisite Anal Massage
  • Blow Each Other Away
  • Orgasmic Cunnilingus, Fellatio and More
  • Sexual Positions for Oral Lovemaking

Over 200 techniques depicted by couples you can relate to.

Watch the sections you want, when the mood strikes. The DVDs are easy to navigate so you can pick and choose.

Steamy Sex Ed® is narrated by a somatic sexologist who describes the techniques as the couples demonstrate them. You won’t get a more explicit, more exciting sex education anywhere!

All of the techniques offer ways to be more heart-connected and tender with one another, while being outright sexy through little erotic flourishes and unique techniques that turn up the heat and make your pleasuring steamy.

What results can I expect?

You will get to see with your own eyes tender-yet-hot lovemaking. This will give you a positive model to follow. You will discover over 200 different actual techniques with all kinds of names like, “Little Earthquake With Licks,” “Sending Him To Heaven,” and “Whoa Nelly.”

You will see ideas of things you want to try every time you watch one of the videos. As you grow and expand your repertoire of skills, you’ll continue to discover new ideas in the videos that you want to explore together next.

Over time, your sexual self-confidence will grow and grow as you gain more know-how while enjoying a wider set of sexual experiences with your lover.

Soon you will be linking techniques together effortlessly without thinking about them.

Next you will find yourself “freestyling” your own moves and techniques based on the biofeedback, moans and orgasmic pleasure you are hearing, feeling and seeing from your lover as you deliver them more pleasure than they’ve ever experienced before.

You two will move effortlessly from one incredibly satisfying pleasure moment to another in endless joy that keeps getting better your whole life.

You personally will be awakening new neural pathways of sensation from your body to your brain. You will begin to experience more full body pleasure with every touch, lick and thrust.

Your sexual confidence will permeate your whole life. Your sexuality is your vitality… your life force… your creativity. In the big picture you’ll feel a reduction of negative stress and a higher confidence about how great life is overall. When you have this kind of connection with another human being who loves you, it hits you like a pack of wild butterflies every morning when you wake up. Here comes another great day!

Why is this better than other programs?

Most sex ed programs are made for men who like to watch young porn stars show techniques. They typically feature two women or a woman and man. These are more “edutainment.”

Steamy Sex Ed has been created by a professionally trained and highly experienced somatic sexologist who integrates Kama Sutra and Tantric lovemaking techniques to leverage the body-mind-spirit wisdom of the ancients with cutting-edge, 21st century neuroscience, and new understandings about our hormones, arousal patterns, and sexual anatomy.

This collection of videos nourishes and enriches the spirit while making you a better lover. Your sexual satisfaction increases substantially. You are happier and more alive.

How do I know this will work for me?

If you are a human being, this will have an emotionally and physically positive impact on your life. No guarantees for aliens, zombies or cute puppies.

We are born sexual and if we are lucky and keep practicing, we die sexually active. The hormones that course through our sexually satisfied bodies keep our health good and orgasms reboot our nervous systems to alleviate stress.

Being in a lover’s warm embrace grounds us to our humanity and helps us avoid feeling alone.

Being sexy in bed makes you feel great about yourself.

Will this program work for males/females? Am I too young or too old to use this program? What if I’m not heterosexual?

If you are sexually active this program will work for you.

If you want to be sexually experienced this program will help you.

Steamy Sex Ed works for men and women, genderqueers of any variety… anyone in a human body can derive more emotional connection, feelings of love and sexual satisfaction from putting attention on all the sexual pleasure that is possible with our glorious bodies.

How do I know it’s safe to order from your website?

Tim and I have been running Personal Life Media since 2006. For the last 11 years we have supported over a quarter of a million satisfied customers with our digital sexuality programs.

Our Customer Care employees are a well-trained team of kind-hearted people who feel like family and love to support you. We take your happiness and satisfaction 100% seriously. If you decide Steamy is not right for you, it is easy to get a full refund within 30 days. If you need more than 30 days because you are traveling or something, we are not sticklers. Your satisfaction is our #1 goal.

Your payment is handled through secured, encrypted transaction servers. We don’t see your credit card number. Steamy will come in a plain white envelope. No one will know you ordered lovemaking videos… but you. And we have over a thousand testimonials across our websites from customers who are delighted with our programs.

We appreciate your trust and never take you for granted. It is our mission and passion to help people like you who want more intimacy and passion to get the support you need. Thank you for entrusting us with your sexual expansion.

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