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Give your woman vaginal orgasms when you’re inside her and she won’t be able to resist wanting you for frequent, passionate lovemaking. She’ll be ‘in the mood’ more often than not. Plus she’ll be more sexually wild and adventurous.

No matter what your “size,” even if you suspect women are faking orgasms with you, even if you have trouble getting hard and especially if you come in 60 seconds flat, register for this workshop:

Now it will be harder for her to resist an orgasm than to come, every time you penetrate her.

Jim Benson

Creator, Multi-Orgasmic Lover

Susan Bratton

Host, Trusted Hot Sex Advisor

“My wife gave up on having orgasms from intercourse and just used her vibrator. But I lived in fear she wouldn’t want me for sex anymore. And I felt like I failed to satisfy her. When I used Jim’s “ME Breath” thrusting technique she had her very first vaginal orgasm and now you can’t count how many times she comes during lovemaking. You saved our sex life!”

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“Now I can count on giving every woman I have sex with multiple, vaginal orgasms from intercourse.I’m like the vagina whisperer.”

“She just lies back and moans my name over and over and over.”

“This upped my sex game 1,000X.”

“I used to believe at one point that a woman had to be orgasmic already to achieve vaginal orgasms but I was able to give my girlfriend her first orgasm while inside her using your awesome technique.”

“I had a deep-seated fear that I was not big enough to fill a woman up and therefore couldn’t give her vaginal orgasms. Your electric eel story gave me the confidence to try again and voila! Sexcess!”

“I don’t even have to stimulate her clitoris for her to come. Just being inside her gets her off with this thrust.”

“Imagine my shame that my husband thought I was either asexual or preferred women because I couldn't have an orgasm when we had intercourse. I felt like sex was a sham and I was an imposter. Now he rocks me into a melted puddle of orgasmic bliss.”

“When your cock is alive with sensation AND you have stamina, she really gets to feel your pleasure. And that pleasure goes right into her vaginal walls!”

“I used to think there was some magic sex position that might GUARANTEE I could give my girlfriend vaginal orgasms. Now I get her off in every kind of position we can think of and she’s a little spinner.”

“With your advice, it was a simple mental shift from sex as a genital experience to a full-body tidal wave of pleasure each and every time I make love to my wife.”

“We both had a lot of blocks -- mental, emotional and physical -- and you helped us remove them and experience so much more sexual pleasure together. I pretty easily had my first vaginal orgasm and now we know it’s possible. It’s all up from here. ;)”

“Now that I stopped following a script, a strategy or letting my mind control the show, and we just "let go" into sex, we’ve become a multi-orgasmic couple. All thanks to you, Jim.”

“We’re having sex practically every other day!” “My girlfriend climaxed with her last two boyfriends but not with me. And she let me know about it. I could tell she was about ready to leave me. Then I tried your technique and she said I gave her the ride of her life. She ended up leaving me anyway, but now I have three different girls that text me whenever they want me. And I’m happy to oblige them.”

“You gave me simple, easy to follow steps on how to get her (my lady NEVER had even a single orgasm) to come from penetration while I’m in her.”

“I learned this to make sure she never got bored with me in bed. It’s my sex insurance policy.”

“Vaginal orgasms really do change everything.”

“Don’t ever print my name on anything, but until I encouraged my husband to try your technique, I’d faked orgasms for almost 11 years. I love him and didn’t know what to do. I took a risk trusting you and my world has broken open to new levels of joy and intimacy with the man I love. There are tears of gratitude in my eyes as I write this.”

“We went from 5-minute missionary to 30-minute multiple simultaneous orgasm sex.”

“The real problem when it comes to making a woman climax from intercourse is that there is so much MISINFORMATION out there… You put it to me straight, Jim. And for that I’m eternally grateful.”

“Very practical steps!”

“It’s my duty as a husband to do give my wife orgasms when we have sex. Thanks for showing me how easy it actually is. We were way over thinking it.”

“She came so hard and so many times I had to massage her belly afterward.”

“The ME Breath was the key I needed to satisfy my woman to the point where no other man could ever take my place as her best lover ever.”

“Most of the stuff you read on the Internet is just "information cascade..." One person says it and then everyone thinks it's true. Like the fact that women don’t have vaginal orgasms without some magical set of skills. Jim, you showed me how simple it is to make women vaginally orgasmic. Thank you for making it easy for me to be my wife’s sexual super hero.”

“The lazy man who underestimates how important it is to give his woman an orgasm when he penetrates her is the man whose woman cheats on him to get fully satisfied.”

“We are designed for coming. I see that now. Thanks for unlocking the riddle of female vaginal orgasmic pleasure. It mystified me all my sex life until now.”

“We were BOTH miserable and our marriage was on the rocks. He stopped paying attention to me except when he was begging me for sex. I got sick of being his masturbatory vessel and intercourse was zero fun for me. THANK GOD we found you, Jim. Now I can’t get enough of my man and we’ve never been more intimately connected. You saved our marriage.”

“Knowing this technique carries us both to a place that’s timeless, spaceless… it’s vast and magnificent… it’s soul-satisfying and it honestly blows her mind and my mind.”

“When the energy flows freely between a multi-orgasmic couple, it’s effortless. You just roll all your orgasms together — you share them — it’s just flowing together.”

“Sex isn’t like, I’m going fishing today, I hope I catch a fish. Now it’s like, They’re jumping in the boat!”

“You make it clear, interesting and fun.”

“I was clearly getting more pleasure from sex than my wife for years. I can’t believe she honored me for so long. Now she’s having multiple orgasms almost every time we make love and she’s turning into a horny little tigress. I love it! I wish I’d found you 25 years ago.”

“It’s nice to learn from a man. You GET IT, Jim.”

“We hooked up and it was terrible sex. But once I started diving into the “ME Breath” she had a couple orgasms and I became incredibly confident.”

“You begin to feel sex as energy and have tools to feel orgasmic in all parts of your body.”

“My wife texted me home from work at lunch to service her. She’s getting more and more turned on now. And like you promised, I do the thrust technique without even thinking about it now.”

“I don’t hide my agenda now. That turns her on. I used to think I had to start banging her, now there’s more playtime, more foreplay… that was a big nugget I took out of your workshop.”

“Before I discovered this technique I never really had a good sex life… very fearful… worried about my performance.”

“The biggest thing that changed for me was my confidence. Instead of being passive, I’m pursuing sexual situations.”

“This video puts an extra touch on it that makes it happen easier.” “I thought there was something wrong with me. I’m so relieved my husband found his way to you.”

“Thank you so much. My wife and I are in our 60’s and having sex breakthroughs. After forty years, I can now give her orgasms while we make love. I am blessed by her patience and your training.”

Replay Link Available

IMPORTANT: This is a woman-friendly workshop. You are welcome to attend and bring your partner. We will stay as long as it takes to answer all your questions about vaginal orgasms and lovemaking.