Attention Single Women Sick Of Wasting Time On The Wrong Guy...

"NEW! Undetectable Method Compels Him To Commit."

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This one “magic” question makes him certain you are the woman he wants to be with.

Hey Girlfriend,

Here is an amazingly simple way to make it easy for you to find your Mr. Right.

Have you ever felt “duped” by a guy who presents himself in the best light... then after a while, his cracks start to show?

Or he’s a player and won’t commit, even though you feel in love with him?

Let’s prevent your heart from breaking again with this easy solution to discover if a guy is the ONE for you. The simple secret I’m revealing on this page will let you be certain whether this object of your affection is “boyfriend” or even “husband” material.

This secret lets you know almost instantly if that Prince Charming is actually a toad… saving you years of focusing on guys who will never pan out.

Even better, you could be overlooking a diamond in the rough right now.

If you’re already seeing someone…

This technique will transform the guy you’re dating now into the solid rock of a man who loves to meet your needs completely. (Even if he’s a commitment-phobic bachelor.)

With this one “magic question,” you can know for sure when…

… you’ve truly found the kind of guy who will put his attention on you,

… appreciates you for exactly who you are,

… and makes you feel like the most cherished woman in the world. (and not just to get in your pants)

This “magic question” is your fastest track to know that you’ve found “a keeper.”

Discover whether a guy is a match with what you truly, deeply long for in a boyfriend… or even your future hubby.

And if he’s not that kind of man right now, the simple question inside this magic little book could turn him into the man of your dreams. Keep reading to find out how!

Finding The Ideal Man Starts With You Knowing YOUR Relationship Values.

Women search for a man who just "gets" them, understands the way their mind works, and provides loving support.

It’s NOT a fairytale to believe in happily ever after.

Do you want to feel constantly in love and have the deepest, sexiest, and most satisfying relationship of anybody you know?

Once upon a time, I was like you. Wanting to have an amazing boyfriend — but ending up with guys who disappointed me — who didn’t make me feel like the awesome girlfriend I knew I could be.

I feel your frustration.

You deserve to have the exact perfect boyfriend and I absolutely promise, he is out there.

And in case you think this is selfish, read on. It’s actually the most compassionate way to quickly qualify a man.

“How Can I Avoid All the Relationship Work that Leaves Me Lonely, Shaky, and Heart Broken?"

If it seems impossible from where you are right now, let me assure you… it’s easy to find a soulmate when you know something called your “Relationship Values."

Relationship Values give a couple mind-reading super powers to make each other deliriously happy.

And there’s a reason for that…

Once you understand what you and your boyfriend uniquely value in a relationship, it’s like giving each other a checklist of the things you most want, need, and desire.

A GREAT boyfriend will naturally want to bend over backward to prioritize your desires…

As you would do for him. (and if he doesn’t, he is DEFINITELY NOT THE ONE

That means this “magic question” is something for YOU, as much as it is for HIM. So you can…

Quickly Develop Deep Love, Passion and Pure Dedication To You — No Guessing Games. No Confusion.

When you know (and satisfy) his Relationship Values…

No matter how many girls throw themselves at his feet…

He will NEVER let you go.

And if a certain guy doesn’t fit in with YOUR Relationship Values, you’ll know almost immediately. That cuts down on heartache, mental anguish and wasted time.

So when you meet a potential boyfriend, with my “magic question,” you can easily discern what HE wants most out of a relationship.

You’ll know quickly if you’re a fit for him. If you can give him what he wants most.

It’s like secret weapon. You meet his needs like NO OTHER WOMAN.

With everyone —men and women alike— there are a couple of things a person wants more than anything in their ideal relationship. Do you know yours?

This one “magic question” transports you into a world filled with unhinged love and acceptance. It’s not luck. It has nothing to do with “compatibility,” and it’s fun and easy to figure out.

And knowing the answer to this “magic question” is as close as you can get to a “relationship insurance policy.”

Here’s The Secret To The Best, Most Warm And Loving Relationships...

It turns out that couples who are the most happy together understand and satisfy each other’s Relationship Values.

You don’t need to both like golf, or share the same religion, parenting beliefs or libido levels.

You can be happily married or in partnership and be wildly different, IF you both meet each other’s relationship values.

That means HE’S willing to fulfill and satisfy your Relationship Values, as much as YOU want to fulfill and satisfy his.

That’s the essence of Relationship Magic.

The BIG Problem With Most Couples Is...

90% of them are just guessing what their partner’s Relationship Values are.

They guess based on what mass media, Hollywood, and society as a whole tell you what they should be.

And a lot of the times, they guess based on how they themselves want their partners to treat them.

“Do unto others what you would have others do unto you.”

The Golden Rule. A pretty good standard, right?

Or so we all thought.

The reality is, each person is different.

What YOU want will rarely ever be the same as what HE wants.

Here’s the thing…

Ditch The Golden Rule, Follow The Platinum Rule

Instead, treat him how HE wants to be treated.

That’s what this sweet little workbook is all about.

Relationship Magic creates the cheat sheet for both of you to follow the Platinum Rule. Get treated exactly how you want to!

Think back to the best boyfriends you’ve ever had.

Why were they the best? Did he make you feel safe?

Did he take you on fun adventures? Was he confident, decisive and snuggly all at the same time?

That last best boyfriend was unforgettable because he somehow satisfied your deep desires and relationship needs.

Amy Had To Go Through Relationship Hell Before Discovering Relationship Values

Let me tell you a story about my friend, Amy.

Right now, she is incredibly happily married. But before discovering her Relationship Values, she went through the typical relationship and dating hell, including getting to the point in her marriage where she kicked her husband out for cheating on her.

As her husband John packed up his car to move out, she watched their little girl clutching her stuffed toy, asking her husband, “Does this mean you won’t be my Daddy anymore?"

That was like a cold slap on the face.

Not only was Amy going to be alone. The lack of understanding how to please each other was going to ruin their daughter’s childhood.

Almost losing her husband in divorce came after years of dating a succession of men who couldn’t even scratch the surface of her potential to be the most amazing girlfriend… and someday wife…

Amy got pregnant with Francis, the first guy she ever slept with — even though she was USING birth control. Rotten luck.

After that debacle, her next boyfriend, Steve literally kicked her out of bed, while she was still naked. He said he just didn’t “feel it” with her. . . and that was their last date.

Gino could never bring himself to go steady. The confirmed bachelor.

Mark’s father was a total TURD. There was no way she could marry into that family.
Amy had visions of sophisticated dinner parties at her gracious home with her successful husband; of romantic Hawaiian vacations; of being an “IT” couple.

Mark still lived with his mother. Yuck.

Jim talked a big game… but was secretly a ‘fraidy cat’ deep down.

Peter was sweet, but he lacked ambition… and ambition was of high value to Amy.

Barry was too old… Alan was probably secretly gay… Daniel was a slob…

The last thing Amy wanted to do was get divorced. But why were they having such a hard time making eachother happy? Why did John cheat on her?

Depressing, isn’t it?

Oh, I know, girl. I know.

When you finally find a guy who is reasonably sane, clean and kind… has a real job… could be boyfriend or maybe even husband material… then what?

You have to date him for a year to find the cracks… and then see if you can live with them or they are deal-breakers.

This takes FOREVER!

Now You Won’t Have To Grow Gray Waiting For Your Forever-Prince-Charming

Choosing a man wisely is the difference between a secure, fully-loved romantic experience or the constant onslaught of emotional misery and disappointment.

Want to avoid the cheaters, jerks, and ‘fraidy cats?

How can you find ONE man who understands all your needs? Is your Mr. Perfect right in front of your face already?

Here’s how you find — or turn the man you date now — into the picture-perfect ideal boyfriend who meets all your needs completely.

This same strategy works on husbands too.

Once you understand what it is that makes you utterly satisfied, you can easily explain your needs to any guy.

You’re practically giving him the cheat sheet to your happiness...

And he’s going to hand you his.

That’s what Amy and John did. They figured out their top four relationship values. The only one they shared in common was, “honesty.”

They got real honest, real fast. And when they started focusing on each other’s relationship values it was like their marriage had a renaissance. They’ve been together over 25 years now. Their daughter is now in her 20’s and comes from a happy, stable home.

The ONE change Amy and John made was following the Platinum Rule.

Once they knew what the other wanted, they just focused on giving it to their partner. And this made their relationship pure magic.

Who Am I To Be So Sure This Works?

My name is Susan Bratton.

I’ve been called “The Marriage Magician” on TV because I'm known as a relationship expert whose mission is to help men, women, singles, and couples have PASSIONATE relationships.

It all started when my husband and I almost got divorced. One day he said, “I wish I had a cheat sheet to figure out how to make you happy!”

That’s the first time we did our 1.0 version of understanding each other’s relationship values and it turned our marriage around.

Then I got involved in helping married guys learn how to get their wives to start sleeping with them again. And I realized that guys shouldn’t start with “techniques” — they first need to UNDERSTAND how to meet their wives needs and then she’ll start wanting them again.

Relationship values was what started resparking thousands of marriages. I began to call this values process, “Relationship Magic” because it worked like magic to help partners understand each other… not only that but make each other deliriously happy together.

I refined this Relationship Magic exercise over decades of studying what it took for couples to be kind, affectionate, and more in love with each other as the years went by.

More and more single flocked to the concept and started co-creating soulmate relationships because they finally KNEW how to make that person feel incredibly satisfied.

Now, as the most effective and fast-working exercise I’ve ever created, this workbook guides you away from lackluster relationships, harsh break ups, and going through life without a person to love who loves you back completely.

Relationship Magic

“Susan Bratton is one of my favorite relationships experts.” ~ John Gray, New York Times Best-Selling Author,
Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus

“Susan Bratton is a true expert in the realm of love, relationships, and sex. In this short, but very potent book, she reveals a powerful technique to creating a long, happy, satisfying relationship.” ~ Arielle Ford, Author
The Soulmate Secret and Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate

Make His Palms Sweat, Heart Flutter and Knees Buckle...Starting Tonight!

This simple Relationship Magic downloadable workbook gives you everything you need to quickly and easily determine your most important Relationship Values.

Download the book, and choose from a page of Values and do the easy exercise that lets you explain how to give a guy the cheat sheet he desperately needs to make you indescribably happy.

Sharing your Relationship Values lets a prospective partner know what’s important to you.

And if he can’t meet your needs, you’ll know right away. Instead of dragging him along, trying to train him to be the ideal man.

Kick him to the curb and find the guy that WANTS to know how to satisfy you.

Give him your values list, tell him how he can make your feel those feelings and then do the same for him.

This is the only book available today that reveals what it takes for you to be happy.

And without this guide to your hot-and-heavy romance, you’ll only wonder what could have been.

The Easiest, Simplest, And Fastest Way To Have A Meaningful, Lasting Relationship

Imagine sweet, smart, handsome men lining up to date YOU…

Because you have this magical superpower other women don’t.

The superpower is being able to explain in very simple terms the top four things a guy can do to make you happy with him.

Few women know themselves well enough to make it simple for a guy to make them happy.

When you give your man the checklist to your happiness, you become easy to please. He feels like a winner. And that’s what separates you from ALL the other women who whine and manipulate and drive him away.

With this simple little ebook, now you can unlock a relationship made of high-intensity love, hand holding, lap sitting, amazing hugs and deep conversations only soulmates can have.

Not knowing the answer to this “one question” is the only thing standing between you and the most satisfying boyfriend you’ve always wanted.

This is the ONLY amazingly simple way to reveal what it takes for both of you to be happy forever.

And without this guide to your hot-and-heavy romance, you’ll only wonder what could have been.

Just In Case You Need A Little More
Proof That Relationship Magic Woks…

“We finally had a breakthrough moment.”“Hi Susan, I just wanted to take a sec and say thanks. I really appreciate all the advice. You really have helped me and my boyfriend so much. We finally had a breakthrough moment. My boyfriend for the first time was completely open. It was amazing. He told me he was ready for a life of intimacy and was so excited about it. I just wanted to say, thanks!!!” ~ Cindy

“It’s day 9 and already I see some amazing changes.”“It’s day 9 and already I see some amazing changes in myself and my husband's interactions. He always told me it is going to take some baby steps for him to let his walls down. I knew I had to do something or this relationship wasn’t going to make it. I am so very grateful I found your program and it is already working within 1 week of purchasing it. I am on a path to create the passionate and intimate life I have wanted for a long time. I love that I can tell my husband “It is just going to get better from here.” And he tells me it’s already amazing. I get to tell him, “Just wait and see where I am going to take us. It's going to be what we both have always dreamed of.” Thanks for getting my head on straight!!! I was a little skeptical getting your program at first but I am so glad I did. I just wanted to take a second to say thanks.” ~ Julia Marie

"He Gets Me. He Gives Me Everything I Want.""Until I met James, every guy I dated just didn’t get what I wanted. They were nice and all, and I cared about them, but it was like they were always making the wrong moves. James figured it out: he knew what I valued in a relationship, instead of treating me the way he wanted to be treated.” ~ Brenda J., Nashville, TN

"Relationship Magic made me realize something about myself that I never knew before. I always looked for men who gave me the freedom to do what I wanted.

Free reign wasn’t what I actually needed. But because I believed that about myself, a dozen promising relationships disintegrated.

Now I have a sweetheart who understands all my romantic needs and desires and loves to give them to me. I ended up marrying the most amazing guy. He wasn’t what I expected, but he is what I really always wanted." ~ Ariana B., Woods Hole, RI

A Great Boyfriend Will Naturally Want To Bend Over Backward To Prioritize You… As You Would Do For Him.

When he believes you are the best woman in the universe for him and he could do no better… no matter how many sexy, young, flirty women throw themselves at your man…

He will want YOU.

When he comes home to you each night, kisses you deeply every single morning, and makes sweet love to you…

Each and every single time.

When he brings you little unexpected gifts, flowers, and little sweet notes to tell you how much he loves and adores you.

When he confesses how he just can’t get you out of his head while at work, or even when he’s hanging out with his buddies.

You are all that’s in his mind and heart.

“Why Only $9.95?”

  • I am putting out the one golden piece of information that empowers you to avoid a miserable relationship. And when you love how Relationship Magic changes your life for the better, you’ll most certainly want to know more of my secrets to passionate relationships.

    Consider this my “get to know me” bribe. 😉
  • As a champion and advocate for passionate relationships, it’s my mission to save as many singles from a boring, loveless, sexless life.
  • The practically give-it-away cost is an insider’s steal. I sell this exact same book on Amazon for $27. The only way you know about this secret discount site is if you see me on a TV talk show or a friend sends you to me by email. I never advertise this discount page — so take advantage of this discount by clicking and ordering today.

    I’ve been on the TODAY show (twice) as well as all the major TV stations across America and Australia talking about how understanding your top four relationship values is what makes an incredibly happy relationship.

I’m So Confident This Will Work For You I’m Guaranteeing It

Yes, I’m absolutely certain Relationship Magic will work for you.

It will work for any person, and I stand by that promise. Why?

Because every person has their own needs and desires.

And once these needs and desires are met, they will stop at nothing to satisfy the needs and desires of their partner.

If you knew a man would fulfill and satisfy all your deepest, most important needs, wouldn’t you want to do the same for him?

And when you do that, he too will stop at nothing to please you even more.

It’s the Cycle Of Reciprocal Pleasure.

However, to take all the risk away from you, here’s my 100% Money-Back Double Guarantee!


But You Have To Move Fast

The longer you sit there thinking about it... the bigger your chances of NOT finding the boyfriend you’ve always wanted… and your days will stay cold, empty and lonely.

Quickly qualify a man you just met — or even understand the one you are with right now— and know if he’s a good match for you… or not.

Questions? Call us! 1-888-963-9025 Email [email protected]

If anything here appeals to you… well, you already have the solution.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re with someone who used to be the one, but now you wonder if you’ve made a terrible mistake…

Find out now what you want most from the love of your life!

Unlock a relationship made of high-intensity love, hand holding, lap sitting, amazing hugs and deep conversations only soulmates can have.

You’ll watch him follow you around, chase you, devote himself to you, and seek to give YOU warmth and love in ways no man has ever done before. Just because you’ve empowered him with the information he needs to make you perfectly happy.

There is nothing easier, more direct and simple way to approach a handsome stranger and qualify him than this “magic question.”

Relationship Magic is the ONLY proven formula that promises to transform a current friend, your boyfriend, or a handsome stranger into your soulmate.

Now, here’s all you need to do.

First, grab your purse.

Get out your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card.

If you want to use PayPal, get your login details ready.

IMPORTANT: You’ll only be charged a one-time fee of $9.95. That is it. No hidden auto-pays, memberships, monthly fees, or any of that other nonsense!

Next, click on the yellow "Buy Now" button below to get instant access to Relationship Magic, Risk-Free.

Yours In Love,

Susan Bratton
Creator of Relationship Magic
Amazon #1 International Best-Selling Author
“Trusted Hot Sex Advisor To Millions 💋”

Here’s What Some More Women Had To Say About Relationship Magic

Dear Susan,Thank you so much for sharing the "Relationship Magic" book...

I started reading and applying it and it was a beautiful evening of a long hug with soft music in the background... it made both of us cry.

And it sparked a different, more respectful, loving, and passionate kind of relationship between the two of us.
~ Sincere regards,
Elena (not real name)"

“I Know He’s Hubby Material Now”“Relationship Values bring it down to where the rubber hits the road. I'd say it makes it about as clear as it can. I know he’s hubby material now.” ~ Jackie

“Seriously Life Changing”“This stuff is seriously life-changing for women who want more love. Keep up the good work!” ~ Kate

“Enabling Me To Love My Life Fully”“Everything I read from you excites me with new ideas for having a boyfriend. In addition, many of the things I already do in finding a man are confirmed. I am grateful to you, Susan, for enabling me to love my life fully.” ~ Aliona

“Mentor in the Art of Relationships”“Just love your work. You've obviously helped so many girls like me who needed a mentor in the art of relationships.” ~ Martha

“Less Broken Relationships”“This is great. If more women and men knew how to treat each other like this, there would be less broken relationships and marriages.” ~ Chloe

“Extraordinary Idea”“This is an extraordinary idea. Thank you so much. Really wonderful. I will try it to find my love, for sure.” ~ Katie

“This is awesome!”“This is awesome! Am glad to have learnt a lot from this. Thank you very much for this information. Need more of this. You are great. Love you” ~ Cathy

“Thanks for the brilliant hard work helping people in relationships”“First, thank you so much to Susan and the Personal Life Media team for their brilliant hard work on helping people in relationships and sexual matters” ~ Brucke

“Insightful, informative and ever optimistic observations.”“Hi Susan, Thanks for more of your insightful, informative and ever optimistic observations. Your program is a tremendous eye opener… helping melt hearts as well as improving my relationships with all the men I come across.” ~ Andi

“Brought into context and sharp focus.”“Susan, Wow. This has been the most informative and meaningful time I have ever spent in my life. Finally, all I have been learning and studying relative to relationships has been brought into context and sharp focus with each other. It's one thing to have a pile of bits and pieces, it's quite another when you are given the map as to how to assemble them. In a word, now I get it." ~ Danielle

“SUSAN B. I LOVE YOU !!”“SUSAN B. I LOVE YOU !! Truly you help me so much with your insights. God bless you and your work." ~ Nyamawi

“I know you help thousands of women like myself.”“Hi Susan, I wanted to give you some feedback. Firstly, so impressed with you and your level of support. The sexy and loving messages from my boyfriend today feels like we are turning a corner. I know you help thousands of women like myself. I wanted to write as I feel you have been in my corner and coached me to get where the life I crave seems possible and not a dream. So many thanks, Susan. Kind Regards” ~ Dorothy

“Loving, caring intimacy we have wanted.”“Personal Life Media is without a doubt the best source for information to guide us in finding our way to having the kind of loving, caring intimacy we have wanted and dreamed of having with our partner all of our lives.” ~ Lynne Anne

“Better Understanding of Love”“I would personally like to thank you. The education and better understanding of my partner is incredible. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN SO MUCH!!” ~ Carol

“My Boyfriend Is So Much More Responsive!”“Since finding you, my boyfriend has become SO much more responsive to our love life. We used to be the same as most couples, but now I have a greater understanding of his needs.” ~ Melissa

“Cuddle, shower and fool around”“Thank you so much, Susan! We frequently have intimate moments each day. We cuddle naked, shower together and fool around and I love it and him. I’m a fan of PLM for life!” ~ Daisy